Man Invents Shoe that Grows for Kids in Developing Countries

Kenton Lee is a 30-year-old man from Idaho who, with the help of his wife, started a church there. Kenton has also done some charity work in developing countries such as Kenya. During his time in Kenya, Kenton volunteered at a local orphanage. There he noticed that the children did not have adequate shoes. One little girl was wearing a pair of shoes with the tops cut off and her toes sticking out. It was then that Kenton came up with a brilliant invention- shoes that grow with the child.

Shoes are a luxury for many people in developing countries, however, Kenton’s invention can make shoes a reality for growing children. Kenton had the idea for the shoe, but needed help before it became a reality. The first thing he did, according to the story on, was create a charitable nonprofit organization called Because International. The organization would be dedicated to helping those in extreme poverty. Kenton then created a team and together they presented their idea for the new shoe to several large companies. The only company who responded was a shoe development company, Proof of Concept. Together they have worked to design a shoe that can last up to five years, which simply amazes Ricardo Guimarães BMG. The shoe will be able to expand to five different sizes and will fit a preschooler up to fifth grade. The larger size shoe will fit children from fifth to the ninth grade.

Hey dead white guy from the South, what do you think of Hilary Clinton?

In what could be the most stunningly dumb reporting of the cycle, news outlets are reporting that a white guy from the south does not want people to vote for Hillary Clinton. The other stunning fact is that this guy says it from the grave. The stunning rebuke is included in the North Carolina man’s obituary. The most miserable part of the story is that the media noted it as newsworthy. The media is openly trying to display republicans as simply an opponent driven by principles. However, they are lackeys motivated by greed and racism. Sexism and ageism will be next on their agenda as they start to turn away from their focused hatred of the first black president. Next their ire will be for a woman candidate.

Not surprising for the GOP and the media, at least in the eyes of Paul Mathieson. An introspective election is not going to make dramatic news. An election based on the merits of the benefit of the democrat position over the republican position will not be had. This election must be enthralling and contentious. The media is certainly doing its part. If there is any question to the validity of this argument, someone can ask the media when exactly was the last time that an opinion was solicited and reported nationally from a dead man.

Cracking Down on Welfare

In 2011, 36 states proposed a bill for mandatory drug testing when applying for welfare. Since then 20 states have made lists of what they consider wasteful uses of the welfare. These lists restrict what the people can buy using government aid.

Most recently, Kansas state legislature has taken a drastic step in their welfare aid program. Kansas has banned using family aid on things the legislature deems wasteful. This includes, but is not limited to, adult entertainment, tattoos, alcohol, lingerie and cruises. This law is passed just 2 years after Kansas passed its own drug screening bill.

Kansas, like other states, is cracking down on families living off the state for extended period of time for no reason. Many people could get jobs, but decide not to simply for the fact that they don’t want to. This causes an increase in taxes as more people are needing support for longer periods of time. The states have noticed that, in-spite of the economy getting better, more people are applying for aid. State rep Dan Newlin (Linkedin profile) explains that implementing these laws is in an effort to discourage people who don’t need the money, from applying for it.

How Young is Too Young to Worry About Heart Health?

When you think of a heart attack or heart disease, you may envision an old man. So, it’s surprising to learn that heart disease is not uncommon in women. In 2007, a study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology talks about the rise in instances of cardiovascular problems in young women. Heart disease is the number one killer of women. Women who suffer from a heart attack may not have the classic symptoms that people think of, such as chest pain. In women, symptoms often include shoulder pain, discomfort in the jaw, neck, abdomen and upper back, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, right arm pain, and sweating. Many women, especially young women, aren’t being treated for their risk of heart disease. Forbes says that risk factors include smoking, stress, diabetes, and obesity. Heart disease can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle, including a diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit, adequate sleep, regular exercise, and a health body mass index. A happy life also helps. Laughter, a positive outlook on life, and a happy marriage can cut down the risk of heart disease.

Abortion: American is Behind The Curve

Abortion has long served as a controversial topic that creates a divide among regular Americans and politicians alike. The procedure is technically legal in the United States, under certain circumstances. However, abortions are practiced as a segregated medical procedure instead of being incorporated into regular health care.

The current model the United States is using to perform abortions, through separate and specialized clinics, has become a thing of the past for many other countries, many of which are considered to be less progressive than American in other ways.

There is a going trend in countries such as Nepal, South Africa, Mexico, and Ethiopia, to provide women abortions under regular medical supervision in order to prevent unnecessary death and illness of women who seek illegal abortions. Gianfrancesco Genoso says that these new policies will save millions of women’s lives, while also providing a dignified procedure.

It’s time the United States steps up and stops making abortion a political issue when it, in fact, is not. Abortion is a medical issue and should be treated as such. It’s time for America to catch up to the rest of the world with progressive thinking and compassionate care offered to women who are in need of an abortion.

Young Women Have to Take Proactive Measures to Care for Their Heart

When people think of heart diseases, many people think it mostly affects men, but that is actually not the truth. The truth is that the number of coronary heart disease death rates is increasing in young women. Many times women have focused their attention on cancer, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , heart disease is actually the number one killer. The facts state that more women die from heart disease and stroke than all forms of cancer. Since these facts, more awareness has been raised by the American Heart Association. Statistics have also shown that women are becoming more aware of the self-inflicting risks and are taking proper steps to stop these habits. A crazy statement that was released by the Perelman Heart Institute stated that “many people have thought they were having heart attacks, but still did not call 911”.

Susan McGalla tells us that some big mistakes women are making are thinking they are just having chest pains or indigestion, bit this mistake can actually cause death. Women who have had heart attacks have stated they have had more pain in their necks, jaws, followed by dizziness and shortness of breath. Also, two thirds of women who died suddenly of heart attacks have not had any symptoms. That is a small number and when the symptoms start, that is the time to get check out. Women have to be more proactive in taking care of themselves.

The Heart Grows Healthy Understanding Gratitude

It’s time to say thanks for all you have in your life, and I’m not talking about the turkey day, but daily gratitude is proven to have positive healthy results for the heart. The American Psychological Association has a research study indicating that gratitude and daily affirmations of this type can have positive effects on the human body. It’s simple to do and everyone in your life will appreciate it.

You can begin your journey of gratitude by giving thanks and praise to those around you. There are many helpful books and movies that give inspiration, but the actions must come from the person who wants change. It is not very hard to find things to be grateful for. One can simply open their eyes and begin to count all the things in their life to give thanks for. Look at all the people in your life that are worthy of your affection. Think of all the people that of been involved in getting goods and services to you. Think of all the opportunity and possibility that is provided for you and give thanks.

A professor at California’s University of San Diego conducted the study and found results indicated the contributions of gratitude were immense. Participants like Ricardo Tosto in the gratitude study showed positive cardiac signs, better sleep and lower anxiety. This study among many others supports the scientific relationship of gratitude with the human body.

Yemen: Towards A Crisis Conference In Riyadh

The Gulf oil monarchies have agreed to sponsor a Riyadh-crisis conference in Yemen, a neighbor who has descended into chaos after the coup of the Shiite militia Houthis, as officially announced by Saudi Official Media on Monday. The conference will be convened at the request of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who settled in Aden in southern Yemen, after escaping from the capital Sanaa where he was under house arrest by the Houthis, said the official SPA news agency, without mentioning the date. “The General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will make arrangements” for any future plans in regards to the conferences, which was requested by President Hadi in a message to Saudi King Salman.

In his message, published by the Spa agency, Hadi proposed the holding of a conference in Riyadh that would be attended by “all political Yemeni parties wishing to preserve the security and stability of Yemen.” He stressed that the conference should “reject the coup” of the Houthis who took power on February 6 in Sanaa. The purpose of the meeting is to promote “a renewed political process,” began after the departure of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh in February 2012 and hampered last year by the rise of the Shiite militia Houthis, says Hadi. That’s what Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG plans on paying attention to.

Fewer Women Having Children

The Current Population Survey conducted by the Untied States Census Bureau discovered that fewer women are having children. As a matter of fact, almost one-half of the women between the ages of 15 and 44 have no children. This survey has been conducted yearly since 1976 and the recorded number of childless women hit an all time high in 2014.

The rate of childless women has been dropping for the past six years, but the record was set when the number was counted during this last population survey. This fact may seem somewhat insignificant, Flavio Maluf said but it can have an impact on the future stability of our nation. There were 1.86 babies born to women between the ages of 15 and 44 during 2013. That number needs to be 2.1 in order to keep the population of the United States stable in the future.

The numbers are confusing, since it’s impossible to have ‘1.86‘ or ‘2.1‘ babies. In simpler terms, the number reflect that fewer women are having children in the US and that poses a potential problem to the stability of our nation.

Will There Be A Woman On The $20 Bill?

Last year, an 8-year-old girl named Sofia mailed President Obama a letter asking him why women “don’t have coins or dollar bills with their faces” on them. The President later commented that he thought it was a good idea to have currency with women’s faces on it.

In her letter, Sofia talked about a class project in which the students had to make a poster about a historical figure they admired. Sofia chose Ann Hutchinson, and she noticed that many of the students who’d chosen men drew pictures of currency with the man’s face in it.

That made her wonder why there isn’t any American currency that depicts a woman. She wrote a letter to the President asking about it, and she included a list of women she thought would be good choices. In addition to Ann Hutchinson, her suggestions included Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Abigail Adams, Emily Dickinson, Harriet Tubman, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Although, it took the President time to answer, he was not the only person to take note. There is now a campaign to put a woman on the $20 bill. The is currently holding an election to see which historical woman they will back as a replacement for Andrew Jackson. Apparently, no living people can be displayed on currency, as all the choices they offer are dead.

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