George Soros Predicts Another Financial Crisis

The international market is currently facing a serious crisis, and if you are an investor, George Soros Advises you to be very cautious at the moment. Any financial crisis can bring devastating results to the investors, and since the news is coming from a trusted billionaire, it is important for investors to take the matter seriously. This is not the first time George Soros is predicting some bad news in the financial industry. Before the 2008 financial crisis that brought down most countries, George had warned investors about it, so this time, it is better to be safe than sorry.

George discussed this information with investors during an international economic forum that was being held recently in Sri Lanka. The billionaire has warned that China will be the source of the problem this time round. According to the billionaire, the country is struggling to find a growth model, and its currency is also losing value. These problems are most likely to be transferred to the rest of the countries, leading to a crisis resembling on the one that took place in the year 2008. 

Since China is already experiencing a loss in the value of its currency, it will be quite difficult to get a normal positive interest rate since it is a developing country, and this is bound to bring the financial crisis everyone is scared about. The climate is already similar to what happened in 2008, with the international stock, currency and commodity market under a lot of attacks during the start of the year. The China currency is also sinking each day, and this should ring a bell to the investors. The country is shifting from the investment and manufacturing economy to the consumption and economy, and it is bound to get serious losses.

According to the Hungarian Billionaire, China is experiencing serious adjustment problems, and he believes that this will soon lead to a serious crisis if the matter is not handled urgently and with a lot of care. He also says that the crisis happening in China at the moment reminds of the happenings that took place in 2008. The hedge fund manager had warned investors before it took place, so everyone should start acting before things get out of hand.

George Soros is a famous hedge fund manager based in the United States. He was born and raised in Hungary, but he attended his higher education in London. He has a lot of wealth under his name, and he uses most of it to help individual and societies through his organization known as Open Society. He is also very active in politics, giving huge sums of money to support the candidates who will lead the nation. He is the founder of Soros Foundation, one of the biggest companies in America.

Operation Smile Go Fund Me Page Funded

Dr. Avi Wesfogel is one of the premier experts when it comes to developing and implementing sleep treatment remedies for serious sleep disorders. He is currently the owner of the Dental Sleep Masters organization, but also has a long and successful employment history in the field of dentistry. He first started in the field of dentistry when he set up the Old Bridge Dental Care practice, which he managed for over 15 years.

Avi Weisfogel has also been the founder of Healthy Heart Sleep, which is an organization that works with physicians across the glob to help people be healthier and get a better nights rest. Along with his work with Healthy Heart Sleep, he is frequently using his personal time and resources for charitable causes. Most recently, Weisfogel started a crowd funding Go Fund Me page to help raise some funds for Operation Smile. The new Go Fund Me page has a goal of raising over $2,000, which will go directly to support the causes of Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is one of the most well known dental charitable causes in the world. The organization has helped tens of thousands of people across the globe get better access to affordable dental care. The organization has typically focused on helping people in Asia, Africa, and other third-world countries where access to affordable dental care is not always available. The funds raised through the Go Fund Me page will go towards funding the next mission, which will likely help to support and aid children with various facial and dental deformities.

James Dondero Has Argentina In His Sights

James Dondero has been involved in finance for decades. Not only did he graduate the University of Virginia with exceedingly high honours but also the McIntire School of Commerce with majors in Finance and Accounting. In addition to his impressive academics, James also helped pioneer the creation of Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO). This instrument is award winning and designed specifically to deal with distressed credit opportunities. An example of one such distressed credit opportunity is Argentina. The country had an impressive $95 billion default around 2001. From there it had multiple issues with servicing its debt with holdout creditors until eventually halting payment in 2014.

It shouldn’t be surprising that with his experience with distressed credit situations that James Dondero was involved in Argentinian debt through Highland Capital Management. He was a co-founder and is the current President of the management firm and under his leadership, the company invested heavily in Argentinian bonds. This confidence in the long-term viability of the Latin American country ended up paying off handsomely for James and Highland Capital Management. In 2015, the local Presidential election marked Presidential hopeful Mauricio Macri as the new leader. One of the key platforms of President Mauricio was the revitalization of Argentina’s economy by reversing the policies that led the country to lose access to the sovereign debt market in the first place.

Now Argentina is poised to re-enter the sovereign debt markets with a goal for $12 billion in funding from the new issuance. Highland Capital Management along with many other funds and investors are eager to pick up this new debt while having their outstanding debt serviced by Argentina, a requirement for their return to the debt markets. Not only are many investors looking to re-invest in Argentinian bonds but also direct capital investments in the resource-rich country itself. James Dondero once again pioneers on this front with the distressed credit situation and aims to form an Argentina Fund through Highland Capital Management to facilitate investment in the countries infrastructure and economic growth.

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Source: Bloomberg

A Peak Into the Life of the Koch Brothers

Businessmen and American made billionaires, Charles and David Koch has recently sparked media interest by beginning a process to develop a management fund to manage the family’s personal investments and profits. This venture comes on the heels of the brothers’ a an ambitious move by Koch industries which moved the fund, called 1988, from its long time home inside the Koch industries financial accounts to an individual investment fund account. Business insiders have learned that the Koch brothers have been actively searching for investments for the anticipated individual fund in previous years in an effort to secure their company investments and personal brand.

Though Charles and David Koch are hardly the first billionaires to invest in this sort of account, the attention surrounding the event has caused attention to be given to the trajectory of the brothers’ lives, specifically, the life of Charles Koch. The businessman was born to a successful family. His father, Fred Koch, developed the Koch company and had successfully implemented practices that had caused it to become one of the leading institutions in the state of Kansas. When the Koch brothers eventually became leaders of the company, they successfully carried the business from the local success status to national success. Upon their father’s retirement, Charles Koch became the acting Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries, while his brother David Koch became acting Executive Vice President.

Charles Koch has left a lasting impression on both the business and political world through the avenue of Koch industries. Charles Koch’s wealth has allowed he and his family to influence the development of the entire conservative political party in the United States. His political influence, knack for philanthropic works, and expertise in business will be leave a lasting impression on Americans around the world.

Elle Magazine Gets Familiar with Fabletics in Kate Hudson Interview

There are times when a celebrity can become associated with a brand and they start to overshadow the brand. People pay a lot of attention to the celebrity, but they don’t really engage in learning more about the brand. Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, doesn’t really have this type of problem. She is a celebrity, but she hasn’t won Oscars or become a big blockbuster star. She has made some romantic comedies that have given her the celebrity status, and she has famous mother – Goldie Hawn – that also makes people familiar with who she is. This is just the right amount of celebrity appeal to market a brand like Fabletics without overshadowing the brand with her celebrity status.

Hudson has not been seen in any movies in years, but she has starred in a few Fabletics commercials. There are funny commercials that lots of women can relate to with their workout gear. Elle magazine caught up with Hudson to find out how the actress who is now moonlighting as a business woman got started.

Kate has revealed to Elle magazine interviewer Kristin Studeman that she had a desire to bring clothing to women that was stylish but still affordable. She has revealed many times that her search for fashionable clothing was a struggle. Hudson saw a void in the industry because she felt that much of the clothing that was out there for gym wear wasn’t really something that people could get comfortable in. If they could not get comfortable they could not work out. That is why Hudson and her male co-founding partners got together to do something about this.

Kate has proven that she is serious about this business, and she knows about how the company can transition. The website has been great, but now all of the talk is about the new stores that are popping up in different locations throughout the United States.

The Spring/Summer 2016 line of Fabletics clothing is also getting a lot of buzz. Kate has a new active wear line, and that is just the beginning of the assortment of clothes that Kate is modeling.

It would be difficult for many women to promote this type of brand because they don’t have the six pack abs that Hudson has. Women can believe in this brand because they see Kate, and they know that she is serious about working out.
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US Money Reserve to provide funding for “Lone Sailor” commemoration at Pearl Harbor.


The U.S. Money Reserve, one world’s largest distributors of gold, silver, and platinum products, is teaming up with the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation to build a statue in honor of Navy personnel around the world. The news comes via a press release published on Yahoo Finance. The Lone Sailor Statue represents the dedication to duty and honorable service that has been the hallmark of the U.S. Navy since its very beginnings.

The Yahoo press release notes that this commemoration will be funded largely with proceeds from the sale of the U.S. Money Reserve’s one-of-a-kind 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold and Silver Coins. The anniversary coins elegantly pay respect to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the Pear Harbor attacks. All of the proceeds according to CBS 19, that the U.S. Money Reserve will be giving to the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation will be used to construct the Lone Sailor Statue in Hawaii.

The bronze commemoration is designed by talented sculptor Stanley Bleifeld, the official sculptor of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation. According to the release, the statue will stand 7 feet tall and weigh approximately half a ton. In honor of the fallen servicemen, steel from the USS Arizona will be built into the base of the Lone Sailor Statue. A unique gesture that help bring the events of Pearl Harbor closer to living memory.

The US Money Reserve’s Pearl Harbor Gold and Silver coins are both an investment and a means of paying tribute to the honorable men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. The CEO of the Navy Memorial Foundation is quoted in the press release as saying, “This beautiful coin represents not only an important inflection point in our nation’s history, but it is a remembrance of the greatest generation who went on to win this war.”

Reviewing Highland Capital’s Forays into Argentina

Many developing countries trade their bonds in the international market to raise funds to develop infrastructural projects and also to settle debts. Argentina has joined the bandwagon and recently returned to the international bond markets to raise 12 billion US dollars. Highland Capital plans to be among those who will purchase the bonds. It intends to snap up a sizeable chunk of the securities. The firm’s interest is a show of intent that the country can raise enough money to pay off creditors, who are threatening to hold its economy in ransom.

Highland Capital’s president, James Dondero says that the firm plans to maintain its original bonds but plans are underway to purchase the new ones. Argentina’s Finance Minister, Luis Caputo has intimated that the country’s treasury will in mid-April issue 11.68 billion US dollars’ worth of bonds, which will yield an estimated 7.5 to 8 percent profit. The bond will be allotted under New York law, and will be placed into three categories with ripeness of 5, 10 and 15 years. Highland is pursuing a venture opening in Argentina, which goes beyond autonomous debt. Its leadership is even thinking about starting an Argentinian fund.

James Dondero in Brief

Popularly known as Jim, this corporate guru is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. The firm oversees an asset portfolio worth 19 billion dollars. James has over three decades of practice in the debt and equity markets. His main attention has been on high return and apprehensive investments. Since he co-started the company in 1993, it has grown and now is the go-to asset management firm. James introduced game changing products such as institutional separate accounts and mutual funds to the operations of the firm, which have been vital to its growth.

Jim Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with honors. He is a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He previously worked at American Express as Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst. Before co-founding Highland Capital, James was the Chief Investment Officer at GIC, an associate of Protective Life. He helped build it from scratch to record more than 2 billion US dollars in AUM between 1989 and 1993.
Besides his work at Highland Capital, Jim chairs the boards of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and Nexbank. He also sits in the boards of American Banknote and MGM Studios. He is an avid humanitarian and donates to several educational and public policy initiatives.


What You Need To Know About Sanjay Shah And His Solo Capital.

Recently the new buzz on the internet was about Sanjay Shah’s purchase of the domain for $100,000. Many of those who had never heard of Autism Rocks before heard it this time. Autism Rocks is a charity organization that was founded by the Dubai-based business mogul Sanjay Shah. Sanjay Shah is a British-born entrepreneur and philanthropist who is also the founder of Solo Capital. Solo Capital is a hedge fund firm that was incorporated in September 2011. This firm can be described as an international boutique that offers a variety of financial services company. Solo Capital has its headquarters in London, England. This firm operates under the financial enterprises laws of the United Kingdom.

Solo Capital, also known as Solo Capital Limited or Solo Capital UK offers services such as proprietary trading, a consultancy in business and financial matters, and management of professional sports investments. Since its incorporation in September 2011 to March 2015, Solo Capital Partners had successfully managed to accumulate a net worth of £15.45 million. The firm had total asset net worth of an estimated £67.45 million. The total cash flow had amounted to over £30.26 million. Solo Group Holdings oversees the operations of Solo Capital and controls its actions.

In the business arena, Sanjay Shah is and expert. He owns numerous companies in London, The British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Luxembourg, Malta and The Cayman Islands that are leading in their sectors of operations. These companies were giving him an estimated profit of £19 million per year even before he incorporated Solo Capital. Sanjay Shah is estimated to have a net worth of over US$280 million most of which originates from his business. He also owns offices in London and Dubai for both his Solo Capital and Autism Rocks ventures.

Sanjay Shah recently revealed to the Global Citizen Magazine, that he was a medical student before decamping to the financial and investment industry. He started his business practice by working as an accountant. During this time, he was fortunate to work for big investment banks like Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley. On 2009, he started his own brokerage Solo Capital, which was later incorporated in 2011.

A portion of Sanjay Shah’s also comes from his philanthropic efforts at Autism Rocks. He uses Autism Rocks to raise awareness on autism and educates parents on how to handle autistic children. This charity also raises money which it uses to fund further research into autism. He works with celebrated musicians such as Snoop Dogg, Drake, and Prince to organize fundraising concerts that are usually privately attended by donors. Sanjay Shah’s philanthropic work started long ago when he used to donate money to help the needy children in India. He hopes that his charity will continue to bring positive change in the society.

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Solo Capital: A Comprehensive Company

When it comes to private equity and financial advisory firms, there isn’t much that Solo Capital can’t do. They supply their clients with the tools that are necessary to achieve financial success and they advise their clients of the right steps they need to take to get toward financial freedom. When they are working toward success, the clients are able to get what they need by taking advantage of all the Solo Capital has to offer.

The finances that are influenced by business decisions should be based on different aspects. Companies like Solo are able to provide their clients with the information that they need to know about how to invest, how to trade and what they can get out of a consulting session with the company. Solo Capital gives their clients all of the access that they need to have to be sure that they are making the right financial decisions for their business and their money.

Solo Capital considers itself one of the industry leaders when it comes to financial consulting. The business model that they follow allows their Linked In clients to have a better understanding of their own financial situation while making the right choices that will allow them to be more successful with their business. When they are making the right decisions toward a better financial situation, they will be more likely to make better choices. All of these choices lead toward the clients being able to make as much money as possible on the money that they already have.

By showing their clients all of the information that they need to know, Solo Capital is giving the clients a chance at making things better. They have been able to give their clients the best of all worlds and have no trouble when they are advising them. Since they give so much advice, they are legally recognized as a consultation firm. This means that they are allowed to give suggestions to their clients about the different business decisions that they can make. This makes the company even more successful than what they were when they were a simple trade and investment company.

The company was originally founded by Sanjay Shah. He continues to be very active in the company and he plays a major role in the way that the business is run. He knows that the business will be more successful if he is active in it and if he plays a part in the all of the aspects of it. He focuses on training his employees to make situations easier for his clients. This has allowed the business to grow and has actually made it more successful for the clients as well as the actual business.

Philanthropist Keith Mann Creates Professional Achievement Scholarship

In Brooklyn, New York, a charitable businessman and a non-profit organization are teaming up to help young professionals develop. Keith Mann is happy to team up with Uncommon Schools, the non-profit school organization, to help recent high school senior graduates experience less financial pressure as they continue their business studies. The kids must qualify with a 1,000 word essay that demonstrates their business creativity and determination.

The application process begins in early 2016 and goes through the end of February 2016. The single winner of the application and scholarship will be announced in March of 2016. They will recieve a $5,000 prize which they can put toward their college tuition.

The man behind this amazing scholarship is the CEO Keith Mann. His background is that he is the current founder of DSP – Dynamic Search Partners. He has over 15 years working in his area of work: executive research. Keith is also an expert in the hedgefund compensation field. In addition, he performs roles related to the strategic hiring and staffing of firms. When at DSP in 2002, he was instrumental in the launch of the Alternative Investment Practice. He did this because there were not enough services for the booming hedge fund industry and he was able to identify this problem and address it.

His firm, DSP, is the ultimate search firm for hedgefund personnel. Alternative firms of investment are his main focus, and he enjoys managing the daily operations to ensure the success of everyone he works with.