Painting a Brand New You

Dr. Camille Cash in Houston, Dr. Robert Wilcox in Plano and Dr. Steve Byrd in Dallas- these are a few of the many talented plastic surgeons that Texas has to offer. Board certified, years of experience and cutting edge procedures have transformed to cosmetic surgery field in Texas, a country once known for long-horned steers and oil.

When prominent surgeon names are passed from friend to friend, one always come up in the conversation- Dr. Jennifer Walden. This Austin native is well-known all over the country, but she calls Texas home again after living and working in Manhattan at the Manhatten Eye, Ear and Throat. Dr. Walden now has her own thriving practice, along with privileges at many hospitals.

Her practice is overflowing with clients looking for dramatic changes that will boost confidence, open doors and forward their careers. Television hosts looking to have flawless skin and housewives who want their youthful-looking breasts back- all of these people turn to Dr. Walden for her skills. Dr. Walden has her own surgical suite just feet from her office. In the surgical suite she has her own specially designed tools, helping her to perfect her craft.

In the practice, Dr. Walden and her staff help women with breast augmentations, face-lifts, rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and even labiaplasty. Women who lack confidence because of the way they look can now bloom with beauty. Vaginas that have stretched and sagged with age and childbirth can look as fresh as they did before children came along. Breast can be perked up, shaped and plumped. At Dr. Walden’s office you can even have your ears re-shaped if you don’t like the way they look.

Today a body is considered a canvas. Artists like Dr. Walden can brush away flaws, melt away unsightly bulges, and paint a brand new you.

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