Keeping A Clean Home With Handy

One issue that homeowners have is keeping their homes clean. For one thing, there is a lot of dirt that can accumulate when the homeowner is not around. Another issue is that the homeowner is typically busy with other things such as work. There are many cases when the resident is either too busy or just drained. As a result, he will not be able to keep his living space clean. Often times, people resign to living in a home that is not the cleanest it can be. Fortunately, there are other options that one could consider when it comes to living space. One option is to hire a home cleaning service.

A home cleaning service comes with its own set of worries. According to randyreport.blogspot, there are a lot of things that homeowners think about which may prevent them from hiring a home cleaner. One of the most common worries that they think about is whether or not they can afford it. However, it is very easy to come across a home cleaning service that is very affordable and trustworthy. These home cleaning services are filled with professionals that are very passionate about getting the work done. They are also honest with what they do.

One home cleaning service that is worth looking into is Handy. This company is filled with professionals that are very good at the work they do. On top of that, they are also the most honest and trustworthy people that can clean homes. For one thing, Handy puts people through a really tough screening process. Very few people get hired at a time. This is one of the reasons that Handy is one of the most effective and trustworthy cleaning services. They do everything they can to protect the customer and the worker. They have been so successful that they have expanded to cover more areas and provide more services.



Wengie Life Hack Vlog Recap


YouTube beauty blogger Wengie celebrates reaching 3 million subscribers and talks about the production of her newest life hacks video.


She starts the video by talking about her (then) upcoming lazy life hack video. She then talks about how she slammed her finger in a door. Then she discusses a hack that did not make the video: turning your toaster on its side to make grilled cheese. The bread just got stuck! She shows how to grow more lettuce by putting the core of an old lettuce into water. Wengie then watches a live ticker of her subscriber count. She and her boyfriend watch it through the night so they do not miss when she reaches 3 million followers.


She shows her cat Mia throughout the video, including when she is sleeping in a weird position on Wengie’s bed. Much of the video consists of outtakes and behind the scenes of Wengie’s latest video, like the cleanup from the hoodie popcorn bowl lazy life hack. She also does a photo shoot with gold balloons on the beach to celebrate her subscriber milestone. She also talks about how she wants to build a capsule wardrobe, which is made up of basics and a few trendy seasonal pieces.


Wengie also talks about how she used to want to be a fashion designer and sewed her own clothes. A piece she wears in her photo shoot was a sample from a collection she was going to release with a friend. Then she reveals that she and her boyfriend Max are going to move into a larger house so they have room to make their videos. She promotes her boyfriend’s YouTube channel. The video ends with a behind the scenes look at her photo shoot.

Benefits of BICSI Certification on ICT Service Providers

Securus technology has served correction facilities and families in 48 states in Canada and the United States through offering video visitation, calls, texts, and email services. It was founded in 1986, and its headquarters are based in Dallas Texas. It has served more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America. Securus Technologies also provides public information, emergency services, public information and information management.


Securus Technology announced the release of the latest Investigator Pro. 4.0 from JLG Technologies. The software has the capability of sampling a given voice either from the caller or the inmate. It also allows the sampled voice to be searched and selected from other calls where it was used. The software has enabled investigators to discover crimes that may involve gangs by identifying the involved voices. The software is powerful, and it allows the researcher to know the other inmates that have had conversations with the party if current prisoners are talking to released prisoners and whether the person who called has ever been incarnated.


Securus personnel training and certification

On 28 September 2016, Securus Technologies made a major announcement that 11 of its field specialist received the prestigious BICSI Installer one certification. Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) has members that are certified to install, design, maintain and manage ICT projects. BICSI has supported ICT industry for an extended period in 100 countries. It has served more than 23,000 ICT professional through training as well as publications and conferences.


Danny de Hoyos (Securus Technology’s senior vice president) stated that they settled on BISCI for its staff training and technology growth after carrying out a background check that indicated its adequate support of ICT projects. He also pointed out their strong belief in certification as it brings a top- notch service to their clients. Visit PRNewswire Article for more information.


Brian Bonar Sets High Standards for the Corporate World

Young professionals making their debut in the business world are not always able to find good role models. A good role model should promote the values of hard work, persistence, and excellence. Dr. Brian Bonar is a good example of a person who has succeeded because of sticking to these values.

Dr. Brian Bonar trained as a mechanical engineer at Strathclyde University. He also has a Master’s in Business Administration and a Doctor of Philosophy from Staffordshire University. Brian Bonar has since worked for several companies, including IBM and Adaptec. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Services and Trucept Inc.

In the decade that Dr. Bonar has been at Dalrada Financial Services, the company has built a name for providing clients with a variety of employee programs that increase business efficiency. It focuses on employee benefits, business process outsourcing, insurance and financial services.

Trucept, on the other hand, provides solutions for small and medium companies by completing tasks on their behalf. Some of these tasks include managing their human resource department and managing their payroll. It is at this company that Brian Bonar’s gift of boosting business growth through people is evident.

Dr. Brian Bonar has contributed actively to the financial sector for over 30 years. Recently, he received the award of Executive of the Year Representing Finance from Cambridge Publishing. This was a great honor for Dr. Bonar, as it was recognition of the hard work put in over the years. A brief look at the companies he has been associated over time is proof that he was the best person for the award.

Like every successful executive, Brian Bonar does not spend all his time in the boardroom. He enjoys a round of golf and loves to spend time with his family. The American Finance Association is another place where he spends his free time.

When one thinks of a merger and acquisition expert, Brian Bonar comes to mind. He is also a prominent investor and owns a restaurant empire called Bellamy’s. Over the years Brian Bonar has made a name for specializing in marketing techniques, strategic partnership, private equity sourcing, entrepreneurship and several other fields related to finance.

The young professional who is looking for a role model in the corporate world needs to study the life of Dr. Brian Bonar. His life has demonstrated to us how hard work, patience, and patience can lead to success.

Dr. Bonar has combined his training in engineering and business such that he has emerged as a leading force in the business world. His has also mastered the art of understanding and motivating staff to do their best.

Dr. Brian Bonar has set very high standards for the corporate world, standards that we should all strive to achieve.


Michael Zomber on Living the Bushido Lifestyle


Michael Zomber chooses to live a Bushido lifestyle by focusing on morality, discipline and honor to center himself in all that he does in life. Often referred to as the way of the Japanese warrior, his lifestyle choice reflects in his work, his collection and his way of life.

There are many facets to Michael Zomber’s work. On any given day, he may be found writing on a new book. He is the author of five stories all based around the Bushido lifestyle including:

Shogun Iemitsu

Jesus and the Samurai

Sweet Betsy, That’s Me

Park Avenue

A Son Of Kentucky

He may also be found on a History Channel set talking about ancient weapons or lending his advice to other shows as an ancient weapons’ expert. One of the shows that he is most proud of working on is “Tales of the Gun.”

Other times, he can be found working alongside his wife on projects for their Renascent Films LLC. The company produced the well-received documentary Soul of the Samurai.

When not at work, Michael Zomber may be found adding to his personal collection of antique weapons. Not surprisingly, his favorite is the Japanese samurai sword. He has several in his collection and feels that each tells a personal story of the warrior that carried it before Michael obtain the weapon.

Michael Zomber also lives the Bushido lifestyle frequently giving to charities. Some of the charities that he regularly gives to include Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF. They believe that war and conflict are almost inevitable but that people should help the innocent victims left behind.

Michael desires to pass all that he has learned along the way to others starting with his own two children, Gabriella and Christopher. The family can often be seen playing together in the Philadelphia neighborhood that they proudly call home.

Michael Zomber proudly lives the Bushido lifestyle. More than anything else, however, he uses his interests and keen intellect to be a master storyteller. He knows that many people find history boring to read. It is so important, however, that people learn from that history or they are bound to repeat it. That is the point behind all that this charismatic man does regardless of where he is found. Read more about him on his official site, where they have a great bio:

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC in Lawsuit against AIG

The former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks has sued the New Hampshire Insurance Company also known as AIG for breaching a contract made by Danny Ferry, its former general manager. According to Forbes, the Atlanta Hawks was sold to a group led by Antony Ressler for $850million in June 2015. Ressler’s group included Jesse Itzler, co-founder Marquis Jet and Grant Hill, a former NBA player.
The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, led by Bruce Levenson, filed a lawsuit against the insurance company in the Superior Court of Fulton County and gave a notice indicating that Danny Ferry had asserted settlement claims, which were covered in the insurance policy. However, the lawsuit does not involve Tony Ressler’s group in any way.

According to the former Hawks ownership group, the signed policy covered certain employment-related losses, including, but not limited to, workplace torts and wrongful termination practices. Court documents indicate that AHBE gave notice to the company on April 2, 2015, and the amount of the claim is confidential.

On June 22, 2015, former general manager, David Ferry and Hawks ownership ended their 6-year contract worth $18 million after reaching an undisclosed buyout agreement. The NBA franchise was then sold two days later. The lawsuit states that the Insurance Company has failed and refused to offer payment for the covered loss, and it had no basis of contending that no claim was made and that no such was covered in the policy. The group, therefore, seeks an extra 50 percent as a penalty for unpaid losses and attorney’s costs.

Bruce Levenson is a former NBA franchise owner and a philanthropist. He co-founded the United Communications Group, an information company with specialties in news, data, and analysis for various industries. Levenson is also an owner of the Atlanta Hawks Llc, formerly known as Atlanta Spirit LLC. Earlier in his career, he worked as a writer for Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. Levenson has served as Director for TechTarget and has been actively involved in philanthropic activities including supporting the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C.

JustFab Is Run By Two Men With Bright Brains

There is a common misconception out there that certain jobs are for men and certain jobs are for women. That is not the case. Gender has nothing to do with it. However, it is great when two CEO’s like Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have a sense of humor about themselves and their place in the fashion industry. It shows they don’t take themselves too seriously and they can have some fun along the way while running a business. Even though they are having fun and they can laugh at themselves, it does not mean they don’t take the business seriously. They are truly into this company one hundred and ten percent.

That is how they operate on, though. If they are not passionate about something, they are not going to commit to it and they are not going to do it. However, if they see a place for a company to grow and a place for a company to have a place in the marketplace, they are going to pounce on it. They are truly looking to change the way fashion on is looked at and operated on in today’s world. As they have stated, this is not just about mailing out shoes, handbags, and accessories every month. This is about doing something truly special.

Sometimes it can be difficult to put together an outfit and find out what goes with what, what matches, and what is the right style. That is why Adam Goldenberg have style boards for their customers which offer advice and wisdom on what might be the right approach to putting together an outfit and looking their best. Again, this is just advice, and no one has to take it. However, if someone wants it, it is there for the taking and they can really utilize it to the absolute fullest.

They want to be there, every single step of the way, for the customer on They value them and they cherish them. If there is anything they can do to help them, it is a safe bet to say they are going to do it. They know fashion is something that a lot of people talk about and have varying opinions on. They want people to get it right and find something that truly shows off who they are as individual. The world would be a boring place if everyone looked alike, dressed the same, and acted the same. See:

The Caring Star Award Goes To A Great Assisted Living Facility


The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility in San Luis Obispo, California, that has received the honor of being awarded the ‘Caring Star.’ This award is only given to those few assisted living centers that are the highest rated and approved of by consumer ratings. All the facilities in the national Senior Care Directory are including in the running for this coveted award, every year.

For The Manse on Marsh to even be entered in the running to achieve this honor, they were required to show three consumer reviews within the year, beginning December 1st and ending the next year, also on December 1st. During that period the facility had to earn one 5-star review for their service. They also had to have an overall facility rating of more than 4 stars, over all years of its operation. No negative reviews that have not been satisfactorily addressed can be listed, in order to qualify for the Caring Star.

Other required metrics The Manse on Marsh had also accomplished, which was part of the information used to determine the award, was their stellar online testimonials. The Caring Stars program has been operating now for four years. It is the first definitive rating program of its kind for the senior living industry, across America. The award has been seen as very helpful to consumers considering necessary senior living choices. In fact, Caring Stars was recognized by the National Mature Media Awards in 2013, for just that fact, alone.

For a very special, full-featured, and completely comfortable assisted living situation, The Manse on Marsh provides seniors with an almost home town feel. They also give everyone who lives in the facility many upscale amenities. Some of the great features include social activities, open dining of fine food, easy transportation options, laundry and maid services, great caregivers, nurses, and any type of special needs assistance required.  Be sure to check out their blog, but also the official Twitter @TheManseonMarsh for further information.


Becoming a Model and The Brown Modeling Agency: A Brief Summary

If you are a model, you are not only visually stunning but you are charismatic, poised, and confident. Not every model began with these characteristics, naturally, and had to be shaped to be like them. Becoming a model takes dedication to the cause and a prime attention to learning the ins and outs of the field the instant you are signed or working towards getting signed.

Discovery Tips

Sometimes, you can be recruited just by living your daily life. Out of nowhere, somebody might confront you and ask you if you have ever considered modeling and they will leave you a card with their name, the name of the agency, and contact information. If you do not foresee that happening in your small town, you can always move to a more populated area where models run rampant, including New York City, Los Angeles, and Austin.

If the above mentioned still does not seem convincing and you are eager to become a model, you can join a modeling website that helps you get started such as Model Mayhem. Here, you will meet with photographers in order to build your portfolio and strengthen their own. Agents are constantly searching these websites to discover new models, so it is a good idea to make certain that your profile is professional. As always, maintaining a natural look is crucial because, after all, designers and photographers do not want a person who needs hours worth of makeup to be ready.

The Brown Modeling Agency

Since 2010, this agency has been a major part of the Austin, Texas community. Having been responsible for recruiting thousands of models and sending them to high-end events, including Dallas and New York Fashion Weeks, Miami Swim Week, and more international affairs, The Brown Agency understands the necessary measures to discover models, teach them what they need to know, and to guarantee that they have enough material in their portfolios and enough knowledge to tackle this industry each day. Being in collaboration with major industry names such as Dell, Loreal, and Louis Vuitton has benefitted both them and their models, but mostly their models.

With a fervor for the industry, The Brown Agency vows to teach their models what they need to know. This agency believes in their talent and never takes credit for the real work. Instead, they support their stars even long after they have gone on to pursue other affairs.

Learn more:

Jose Manuel Gonzalez: The Shrewd Businessperson and Brave Politician

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan politician and agricultural businessperson. As a politician, he serves as the deputy of the National Assembly of Guarico state. A role he performs with courage. He bravely confronts the government on issues that he believes do not favor the people of Venezuela, which results in significant developments in the country. Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has also had an opportunity to serve as head of the Venezuelan Federation of the Chamber of Commerce. His entrepreneurial talent and business prowess played a significant role in helping him secure the position.
Mr. Gonzalez has been for a while of the opinion that Venezuelan politics are dismal. He mainly has been concerned with the kind of policies made by the government concerning the agricultural sector. He believes that the policies are to blame for the food shortages that face the country regularly. As a politician with the people’s best interests at heart, he has offered his advice to the government to tackle the problem. However, according to him, the government has ignored his pleas hence the myriad of challenges facing the country regarding food supply.
An example of a policy that Mr. Gonzalez feels is not helpful to the agricultural sector of Venezuela is the fixing of prices of essential commodities such as oil and flour. Manuel believes that this policy tends to limit the number of money farmers make from selling their crops as the government ends up paying low amounts for their produce. To try to make a considerate sum of money from their crops, Venezuelan farmers have resulted to smuggling their produce to nearby countries where the market is free and fair.
Mr. Gonzalez is also a supporter of the reinstating of private property rights, justice and freedom. In his opinion, the move will assist spur growth in the economy. In the same spirit of stimulating economic growth, he has also warned against populist moves like increasing wages by fifty percent. According to him, this will lead to the closure of many companies and consequently loss of jobs. Jose Manuel Gonzalez believes that the only way Venezuelan politically manufactured problems will end is if the country reaches a national agreement and holds every leader responsible for their actions.