James Dondero Gives Back to Dallas

James Dondero is a prominent individual within the world of business who is not only dedicated to helping his company grow to be the biggest and best that it can be, but is also dedicated to his clients and helping each of them find the best investment opportunities that will yield the highest returns with the least amount of risk involved. James Dondero is an individual with many titles and is a leader in his own right due to the fact that he not only has over 30 years of experience as an investment expert, but is also the co-founder and the President of the Highland Capital Management firm, an investment firm that is truly dedicated to helping individuals all over the world find the best opportunities for investors. James Dondero offers the best customer service and opportunities for his clients and treats every single client like a partner of the company. Clients of Highland Capital Management walk away with the best opportunities that have been perfectly tailored to their needs.


Highland Capital Management is not only a prominent investment firm, but is also an investment firm that is dedicated to giving back to the community of Dallas and to helping individuals that are less fortunate. James Dondero and his team of experts have created an organization that has already donated millions of dollars of donations to deserving communities across the community of Dallas. One of the organizations that continues to receive generous donations of this investment firm is The Family Place, an organization that helps families that have suffered from violence.


The Family Place is a deserving organization that has recently acquired over $16.5 million from their most recent campaign. This organization is dedicated to helping families in need that not only need help, but also need people to talk to for advice on how to proceed with their future. The Family Place has already helped over 200,000 individuals within the past 40 years and has every plan to help 200,000 more individuals. Thanks to the generous contribution of Highland Capital Management of $1 million, the organization will continue to help others.

Jose Borghi Of Mullen Lowe To Lead Advertising Revolution On Brazil

The nation of Brazil is a lovely place to be as it has all the sunshine and beaches any one person may want. The nation has a booming economy, and it is stocked with many different institutions that are growing at the same time. This article is a description of how Jose Borghi will help lead the advertising firm Mullen Lowe Brasil. The two companies completed a merger that left Jose at the head of the company, and his experience in the industry makes him the perfect person to lead.

#1: How Did The Two Come Together?

Mullen Lowe has come together out of necessity. It is wise for companies to join forces when it helps them both, and there are many who see the merger as an opportunity to help all of Brazil. The company may expand quickly, and the company will become a place where everyone is given the finest customer service in the industry. Those who are most concerned about advertising will find assistance from Mullen Lowe, and they will love his insights.

#2: Bringing South America Together

South America is a continent that is growing as one, and their economy is linked together because of the closeness of all the nations. The Brazilian economy is the leader in the area, and growing the economy through advertising helps everyone ensure they have a better opportunity to make money.

#3: Jose Has Business Partners

Jose has made quite a lot of relationships in Brazil that make his company more stable by comparison. He knows people he will bring in to help with new accounts, and he will renew contracts that are most needed for the company. The growth of the brand is dependent on what Jose may bring to the table while the business is merging, and he has much to offer.

Everyone in Brazil who is ready to advertise their business must make their way to Mullen Lowe for assistance from Jose Borghi. He is an advertising veteran who knows how to make a business look better than it ever has, and he helps his clients grow beyond their borders.

Using Shea Butter For a Daily Skin Care Routine


The Importance of Shea Butter


When you want to be sure that you are able to make the most out of your overall health, one of the best things you can do is get your hands on some quality shea butter. Chances are that you have heard all about the benefits of shea butter for your skin, but what about your hair? You stand to gain a lot from this hair product when you use it correctly, so make sure that you do what you can to purchase some. If you are on the fence, consider these tips below to make the most out of your hair care by purchasing shea butter.


What is shea butter?


In West Africa, there are plants that are native to this area called the shea tree. the fruit of these trees is the shea nut. The fat of this nut is extracted from the tree and processed into the form of Shea butter. This is the product that is sold by beauticians in order to help you get the most out of your hair health.



How can it help?


Moisture is the key element to this product. Whether you are using it in your hair, scalp or skin, you will be able to infuse so much moisture which can be health affirming.

In using this product, you will notice growth in your hair that you have never before seen, while also enjoying protective elements thanks to the vitamin E found in the product.


It can be used to de-tangle, moisturize, condition and so much more.


How can I use it?


First and foremost, you will need to melt it down. By melting it, you can then apply it in cream form to your hair and scalp. Make sure that you get your hands on a great wide toothed comb and detangling brush to apply it liberally throughout your hair.


If you’re looking for a brand that will be useful, consider EuGenia. This is a product that has been on the market for years and provides nothing but the highest quality organic shea butter.


Customers who order from Eugenia swear by the products that they offer and you will be glad once you see the results that you receive.

When you consider these points, it is clear that this form of hair product is so excellent for you. You will be able to use it as you please and will be glad that you did. This is a product that has been used for many years in West Africa and has truly expanded to the Western world in recent years. Supply these tips and get your hands on some shea butter from EuGenia today.

Ricardo Tosto: Business Lawyers in Brazil Can Help You

Are you facing a tough personal or business problem in Brazil? Looking for a competent lawyer to help you handle the issue appropriately? If you are in need of legal advice for business dispute, contact Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

Getting a good lawyer is an excellent way to ensure the best possible outcome in your case. A proficient litigation lawyer will make sure that your rights are protected and that you are well represented.

There are a number of sources you can use to find a good attorney in Brazil. Lawyer directories are reliable sources of information about lawyers. These directories maintain a listing or database of attorneys or lawyers who are certified to practice law and can help can make it easy for you to find the right lawyer for your situation.

Consider that these directories only offer you a list of certified lawyers for your research, so that you can make an informed decision. It is your responsibility to do a thorough research and decide on the best lawyer for your particular case.

Also, you can talk to your friends, family and colleagues, to find out if they know a competent attorney that is suitable for your situation. By contacting these people, you may be able to find a proficient lawyer in Brazil. But don’t just sign up with a lawyer or law firm simply because someone you know said nice things about them. As always, take the time to check out the background of any attorney on your list of possibilities.

When it comes to selecting a competent attorney in Brazil, consider getting the expert support services provided by Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. As a highly reliable attorney, Ricardo Tosto has provided top notch legal solutions to clients for years and is highly regarded in the legal community.

Mr Ricardo Tosto focuses on business and corporate law, and his prominence has grown tremendously over the years, due to his powerful litigation style. He is well experienced in handling high-profile cases involving litigation. Ricardo Tosto has an impressive list of satisfied clients, including large corporations, multinational companies, entrepreneurs, institutions and people from all walks of life.

Equities’ First Holdings Unique and Beneficial Alternative Loan Solution

Equities First Holdings has a history of 14 years in providing clients such as enterprises and qualified individuals with alternative loans. The lending solution attracts more borrowers since it is a non-purpose loan and has processed over 700 loans since the firm’s inception in 2002. Equities First Holdings ensures it provides its customers with a fast and straightforward transaction procedure. When a client approaches the company seeking a loan, the staff determines of the proposed collateral is adequate to process the loan before calculating the loaner’s loan to ratio value and interest rate. The lending company provides loans after an accurate valuation the borrower’s stock, treasuries and bonds to determine the qualification and future performance of the individual or business in question.

Equities’ loaning procedure provides clients with many benefits such as lower interest rates and better business terms. Equities First Holdings allows customers to use appreciating stock in another company as the collateral to Equities’ loan. The borrower is required to transfer the shares to Equities’ as collateral and receives the full benefit of the stock upon payment of the loan. The firm ensures the security of the transaction by applying the industry’s standardized strategies. They utilize trusted accounting legal and accounting professionals to transact the credit and collateral properties. During the life of the transaction, the insurance and loan are simultaneously transferred into holdings accounts. After full completion of the loan’s payment, the insurance is then handed over to the borrower.

The allocated loan has a fixed interest rate of three percent which is below the regular fixed market interest rate, and a loan to value ratio of 75 percent. Another benefit of Equities’ loan is its non-recourse property that limits the loan collateral to the agreed property, inclusive of stock enlisted on the primary trade markets. After paying back the loan entirely, the loaner receives the pledged collateral. The borrower is not restricted to utilize the funds for a proposed project, hence can use the loan for any purpose. Equities serve its customers with a fast and efficient loan process that takes a maximum of seven business days to mature.

Visit http://www.equitiesfirst.com/team for more.

Thor Halvorssen Focuses on Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a professional who founded several institutions with the premise of advocating for human rights. He educates people worldwide on issues of equality and justice. His advocates for democracy, public policy, public interest individual rights, and civil liberties. He was born in Venezuela on March 9, 1976. His family has links to several influential people. For example, his mother Hilda is descendent of the first president of Venezuela named Cristobal Mendoza. Thor Halvorssen received his education at the University of Pennsylvania and obtained dual undergraduate and graduate degrees in Political Science and History, graduating magna cum laude.

He is a writer and has published pieces in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. He uses media outlets such as TED talks and movies to discuss human rights issues. This supports his assertion that freedom of speech is crucial to a progressive society.

Thor Halvorssen was the CEO of Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He stepped down and became CEO and president of the Human Rights Foundation. Thor Halvorssen started the Olso Freedom Forum, which is an opportunity for people from all over the world to gather in Norway and discuss human rights issues. He also created the Moving Pictures Institute and uses film as a medium to illustrate modern day human rights issues. One of his more well-known productions is 2081 which is a film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s short story Harrison Burgeron, which is about a dystopian society where all are made equal through forced handicapping.

Thor Halvorssen uses a variety of ways to advocate for human rights, and his influence is seen in the media, public sector, and film.


Breakthrough Treatment For Chronic Lung Diseases Now Available

For many people who suffer from chronic lung diseases such as COPD, the long-term prognosis can be difficult to bare. According to Life Styles After50, lung diseases can affect a person’s quality of life so severely that they became totally unable to enjoy even the most basic things in life. Long-term prognosis for diseases such as COPD is often early death. What makes lung diseases even more difficult to cope with, is the fact that until recently the treatments for people who suffer from chronic lung disease are limited in their effect and scope. But there have been medical breakthroughs in recent years that has led to new treatments that have made a significant difference for many people. One of these was discovered through innovative stem cell research. After years of research there has now been a treatment for COPD patients with the use of stem cells that is showing ground breaking possibility in the treatment of chronic lung diseases. Since its’ release, stem cell lung treatment is showing that it can make significant strides in combating the effects and early mortality of patients who battle lung diseases such as COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis and Interstitial Lung Disease.

One of the leaders in this new advanced medical treatment is the Lung Institute. First founded in Tampa Florida in 2013, the Lung Institute brought a revitalization and rejuvenation to the care and treatment of lung disorders. Since that time the facility has treated over 3,000 patients with their stem cell therapy with a 84.5% success ratio for providing some relief to their COPD patients who suffer from chronic lung diseases. While not all patients receive a total remission of symptoms, many have seen a marked improvement in lung functioning. In fact, most patients have experienced noticeable improvement in their quality of life since their treatment at the Lung Institute.

In further advancement of their work and goals to provide this new groundbreaking treatment for people all over the country, according to Hawaii News Now, the Lung Institute has opened four new locations across America to help advance the use of this medical treatment that has proven to be quite effective for many patients who have opted for this treatment of their disease. The Lung Institute now operates clinics in Nashville, Tennessee. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Scottsdale, Arizona and Dallas, Texas along with their first clinic in Tampa Florida. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/LungInstitute/ or call 1-(800) 382-8095.


The Great Investor George Soros

George Soros is a well-known investor. He has spent the majority of the past decade focusing on philanthropic activities on opensocietyfoundations.org rather than politics. However, 2015 was the return of the billionaire to reclaim his status as one of the biggest giver in all of American politics.

In December 2015, George Soros donated $6 million to a leading super PAC who supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. This brought Soros’ 2015 total donation amount for pro-Clinton groups to $8 million. The $6 million donation stood alone, but this was not only due to the amount. Soros is considered one of the few liberals who are willing to donate eight figures in an election cycle. This causes him to considered a leader among wealthy Democrats.

This last presidential election was the chance Soros needed to reemerge as a leading funder of Democratic politics. To date, he has donated or committed more than $25 million to not only boost Hillary Clinton but other Democratic candidates and causes as well. While the Democratic candidate did not win the 2016 presidential election, this will not signal the end of Democratic funding from Soros.

In September 2016, Soros also pledged to further the private sector by supplying $500 million to migrant- and refugee- founded businesses, as well as other initiatives. His hope is that other investors will follow suit. Soros has acknowledged the role of governments, but also recognizes the importance of the private sector. The $500 million was pledged as a response to the Obama administration’s call to action for US companies to urge them to help with the refugee crisis.

Soros is a very successfully investor, but also uses his funding to help further causes he believes in. It could be said he puts his money where his mouth is. While he invests in both nonprofit and philanthropic causes, he believes they complement each other and allow him to cover more areas.

The Ingenuity of Innovation: Eric Pulier

Technology is running society at such a higher level than in the past. The 21st Century is actually known as the “Digital Age” thanks to it’s wide use of advanced technology. Whatever you do on a daily basis has some form of techno advancements implemented within. Have you ever heard of Eric Pulier. Well if you haven’t then just know this; Eric Pulier is a techno genius and he’s down some amazing things to help advance the industry. Pulier was chosen to build the “Bridge To The 21st Century” platform for Bill Clinton’s 2nd Inauguration in the late 90’s. The showcase was a huge success and it was broadcasted across many news syndicates for multiple days. Members of Congress, political insiders, and celebrities all attended to the event.

Having such natural abilities for helping other individuals, Pulier’s philanthropic side shines brightly as he has helped to introduce innovation into the healthcare field. One of his first founded companies, “People Doing Things,” used advanced technology to solve certain issues. Same goes for education as Pulier implemented the same technique to get the job done. His ingenuity also helps him stand out from the crowd. This remarkable guy can take the smallest of ideas and turn them into reality. Having such excellent business sense, pulier has been able to be a founder of at least 15 companies. These companies include:

  • Service Mesh Inc
  • FLY
  • Akana Software
  • Digital Evolution
  • Desktone Inc
  • Media Platform Inc
  • And many more

Starbright World is one of his proudest achievements as he developed a private social media network for chronically ill children. Now these special kids had a way of sharing the stories and perspectives with others who were in similar situations. In addition to (Starbright), Pulier has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable organizations across the country. You won’t find too many other individuals who are willing to go out of their way to help others before themselves, but Pulier is certainly cut from a different cloth.

Visit https://www.crunchbase.com/person/eric-pulier for more.

Lifetime Financial Planning With Richard Blair

Richard Blair’s philosophy of recommending investments which help clients meet their objectives is prudent in today’s somewhat turbulent economic climate, as individuals having varying risk tolerances. At Wealth Solutions, a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) company, Blair is passionate about educating clients regarding their choices of financial products that will help them reach their financial goals.

Each client of the Austin, Texas-based wealth management firm receives personal attention, which is only possible with a local professional who encourages face-to-face meeting and frequent communication. As the founder and Chief Investment Officer, client’s are assured that Blair is watching over their assets at all times.

As a Certified Annuity Specialist and a Certified Fund Specialist, Blair is highly qualified to counsel clients on asset allocation, income preservation protection, retirement accounts and more. Clients always receive unbiased advice, since Blair is an independent advisor who does not promote any particular financial products.

One of Blair’s specialties is retirement planning, from assisting clients with allocating their 401(k) to building wealth with investments in mutual funds. Since he seeks to build long-term relationships with clients, Blair is also available when clients are eligible to begin taking Social Security.

Through Wealth Solutions, Blair is available for income planning, in order for clients to have the retirement they have always dreamed of, without financial worries.

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has his own process for ensuring that clients receive the best possible advice. First, he gets to know his clients, discovering their expectations, liquidity needs and concerns. Next, Blair develops a customized plan for his client, which could be a small business owner, an individual or a family. He tracks each client’s portfolio, measuring the data against the client’s goals.

Finally, Blair ensures his clients are adequately protected with insurance coverage, including long-term care insurance and life insurance. As a Certified Income Specialist, Blair is certified to advise clients on matters such as reverse mortgages and wealth distribution concerns.

Very few financial planners have as many certifications as Blair that they are able to serve clients throughout their lives, from when the client first starts working until well into retirement, even serving future generations via trusts.