The Success of Sanjay Shah’s Autism Research Campaign

Autism is a fast growing disorder that affects one in 68 children each year. It has been proven in addition to this that boys are more likely to be diagnosed with this fast grow disorder than girls. This disorder, though a well known disability, now has a new campaign known as Autism Rocks that has the mission of furthering overall research and understanding of autism.

Autism Rocks is a campaign that was started by Sanjay Shah who is a hedge fund manager and CEO of Solo Capital. Though Mr. Shah wanted to further the research for this disability, he did not know how to do so until until he was influenced by Snoop Dogg to fund-raise by using celebrities to sing concerts all around London. Since then, Mr. Shah has been able to persuade superstars such as Prince, Michael Buble, Lenny Kravitz and many others to play at his concerts.

Mr. Shah’s success in the hedge fund industry has enabled him to create this foundation to further research in autism which indirectly benefits his 4-year old son who has been diagnosed with autism. Mr. Shah’s experience at Solo Capital has enabled him to expand his business to employ over 100 financial experts in both the London officers as well as the Dubai offices. Mr. Shah’s success has made him one of the top donators to the Dubai Autism Centre.

With Sanjay’s new fundraising events, all the funds go to the Autism Research Trust that will support the Autism Research Centre that is centered in Cambridge. Mr. Shah has the desire to understand both the cause as well as the effects of autism and how to understand the person who is diagnosed. Mr. Shah does not have the desire to cure autism. Instead, Mr. Shah has the desire to understand how to communicate with his son in a more effective manner that can also benefit millions of other parents or family members.

Autism is a disability that is costly and time consuming. On average, parents of family members with autistic children can spend up to $60,000 on average in medical treatment and doctors appointments. Now with Autism Rocks, there will be gigs around the world that exhibit superstars who all have the same mission of raising more money to benefit both children and adults.

Sanjay Shah has worked with over 39 companies while finally landing as the CEO of Solo Capital. His current success has made his philanthropic goal a more attainable goal with his wealth and his connections. Mr. Shah has pledged his intent of furthering the research on autism that will help continue the positive development of children with autism and their parents. Sanjay Shah has the intent of raising as much money as he can that will all go towards research.

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