US Money Reserve Launches CrowdRise Humanitarian Campaign


There is ably nothing more important than humanitarian causes, such as feeding the hungry and giving back to communities in need. With that sentiment in mind U.S. Money Reserve recently launched a feed the hungry campaign on Crowdwise. According to Digital Journal all donations collected during the campaign are donated to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas in their efforts to assist the disadvantaged of Central Texas. The U.S. Money Reserve recently invited their network of customers and clients to donate to the fund.

Capitol Area Food Bank of Texas provides hunger relief through hundreds of agencies in Central Texas. This includes 21 different counties. Since 2010 the food bank has provided 25-31 million pounds of food to families in need. Now, in their 30th year of service, they hope to raise even more money, and help even more families in the region.

This is not the first time the U.S. Money Reserve have helped others through humanitarian efforts. Their involvement spans many similar projects over the years, and includes donations to the Make A Wish Foundation, which helps children suffering from sickness and terminal disease. They have also donated money to several nonprofit charities and organizations over the years.

The company is a U.S distributor of U.S. government issued precious metal coins, including gold, silver and platinum. They offer expert guidance and advise clients in the best possible investment, and the highest value of precious metals. Their expert knowledge has gained them a reputation of trust in the money market.

The company retains highly trained experts, such as coin researchers, Numismatic experts, and gold specialists that provide a type of high quality professionalism for clients and customers. They have assisted hundreds of thousands of people obtain the highest valued U.S. issued coins, and continue to provide advanced knowledge and customer service in precious metals.

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