I Don’t Want To Lose Contact And Friendship With San Antonio. Says Marcio Alaor

The city of San Antonio inaugurated a food court in honor of Marcio Alaor. Marcio is a famous son of the city. He was born and raised in San Antonio. From his early days in childhood, Marcio says he owns great love and respect for residents of San Antonio. He acknowledges they raised him through the ranks of achievements to a great person hi is currently. Marcio is the current vice president of BMG bank. The bank is the leading in consignment credit.


During the inauguration, several municipal leaders hailed praises to Marcio’s achievement. Among the leaders was the city’s mayor Willmar Son. He thanked Marcio for helping the city in various projects without expecting any political favors. The food court was initially aware house and was transformed on Marcio’s honor.


Welcoming the generous reward, Marcio praised his home city for according him the respect while alive. He noted majority of such projects come long after the hero is long dead. The inauguration of the food court was symbolic to the love the people of San Antonio have for their son Marcio Alaor. The event was attended by thousands who came to honor one of their greatest executives in Brazil.


Marcio is actively engaged in major development projects in the city of San Antonio. He has sponsored several philanthropic projects that benefit the society. His projects focus on education and health sector. The projects have opened doors and opportunities for the less fortunate in the city. Marcio comes from a humble background. He understands the value of such opportunities for less unfortunate population.


Marcio is a charismatic leader and experienced businessperson. He works with Mr. Richardo Guimaries, who serves as the bank’s president. Both leaders have led the bank to the top in the banking industry. BMG is currently the leading bank in consignment industry. It’s among the largest in the country and serves over five million people.


Under the leadership of Marcio and Guimaraes, BMG has become the most influential sponsor in football. The bank has overtaken traditional supporters like Addidas and Coca-Cola. Marcio is also a fan of Brazilian soccer and active sponsor of local clubs at a personal level. Apart from football, Marcio and BMG also sponsor other sports like volleyball and tennis.


BMG and ITAU bank partnered to form a payroll bank that will venture to the private sector with a low interest personal loan. Under Marcio’s leadership, the bank has grown its market presence to over sixty thousand agents. It also operates over three thousand points of sales distributed in major municipalities in the country. The new bank will increase BMG market share significantly.

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