Keith Mann Works Hard Professionally And For Charity

Keith Mann started his career in 1995 as Manager of the Alternative Investments Division of Dynamic Associates. He worked tirelessly, rose through the ranks, and became Senior Vice President of the company. I

In 2001, Keith Mann co-founded Dynamic Search Partners, a recruiting firm which specializes in hedge funds and alternative investments. The firm provides staffing needs for many companies, including major equity firms. Currently, Keith Mann holds the position of Managing Director for Dynamic Search Partners.

Dynamic Search Partners, led by Keith Mann, believes strongly in holding a position of philanthropy. Mann helps to organize various charity events throughout the year. In 2008, a mixer raised $8,000.00 for Hope & Heroes. In 2013, Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners partnered with Uncommon Schools in New York. A 5 member team, including Keith Mann, visited the school and met with high school seniors. Two resume building workshops were held where the Dynamic Search Partners team sat with seniors individually and in a group setting to provide personalized help with resumes. The high school seniors appreciated the tips and were especially happy to learn that they could email their resume revisions to Dynamic Search Partners throughout the year and receive feedback. Keith Mann hopes to work with students from Uncommon Schools in the years to come. Uncommon Schools was thrilled to have the Dynamic Search Partners Team give their seminars and appreciated the tips and individual help given to students. They will welcome Keith Mann and his team back any time.

Keith Mann is a great example that education, hard work and putting the time in pays off. Throughout his career he has worked tirelessly and was promoted continuously until he pursued co-founding Dynamic Search Partners of which he is now managing director of. Hard work and giving back to the community

remain a priority for Keith Mann.

Many Dog Owners Choose Beneful For Their Pet

Some pet owners tend to feed their dogs the same food that they are having at their own dinner table. Dogs should not eat the same food as humans, because much of it is overprocessed, and not good for a dog or any animal. In fact, much of the food that people eat today, is not even good enough for human consumption. Dogs need to have their own type of food, and Beneful is an excellent choice of dog food for any dog that a pet owner may have. Beneful is a creation of the Nestlé company, and many dog owners have chosen to use this brand of dog food.

There are both dry and wet versions of Beneful available for dogs, and many owners report that their pets like both types of dog food. Beneful is a very flavorful type of dog food. No matter which type of Beneful, many dogs enjoy the food that they are eating. Some owners prefer that their dogs do not eat meat, or maybe the dog has some type of allergy to meat. Because it’s understandable that some dogs cannot consume meats, a soy version of Beneful was created for dogs, so they can still have the same health benefits as eating regular Beneful.

There are several different flavors of Beneful available, giving the pet owner a variety of foods to give to their dogs. The owner must decide if their dog would do better with wet versions of Beneful, or the dry versions of the food. Some owners may feed their dog the dry versions of Beneful, and only on special occasions, or as a treat, they may switch to the wet version. It’s completely up to the pet owner how they would like to feed their pet, and what type of Beneful is more pleasing to their pet.

Great dog owners will care for their pets no matter what, and they take care in everything they give to their dog. Dog owners that walk their dog, groom them, and even play with them, are pet owners that want only the best for their animal. Pet owners who want the very best for their dogs, usually, choose to feed them Beneful. In fact, Beneful is the fourth most popular dog food on the market today, proving that it’s very popular with dogs, as well as their owners. When choosing a dog food in the future, choose Beneful.

Sam Tabar’s Newest Investment Helps Women

THINX recently sparked the interest of prominent attorney and capital strategist, Sam Tabar. Inspired by their business model, Tabar decided to invest with the young company. THINX began as a Kickstarter campaign, but now the start up has grown. They focus on fashionable and comfortable underwear for women during menstruation, but they also provide support to women on a global scale. Now featuring five styles of underwear, each purchase helps women in need across the globe. Every underwear purchase helps African and American women by providing reusable sanitation pads through AFRIpads.

For one purchase, women in need are given seven of these cloth pads. For many of these women who lack the resources to deal with menstruation, they are forced to stay at home during this time rather than going to work and school. THINX has given these women the resources to handle menstruation and continue on with their lives. The female creators of THINX first met Tabar through mutual acquaintances, and he was not looking to invest into new companies at that time. However, the women’s creation inspired Tabar. He regards the company’s business model highly because it allows people to consider issues on a global scale and contribute just by purchasing the company’s underwear. Success through their Kickerstarter campaign and Crowdsourcing has allowed THINX to grow. They now sell products through their website and also wholesale distribution. They continue to change the lives of women every single day.

Note: This story was originally reported on PR Newswire.

Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S

When you’re my age the thought of cosmetic surgery often comes into your mind. Cosmetic surgery is usually only considered an option available to the wealthy, the privileged who seek to alter their appearance solely for the purpose of attaining what others deem as beauty. Actors and rock stars use cosmetic altering to retain this beauty and youth, to retain that admiration they feel only allurement can give them.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is an esteemed cosmetic and plastic surgeon based out of Dallas, Texas. His work in corrective cosmetic surgery, especially of the face and nose not only restores beauty, but gives new life to otherwise forgotten individuals living in the shadow of disfigurement.
Dr. Rohrich’s cutting edge techniques are known world wide. As well as being a visiting professor the world over, he has lead some of the most respected plastic surgery residency programs in the field of plastic surgery. He has been recognized as a foremost leading surgeon in plastic and cosmetic surgery. But aside from his surgical talents in facial, nose, and breast augmentation, Dr. Rohrich feels that establishing a relationship with his patients is of the utmost importance. Catering to the needs of every client with compassion and professionalism, He seeks to restore each person to their own unique and natural appearance.
Dr. Rohrich’s dedication to his clients has been reciprocated by those who have continued to follow his achievements by living their lives to the fullest through the innovative technology he has provided them. He is recognized in U.S. News and World Report as being in the top one percentile of physicians in this country. He remains a member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons and he served as the President of the Association of Academic Chairman of Plastic Surgery and has held the Chair of the Residency Review Committee for Plastic Surgery overseeing all plastic surgery resident education programs in the United States.
What sets Dr. Rod Rohrich apart is his dedication to promoting continual research and technology in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery to provide not beauty alone, but the confidence to achieve the goal of an active and rewarding future for his patients.

Advice For All Working Women From Susan McGalla

PR Newswire first ran this report from Susan McGalla featuring advice for working women of today. The working woman has changed so many times over the years that many women are not sure what they should focus on in today’s world. The three areas that McGalla says women should focus on will help them make their career and family life most exciting.

Women often give up their education to help their families, but there are so many ways for women to educated in today’s world. Women can go to school online, and they can easily get the education that they could not get before. Women should focus on their education to make sure that they have the degree that is going to help them get the job they want long after the kids move out of the house.

The glass ceiling is something that women have dealt with for years, but these sentiments are much more rare than they used to be. Women can simply ignore the glass ceiling as they ask for promotions, ask for raises and ask for more responsibilities at work. Women who take these steps are going to be pleased that they took the initiative for themselves.

It is a fact that confident people are given more in life, and women need to make sure that they carry themselves with confidence everywhere they go. A woman who is not carrying herself well will have less opportunities than a woman who struts everywhere she goes. That every sheen of confidence can change a woman’s life for the better.

When women want to make the most of their careers and family lives, they must make sure that they are following these three steps to be better off in the working world.

Sam Tabar Makes financial decisions easier

 Sam Tabar is a friend of my son’s in New York who specializes in and capital investment and asset management, as well as law related issues. He graduated from Columbia law the same year that my son, Kevin, did. Kevin has been at me for some time now about letting someone work with me on my portfolio so that I won’t have to worry about my finances in the future. In other words, that’s Kevin saying Mom, you’re getting old! But he’s probably right, something about diversifying my portfolio and maximizing my estate. I’m writing about all this because it was the funniest thing, but just yesterday I came across something about Sam Tabar on CNBC talking about being financially prepared and investment tips for the new year. I think I just might have Kevin give him a call to see if we can talk money.

Kevin was not lying when he said this Sam Tabar is some guy. According to, Tabar has worked himself into being considered an industry leader with his financial business strategy being one of a kind. He started out as a partner in a smaller firm and has developed a following for making smart capital investment decisions from a legal standpoint for his clients. He is always learning the newest nuances of the law so that his clients have the best possible legal experience utilizing his services. He also has a background in business development which he gained through consistent study and focus on business development strategy.

Sam has experience working for SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors in a management executive position giving him the necessary skills to understand the various challenges which are presented to individuals who are attempting to save money while growing their business in the safest way possible. His knowledge in management and development also helps him to be a key asset in looking at the best way to use money to advance the business in the marketplace. When he moves forward to work with Bank Of America, he was given the entire region of the Pacific to oversee. This means that he had to develop both of the personal and professional skills to handle multibillion dollar companies and the demands of their financial growth and continued positive development.

 Tabar has always had high standards for his professional advancement. Serving as an editorial assistant for the Columbia university law review also gave him a unique insight to using language in the most powerful and commending way possible. This a skill that he still uses today when drafting letters for clients and negotiating with the executives with whom he interacts. His dedication to the educational process of his clients in a way they can understand is one of the most valuable assets to his client base. His knowledge of hedge fund management and other capital gains investment strategies is comprehensive and enables clients to make wise decisions when investing in a wide variety of financial options.

His time as a global strategist as part of a managing director with SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors provided him with a global knowledge of how to maximize his financial knowledge. As a managing director he oversaw the investments contained within a two billion dollar hedge fund. He oversaw the development and execution of a multimillion dollar marketing strategy which targeted high level clientele as well as businesses and corporate investors who were looking for a way to improve their overall portfolio.

His time with Bank Of America helped to prepare him to reenter the legal field. He was the head of hedge fund investments during that time for the organizations clients in the Asian market. This allowed him to develop greater confidence in his ability to negotiate the needs of an international client base. He handled over 1200 accounts while managing to also make introductions on behalf of his employer.

Beneful Makes Puppies Healthier

The goal of the Beneful brand is to make sure that dogs are as healthy as they can be. The brand offers formulas that are designed for all dogs, but the best part of the line is the formula made just for puppies. When Beneful produces their puppy formula, they are producing an organic dog food that is going to help dogs grow up to be as healthy and robust as possible.

Many small puppies are meant to be very large dogs, and they need all the nutrition they can get to grow into their bodies properly. These puppies grow so fast that their bodies have a hard time keeping up. Their bodies and bones need to grow in proportion to one another, but they are not going to be able to do that without the proper nutrition. The organic puppy formula from Beneful makes sure that puppies have nutrition for their bodies and calcium for their bones.

Also, these formulas help puppies grow to their full size without being scrawny. A dog that is growing too fast might have a hard time keeping their weight on. This weight is needed to balance their bodies when their legs get very long, but the Beneful brand is going to make it much easier for these dogs to grow to a size that is going to be healthy for them.

Also, the protein in the Beneful brand is going to make it easier for puppies to grow up with the muscles that they need to be active. The whole family wants to play with the puppy, but the puppy needs to be strong enough for all the rough play that they do.

When dogs are fed the Beneful brand, they are getting the most healthy nutrition possible. They will grow properly, and they will be prepared to be the big dogs they are supposed to be.

BRL Trust Investment Company

One of the premier investment companies in Brazil is BRL Trust. This is a very well rounded company that offers a wide range of services to clients. With BRL Trust, investors will have a company that will help them get what they want out of investing. Whether you’re a business or an individual, BRL Trust will work with you to get you the best results when it comes to investing. BRL Trust offers a number of services to help you maximize your investment results. Services such as asset management, funds administration, asset underwriting as well as control and custody of fund give investors what they need to best manage their investment portfolios. With the wide range of services, investors will be sure to have the best assistance available when it comes to managing their investments with BRL Trust.


BRL Trust offers a wide range of services to help investors reach their financial goals. The first service that the company offers is fund administration. With fund administration, BRL Trust will gain access to an investment fund and manage it. During this process, the company will go over all of the investments the investor has and look for ways to get better returns as well as keep losses to a minimum. Getting this service will enable investors to be sure that they will get what they need in order to grow their portfolio and establish financial security.


The next service that BRL Trust offers is asset management. It has been discussed quite a bit on This is similar to fund administration but is a little more extensive. With this service, BRL Trust will go over your investment funds, ask you about your goals and then look into investing in certain assets to help you reach your objectives. This service will consist of the company regularly going over your investment portfolio and monitoring the results of it. BRL Trust will also invest in certain asset that they believe will help the investor get better returns as well.


Another service that BRL Trust offers is asset underwriting. This is a service in which the company will underwrite securities for investors in capital markets. When underwriting assets, the company will get a risk profile of the investor and make suggestions of which investments to make. This service provides a good safeguard for investors as it will ensure that they invest in funds that will most likely get a return as well as minimize losses. Whether you’re a business or an individual, BRL Trust will help make sure that you get the best investment arrangement according to your investment needs and goals.


When working with BRL Trust, the company will also offer to gain custody of your funds. This particular option enables the company to gain access to your portfolio and make sure that you get what you are looking for in terms of investment results. This service will give the company the autonomy it needs in order to help you grow your investment portfolio and ensure that your investment endeavors are successful.


BRL Trust is a leading financial services company which offers investors a number of ways to get the most out of investing. With services such as asset management, custody, fund administration and asset underwriting, BRL Trust will give investors what they need in order to maintain their portfolios as well as improve them.

Senior’s Immune System Boosted by Anti-Aging Drug

We’re always looking for the fountain of youth in a bottle or pill, but how about a new drug that offer a two-fer – providing both anti-aging benefits and a stronger immune system for seniors?
According to a new study, this proverbial fountain of youth drug can delay the effects of aging and boost the immune system by up to 20 percent when taken by senior citizens.
This new fountain of youth drug is called Rapamycin and belongs to a class of drug known as mTOR inhibitors. The drug has shown promise in counteracting aging and age-related diseases in lab mice which it was tested on. The mice were living longer and had fewer age-related disease after being given the Rapamycin drug.
Dr. Joan Mannick, executive director of the New Indications Discovery Unit at the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research and the lead author of the study, conducted the initial clinic trial on 200 people who were 65 and older. Promise was shown in the trail study with Bernardo Chua, but much more testing will be needed before this anti-aging drug is ready to be prescribed.

Casey Kasem Buried After 6 Months

Casey Kasem has been the voice of our generation for years. Every saturday morning Casey’s voice could be heard on the radio counting down the hit songs of the week. The man had real North American spine. Six months ago we lost as we have lost so many others in hollywood this year, however Casey didn’t get the peaceful send off that he deserved. For what seems like forever Casey’s body has been sitting waiting for a proper burial while his family fought over his cause of death. 

Apparently the LAPD has been conducting and elder abuse investigation on Casey after his children filed a report insisting that his wife Jean was to blame for a fatal injection that killed Casey during a road trip. For months after his death his body could not be embalmed and now the decay has made a proper investigation impossible.

Recently it has been reported that Casey has been buried at the Vestre Gravlund cemetery in Norway. He was given a small funeral and while it is not confirmed whether his wife Jean was present it is confirmed that his children were not and did not know of the ceremony until a week later. What an unfortunate end to the life a such a beloved man.

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