In Brazil, calling Soccer a religion is grossly underestimating its broad reach. It is a way of life and a critical part of the society. It is a society that has produced great soccer players like Ronald and Ronaldinho. It is also a platform that has led to banks like BMG to take advantage and build a brand in a competitive field. The bank sponsors 100 teams in the countries leagues and recently launched a TV station that has already seen 60000 Youths display their prowess. Ttp://
The bank has also announced a partnership with Marcio Melo to sponsor his tennis campaigns. He is expected to fly the banks flag high in all its competitions in the future as he continues his winning streak. It is a streak that begun years ago and that has seen him became world number one.Melo will lead the Brazilians tennis team into the Olympics this summer as the host nation seeks to stamp its dominance in Sports.
Ricardo Guimares is the leader of the Bank. He has been the CEO since 2004.In his years in charge, the bank has grown many folds and today is a dominant market leader in the country. It controls 80% of the market and has a market capitalization of $ 2.1 billion. When he took over the bank, it had a capitalization of $ 300 million.
Ricardo Guimares is a graduate of UMA. He graduated with a degree in business administration. It is an achievement he got while still working with Banco BMG in 1988.He had joined the bank in 1980 and was till 89 an office assistant. Ricardo Guimares was named as the vice president in 1996 and became the president in 2001.He was appointed the CEO in 2004.
He leads a bank his granddad founded in 1930.It was founded as a miner’s bank and has built a reputation as a bank with miners in mind. It is also a specialist in consigned credit which is the cheapest form of personal credit. The bank is based in Bero Horizonte and has over 3000 branches all over Brazil. It has over 50000 agents in the country.
Ricardo Guimares is a hedge fund specialist too. It has a new fund that seeks to monetize the player’s rights and brand them. Today it already has a capital of $ 20 million. It is an idea whose time in the market has come and which is very much welcome.
BMG has announced a partnership with Banco Itau to create BMG ITAU PAYROLL.It is a move expected to fill a gap in the demand for personal credit in Brazil.
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