Philip Diehl Of U.S. Money Reserve Says Penny Should be Eliminated

President of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box to talk about the possibility of eliminating the penny from American currency circulation. According to the original article found on PR Newswire, the interview aired on December 30th and Diehl favored taking the penny out of circulation because he believes the cost to produce it is more than its worth.

Diehl went on to say that people don’t use the penny anymore adding that if a person takes the time to bend over and pick up a penny they find on the street they are actually getting less than the minimum wage for the second it takes to do so.

Andrew Ross Sorkin, host of the morning talk show, mentioned during the interview that some economists believe removing the penny is doing to result in distorted prices and eventually maybe even inflation of prices. However, Diehl combated the thought by stating that people have been saying that for 25 years, but today is a different landscape.

Diehl added that he believes most businesses would round down any penny transaction totals they had to show good faith towards their consumers. Due to the tough competition in the marketplace he believes that businesses are going to keep their prices fair which means that the market will regulate itself.

Critics of the move believe that it would be actually more expensive to get rid of the penny because doing so would mean more nickels would have to be produced. Nickels cost 9.4 cents to make which means that it is not as cost effective as the penny. However, the copper nickel mix of the nickel could be slightly altered to make it a better move. If the penny is taken out of circulation taxpayers could be saved as much as $105 million every year.

Diehl is in a position to make a statement about the penny because not only is a former U.S. Mint Director, but he serves as the U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of platinum, gold, and silver products that are U.S. government issued. The company has a highly trained team that includes everyone from numismatic professionals to coin research experts to make sure that they are able to buy precious metals with the highest profit return.


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The Success of Sanjay Shah’s Autism Research Campaign

Autism is a fast growing disorder that affects one in 68 children each year. It has been proven in addition to this that boys are more likely to be diagnosed with this fast grow disorder than girls. This disorder, though a well known disability, now has a new campaign known as Autism Rocks that has the mission of furthering overall research and understanding of autism.

Autism Rocks is a campaign that was started by Sanjay Shah who is a hedge fund manager and CEO of Solo Capital. Though Mr. Shah wanted to further the research for this disability, he did not know how to do so until until he was influenced by Snoop Dogg to fund-raise by using celebrities to sing concerts all around London. Since then, Mr. Shah has been able to persuade superstars such as Prince, Michael Buble, Lenny Kravitz and many others to play at his concerts.

Mr. Shah’s success in the hedge fund industry has enabled him to create this foundation to further research in autism which indirectly benefits his 4-year old son who has been diagnosed with autism. Mr. Shah’s experience at Solo Capital has enabled him to expand his business to employ over 100 financial experts in both the London officers as well as the Dubai offices. Mr. Shah’s success has made him one of the top donators to the Dubai Autism Centre.

With Sanjay’s new fundraising events, all the funds go to the Autism Research Trust that will support the Autism Research Centre that is centered in Cambridge. Mr. Shah has the desire to understand both the cause as well as the effects of autism and how to understand the person who is diagnosed. Mr. Shah does not have the desire to cure autism. Instead, Mr. Shah has the desire to understand how to communicate with his son in a more effective manner that can also benefit millions of other parents or family members.

Autism is a disability that is costly and time consuming. On average, parents of family members with autistic children can spend up to $60,000 on average in medical treatment and doctors appointments. Now with Autism Rocks, there will be gigs around the world that exhibit superstars who all have the same mission of raising more money to benefit both children and adults.

Sanjay Shah has worked with over 39 companies while finally landing as the CEO of Solo Capital. His current success has made his philanthropic goal a more attainable goal with his wealth and his connections. Mr. Shah has pledged his intent of furthering the research on autism that will help continue the positive development of children with autism and their parents. Sanjay Shah has the intent of raising as much money as he can that will all go towards research.

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Kevin Seawright’s Career Work

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial and Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, also known as Newark CEDC. The company focuses on the economic development of Newark, New Jersey by generating jobs and businesses to create wealth.

LinkedIn says Seawright began his career in finance in Baltimore, Maryland. He later made a move into private industry. Now as the Executive Vice President, he has a very positive outlook on the future of Newark CEDC, saying it is, “reaching a critical stage, where our efforts are having an exponential effect on the growth of the city of Newark. I am honored to be part of this positive change. Under Mayor Ras Baraka, Newark is developing an economic model using capital for small business development, Wi-Fi access, our diverse communities, our port, highways and railroad lines, and a summer employment program that employed 3,000 Newark students to encourage economic growth so vital to Newark’s future.”

Seawright’s devotion to helping the city of Newark’s growth has changed the lives of its citizens. His work has changed the city to be more efficient. On how he learned where he learned his work ethic, Seawright says to WorldClassMagazines, “my parents introduced me to financial stewardship at a very early age. At the age of 12, I was working in youth programs, changing lives in Philadelphia’s inner city.” He remarks that his parent’s upbringing directly resulted in a desire to contribute to his cities.

Contributions to the community is what Searight believes to be a true mark of success, stating, “I was gratified to help a credit-worthy Newark entrepreneur by providing a loan to her, after she was turned away by local banks. This is one of the services we provide at Newark CEDC. We provide loans to small and to mid-sized business owners, who would otherwise not have access to needed capital. Supplying loans to entrepreneurs is one way Newark CEDC reinvigorates Newark’s economy.”  Find Kevin on Twitter where he’s always talking financial news of the day.

Keith Mann Speaks Out About the Virtues of the NYPD

Keith Mann may be known throughout NYC as a successful hedge fund manager and owner of Dynamic Search Partners, but in his free time he is also a philanthropist. He has shifted his focus to include the NYPD to help show support to officers who have been embattled by violence and negative media attention.

He reached out to the NYPD to purchase the 54th precinct lunch and then repeated the action just a few weeks later to make sure that they noticed the show of gratitude. He mentioned that sometimes one act can go unnoticed, so he repeated it to make sure that the officers know that they are grateful for the work they do.

Mann is the owner and founder of Dynamic Search Partners and spends his time managing the firm and recruiting for financial services firms and private equity firms. He helps his clients find qualified hires for marketing, investment, and internal strategy positions. When he is not working he spends time working with Uncommon Schools to help give graduating students tools to find jobs and also donates to other charities including Hope and Heroes.

He has been watching violence against police grow and is concerned that police officers do not realize that most people support them. Mann explained that he believes most people support their local police forces but they are silent. Instead, they need to make their voice heard which can be done by taking simple actions. For Mann this meant purchasing lunch, but for others it can mean simply participating in a rally or taking the time to tell an officer they are appreciated.

Mann added that officers deserve to be thanked for keeping people safe because they are just people like everyone else and have families at home as well. The fact that they encounter dangerous situations to help others out is one reason why careless action against the police must be stopped.

He has a personal connection to the NYPD as his wife’s uncle serves Staten Island as a detective. Mann commented that the attacks on police officers that have occurred during so called peaceful protests have really hit too close to home and it is time to stand up and praise the NYPD for all the good they do.

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Weisfogel Helps Others Help Children Through Go Fund Me

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist that works hard to create beautiful smiles for people. He is instrumental in starting the Dental Sleep Masters business that helps train other dental professionals to use dental appliances and work with sleep appliances. Dr. Weisfogel is one of the important dental professionals that goes around lecturing about sleep apnea and the need for help. People going to the dental clinics and dentist offices are going to be better off because of the classes and lectures that the dentists are taking through Avi Weisfogel.

The dentist is responsible for telling their clients about their needs. They are also responsible for telling the families about the costs to take care of the dental needs. Sometimes this is hard because you know that the families are unable to afford to have the work done. What is there to do when your child needs help but is unable to receive because you can barely afford to pay the rent. People like Dr. Weisfogel have been instrumental in creating ways for people to have the surgery they need at no or low cost to them. Operation Smile is an organization that does just this. The organization helps people to set up the surgeries they need. When a child is born with deformities to their mouth or gums they can have issues eating or drinking. A hole in the mouth can cause issues and is easily repaired if the dental surgeon knows how. It is easy to repair if there is money to do so.

Operation smile has been around for many years. It has helped numerous children in countries where they do not have the money to even feed themselves. These countries may have many children born with cleft palates due to the nutrition their parent received while pregnant. The surgeries are being paid for by the money that is collected through the Fund Me Campaign. This campaign is going to help many more people that are at the poverty level and unable to pay for the surgeries on their own. DR. Weisfogel is doing more than just dental work. He is helping others help you and helping others help themselves. There should be more dental professionals like him in the world.

If we all took the time to look at others we might see what we need to see. Helping a child that may not be able to afford the surgery unless someone helps is a good feeling. Follow Avi on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on his campaign.

Using e-Commerce to Shop Online

For people to shop online, they need to visual search the site, select the brands, quality of the product and the price for which to buy. However, when you visit an online store, you get a wide range of products that are sourced from different places. Sites like Amazon and other online stores have incorporated Artificial Intelligence in their applications without much interest on it only to realize later that it is in their systems. Amazon introduced a new application that allows users to discover more items in a systematic manner once they find the first one. This is done by giving them an option of viewing other similar products that are available on the market.

Computer vision AI has been around for a decade now, and the expertise required is immense although on the other hand scarce talents and skills are required. For instance, was among the first visual intelligence applications to be launched. The portal was used to solve the challenge of visual similarity. After its inception, several other applications went live across the world. Slyce, Cortexica, CamFind are some of the platforms that have been experimenting this application for the last few years.

Mad Street Den also launched its technology, Despite all of these applications, and AI’s potential, there exist several challenges on the way. The technology is not available for use to majority of consumers in the world. Users are supposed to use images in order to find items that match what they require. Indeed, the process may be tiresome if not executed appropriately as required. Most importantly is the user design and experience, which has not yielded positively as anticipated for many applications. Indeed, it is obvious that AI and e-Commerce have experienced many challenges, although several possibilities are available.

An overview of Slyce

Visual search technology provided by Slyce can handle one, two, and three dimensional images. As such, it provides retailers with comprehensive scanning solution that is easily integrated into the system. Slyce has excellent management and consulting team Cameron Chell who is also the co-founder. He is a serial innovator with over 25 years of experience in the technology industry.

The technology developed by Slyce enables users to buy products that are offered in the real world from any location they might be. Consumers may prefer to know whether items they see physically can be found at online stores. This is what Slyce will enable them to do.

Charles Koch Reveals Why He Supports A Change In The Criminal Justice System

Charles Koch says he believes the current criminal system favours the rich and victimises the poor. It has become so sad that there are thousands of innocent people imprisoned since they couldn’t afford lawyers. It was some of the things gathered during a recent interview.

Charles Koch via Mark Holden said the criminal system as it is in America is a broken system that victimises the poor. Holden revealed America spends over $ 250 billion per year on its criminal justice system. It is over three times the amount spent on education. It is a system that doesn’t add up.

Koch pointed out to experts saying the current system has created a poverty trap for the bottom members of the society. So bad is the situation that it has led to 20% increase in poverty across America.

Koch also reveals that Prosecutors today have too many powers. They have become the judge jury and executioner and galled many innocent victims. It is in addition to an explosion in the number of statutory laws governing the counsel.

Koch suggests the current notion in tough on crime doesn’t make sense. It leads to a system that doesn’t prioritize ethical approach to rehabilitation. One of the most quoted examples is the European justice system.

Koch further points out that the current system means any person out of prison cannot enter the American society. They are denied jobs, housing and education rendering them unproductive. It has ensured there is always a high percentage of repeat offenders. 97% of People in Prison will get out at some point. It is only fair they be accorded the needed support to reintegrate them into the society. It is in everyone’s best interest.

Koch says that the government spends excessively on an archaic system that has ensured the system doesn’t work. It is an example of a bloated government service that needs to be cut.

Koch also suggests a change in criminal behavior definition. He points out at some crimes that are thought to be criminal and which have an enormous impact on the lives of the offenders. He says criminal law and punishment should be reserved for behavior that poses a threat to safety and security.

Charles Koch was born in Wichita Kansas where he still lives with his wife. He has built the Koch industries to a $110 billion behemoths.

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Handy Cleaned My Home In Time For A Surprise Party

I was extremely excited about a surprise birthday party that I was putting together for my husband the next night, and I went to the store right after work to pick up some things. The surprise birthday party would only consist of about 20 people, and everyone was to gather at my home after 8 PM. Since the party would be on a Friday night, then 8 PM wasn’t too late for everyone to come over and celebrate my husband’s birthday. My kids were with the babysitter at home, and after going to the store I went straight home to a disaster.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. When I looked at my home, the living room was a mess, the kitchen had dirty dishes, and the babysitter was playing with the kids. I had it in my mind to fire her right away because she knew better than to let the place be so messy. I couldn’t believe that the place is such a mess on a night that I had a lot of work to do. It was 4 PM, and I didn’t have time to do all that cleaning, and I didn’t think I could do everything on time. My first thought was to call Handy.

Handy is a service that I’ve used for the last year when it comes to cleaning my home. I’ve never made an appointment on such short notice, but I was very desperate that night. I went to the Handy website, and I couldn’t believe they would have somebody over to my home the very next day. They arrived before 5 PM, and I had them start cleaning my floors, and I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. The Handy cleaners helped me clean my home as quickly as possible, and I was even able to cook dinner in the meantime.

When 7 PM came, then my guests started calling to see if they could come over, and I told them to give me until 8:30 PM because I knew I would be finished by then. The Handy cleaners were amazing, and in just a couple hours my entire home was clean. I even tipped the workers because I was more than happy with the job they had done. The babysitter was watching the kids for me while I cooked and Handy cleaned. I would recommend Handy to anyone who needs a quick cleaning job that’s done right.

Are George Soros Fears of Another Recession Founded?

George Soros is a wise investor whose financial management business now nets about $27 billion as of January 2016. However, is he also a fear monger when it comes to equating current Chinese economic problems to the 2008 recession?

Bloomberg mentions that George Soros has also called the Greek economic crisis as one worse than the 2008 economic fallout. This may be true, but there is evidence that Greece has advocated reduced government spending as mentioned in Strategy + Business. As a result, the Greek economy seems to be improving, so was this situation really the same as the Recession of 2008?

The Chinese crisis that took place the first week of January triggered a similar reaction in George Soros. One indicator that Soros saw as a sign during this period was the fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by more than 392 points from the close on Wednesday to Thursday January 6-7. This was the lowest stock prices dropped in more than three months. Likewise, Market Watch reports that Chinese stocks plunged from about 7 to 11 percent. Furthermore, trading was shut down for a day.

Another factor that might have caused Soros to start being concerned of a possible 2008 repeat is China’s devalued currency. The plummeting yuan prices along with the shifting from an investment and manufacturing nation to a consumption and service nation caused a global ripple effect. For instance, global equities from the beginning of the year were reduced by a stark $2.5 trillion.

Some of the reasons George Soros expressed concerns to investors about current global trade and the economy may be valid. However, some economists think it is too early to tell because the United States’ service industry and German new orders are slightly increasing. It might take a bit more to convince both consumers and businesses of any real danger, but they are still warned to keep a close watch on the market.

Concerning the possibility of another recession, CNBC points out that the 2008 economic crisis was highly characterized by reckless lending. Irresponsible regulation and supervision of markets also seem to have played a part in what caused the financial collapse that took place eight years ago.

What does all this mean for the average person? For most people, it just means not to repeat some of the same mistakes as they did eight years ago. Furthermore, stricter lending policies could possibly prevent a recession.

Jim Dondero’s Highland Capital Releases Third Quarter Result

Every hedge fund is required by law to file quarterly documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This filing, known as a 13F details major transactions the fund has made during the previous financial quarter and is a tool used by both investors and regulators. This filing for the third quarter by Highland Capital Management demonstrates the fund’s commitment to certain sectors of the economy like healthcare, information technology, finance, energy and consumer discretionary. These five segments make up 72% of Highland’s holdings.

Individual companies that fit into those segments are represented by such well-known corporations as Spider S&P 500 exchange traded fund,, Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Danaher Corp., Intra-Cellular Therapies,, American Airls Group Inc., Kinder Morgan, and Corning.

The healthcare segment is particularly interesting since Highland Capital was recently awarded the HFM Best 40 Act Fund for the Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund. This award takes into account not only the performance of a fund but some intangibles like the fund’s reputation among investors and its managers history and experience. In the case of Highland, that experience adds up to over 130 years across its 11 member expert management team.

Founded in 1993 by Jim Dondero, Highland Management has grown to include investment banking, hedge funds, mutual funds, alternative credit and equity funding including collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), and exchange traded funds. The company’s clients represent public and private pensions funds, foundations, endowments, corporations, banks and high net-worth individuals.

Named as one of the best companies to work for by the Dallas Business Journal, the 150 employees work to provide risk management and high returns. The company has offices in Dallas, TX, it headquarters, New York, Seoul, Singapore, and São Paulo.

Jim Dondero graduated with honors (Beta Gamma Sigma, and Beta Alpha Psi) from the University of Virginia’s with dual degrees in accounting and finance. His work experience began with the elite training program offered by Morgan Guaranty.

Upon completion of the Morgan program, Jim worked for American Express as a corporate bond analyst. With outstanding performance, Jim was rewarded with a promotion to Portfolio Manager and made responsible for a $1 billion fixed income fund.

In 1989, Protective Life approached Jim to help launch their GIC subsidiary. Within four years, Jim built the company from inception to over $2 billion in assets under management,

When not attending to his many business and work obligations, Jim stays active in the charity community with active support for initiatives in education, veteran’s affairs, and public policy. He enjoys classic rock and roll and is said to have a taste for exotic meats.