Highlights From Adam Milstein’s Interview On Ideamensch

Adam Milstein, an Israeli American businessman and supporter of the Jewish state of Israel, was recently interviewed on the website, Ideamensch. Mr. Milstein currently works as a managing director at real estate development firm, Hager Pacific Properties. He is heavily involved in pro-Israel and Jewish causes. Below are some of the key highlights and tips to fellow entrepreneurs from the Ideamensch interview.


One of the first questions posed to Adam Milstein by Ideamensch was how a typical day unfolds for him and what does he do to try and make it as productive as possible. Mr. Milstein’s response to this question was that when you start out working in real estate your day to day activities are often unstructured and unpredictable. As one acquires more assets and properties to manage, the day becomes much more predicable and structured. On what drives him to perform, Adam Milstein responded that working with charities and leading non-profits helps to spur him on during his sometimes boring work in the office.


Another early question given to Adam Milsten by Ideamensch was how does he bring ideas to life in the workplace? The response of Adam Milstein was that he keeps on pushing through his ideas until they are realized. Adam Milstein also elaborated that if someone cannot bring an idea through, then you should step up and try and do it yourself. He also added that he is a big believer in personal responsibility, self sufficiency and in taking the initiative. Following up constantly on things to do on a daily basis also helps keep him productive and on task.


When asked with one word of advice to other business people Adam Milstein gave the following tip. He said to always follow up on every lead and contact that you can. His reasoning is that you miss 100% of the shots you do not take. If you have a lot of contacts like he does, Adam Milstein recommends using the software known as Constant Contact. It makes managing and responding to contacts and clients very easy. Mr. Milstein also responded that his favorite book is called And the Good News Is written by Dana Perino. The book shows that nothing is as bad as it may seem at first and that it pays to be optimistic in business as well as in life.


Maggie Gill and Healthcare Management in the 21st century

Maggie Gill is a recognized leader in health care solutions, a distinction that she has clearly earned in her leadership role at Memorial Health in Savannah, Georgia. Her substantial contributions to healthcare administration and service since 2004 are remarkable as a high indicator of her capacities to lead, with much promise for the future. In her position at Memorial Health, Maggie Gill has demonstrated her strong commitment to medical advancements and a state-of-the-art hospital institution to provide excellent care and service to patients. Among her many contributions as vice-president, Maggie Gill was instrumental in the expansion of clinical services and the construction of additional facilities. Her financial acumen and leadership qualities at Memorial Health led to financial cost savings of $30 million annually, and in 2011 she was promoted to CEO. Maggie Gill is an active participant in several organizations, including The Georgia Rural Health Stabilization Committee, American Hospital Association, and on the Board of Governors at Mercer University School of Medicine. She earned a distinguished position on Becker’s 2016 list of 135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System Leaders to Know.

Significant changes in the national health care system have been challenging, but Maggie Gill continues to work towards more effective ways to address the challenges. As with many hospitals today, Memorial Health reimbursements for medical care through government have decreased. In July 2016, she initiated an important cost-savings measure, Pathways to Excellence, as a positive approach for the hospital to achieve viable solutions. Gill acknowledges the revenue challenges which Memorial Health and other rural hospitals now must address. Her winning combination with people and her financial expertise assure her continued success.

Mike Baur Blends Technology And Business Development

The business world is a very competitive world that demands a lot from the companies that participate in the business world. One of the challenges that many companies have in the business world today is blending technology and business together. The technology innovations over the past few decades have changed the way that the business world operates. Technology has become an integral part of many companies in the business world with the technology innovations that have been introduced in the past 20 years.


The Internet has taken the very way that many companies operate on daily basis and changed many aspects of what companies try to accomplish. The companies that are able to take technology such as the Internet, ecommerce, WIFi, networks, mobile devices, and other similar technology and blend it with daily business operations have an advantage in the business world.


Technology used correctly will make companies more efficient and productive. In addition, the use of technology, especially some of the technology innovations over the past decade can allow companies to do things that were not possible in prior decades. One of the keys to success for any company is to be able to adapt to changes in the business world.


The Internet and the combination of recent technology innovations have ushered in a new time in the business world. The business world is now a digital world. There are many digital entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to learn how to start and run successful digital companies. These people have seen what companies have been able to do with the use of the Internet, and they want to learn how to use the Internet for their own business purposes.


A company that is helping digital entrepreneurs learn how to start and operate successful digital companies is the Swiss Startup Factory. Located in Switzerland, the Swiss Startup Factory was established in 2014. The company has three partners. Mike Baur is one of the partners. Mike Baur is an important part of the Swiss Startup Factory team.


Mike Baur provides many of the ideas regarding training programs, consulting, and mentorship programs provided by the Swiss Startup Factory to its clients. Mike Baur has over 20 years of experience that he bring from the private banking industry.


Also, he is a great communicator who understands the various aspects that are needed to successfully start and operate a digital company. Mike Baur is helping to bring the mission of the Swiss Startup Factory to the public.



Ricardo Tosto: Why You Need A Competent Business Lawyer

Are you starting a new business in Brazil and need legal advice? Do you want to be guided by one of the most knowledgeable business lawyers in Brazil? If you truly want to comply with the applicable laws and operate safely, it is extremely important to enlist the services of an experienced business lawyer.

One of the most common business issues has to do with contracts. While a contract might seem unnecessary or insignificant, it is actually one of the biggest – not to mention one of the most critical – things you can do for your firm. This area requires advanced knowledge of the legal requirements surrounding commitments as well as the best strategies for protecting your own interests.

Do not hesitate to seek advice about legal commitments or contracts as soon as you have launched your company. An establishment lawyer can review your existing agreements and establish a long-term strategy for tightening up your obligations procedure. An attorney who is familiar with the state requirements for valid commitments, and the terms you should include to protect yourself and your establishment, is the ideal legal business partner for you and your new company.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has gained world wide recognition due to his powerful litigation skills and strategies. Ricardo Tosto’s goal is to form a long-lasting relationship with companies to provide the immediate help and support they may need in light of contract conflicts or enterprise litigation, and also to deliver advice on the lasting company goals and mission.

Ricardo Tosto takes his responsibility as a trusted advisor very seriously, and strives to aid his clients when they need it most. Contact Ricardo Tosto to findout how he can help you with your enterprise needs, goals, and concerns.

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Martin Lustgarten: Always Offering Tips for Everyday Investors

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker based in Florida who is always posting tips on his Tumblr blog. He’s always keeping an eye on the markets and letting his followers know when it’s time to make an investment, or when there’s a pitfall to watch out for. Recently, he published a post on what he finds works for expert investors to stay ahead of the mainstream, and make profits while the floodgates are open.

According to Martin Lustgarten, sometimes you need to take the unpopular road to find success in investing. This unpopular road was taken by the famous entrepreneur Warren Buffet who once said to “be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” Lustgarten believes this means that when people are reluctant to buy stocks or make other investments, the prices usually go lower and that’s a good time to make a move. Second, Lustgarten calls for investors to be a little creative and invest in things that might be different than what their friends are doing. Investors can find new opportunities with bigger profits by using their creativity and investing in funds their friends may never have thought of. And he also states that people learn how to find low price items that can gain value and be sold high.

Lustgarten has had years of experience at his investment bank down in Florida that serves clients from both commercial and private sectors, and facilitates transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, and business valuations and underwriting. He’s helped clients finance large purchases and raise funds through public offerings, and is an expert in both public and private equity investments. Lustgarten has become most-known for his work in investment banking, but he does have other hobbies he pursues on the side including collecting timeless watches and jewelry pieces, and other luxurious items in south Florida.

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How Thor Halvorssen Uses Film To Fight Oppression

Fighting For Open Societies

As the president of the Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen has dedicated his life to finding ways to support human rights across the world. Currently, more than 35% of all humans currently lives under a dictatorship or authoritarian regime. To make a difference in this world Thor Halvorssen uses his talent for cinema to promote the values of open societies. Covering everything from historical dictators to censorship on American college campuses, Thor Halvorssen’s filmography is one of the most impressive of any director.

Exposing Oppression To The Masses

Oftentimes, the subject matter of his films deals with people uniting against oppressive governments for the greater good. In his documentaries Halvorssen typically uses governments found in countries like Cuba and Vietnam. Collecting the photography for these films is a dangerous procedure for Halvorssen. He risks arrest, violence, and even death during production. His fictional works may not involve going into such great lengths, but they have nonetheless displayed his talent. Freedom’s Fury, a fictionalized portrayal of the fall of a real-life Hungarian dictatorship in the 1950s, gives on of the best examples of how he brings the struggle for freedom to life on the silver screen.

Fighting For Our Rights Here

The films of Halvorssen aim to reach beyond his work on dictatorships abroad and have sometimes focused on issues affecting Americans. In 2007, Thor Halvorssen released Indoctrinate U. The documentary focused on the ways college campuses seek to silence students and faculty that disagree with the currently trendy left-wing opinions so many academics profess. While the film isn’t as dramatic as the rest of his work, it still retains his signature style and creativity. Free speech is a delicate and precious right taken by too many people for granted.

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Why Makari de Suisse For Skincare

Acne, Dark Circle, Age Spots, Dark Spots, and other Blemishes can be frustrating to deal with especially if you’re a person of color. These blemishes tend show up much more even though you may have a darker hue. Luckily there’s a great alternative on the market and it’s known as Makari de Suisse. This is a luxurious line of effective skincare products that naturally lightens the skin. Water plays a huge role in skin complexion and when water isn’t present, skin will dry out. Makari skin Whitening Cream products have three great natural ingredients being caviar, carrot oil, and argan oil. These organic ingredients nourishes skin cells by hydration which give users brilliantly lighter skin complexions.

Makari products are manufactured in Switzerland under strict conditions. This country is well respected for it’s scientific scrutiny and supreme high quality assurance. This ensures the general public of the very best. Once being sold in small beauty shops, Makari is now sold worldwide in small towns and big cities. With well over 60 products on the roster, you’ll find exactly what’s needed for your specific needs whether it’s serum, lotion, gel, cream, or soaps. Makari de Suisse is the 21st Century’s leading skin lightening line. For more info, go to makari.com.



Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur based in the United States. For more than four decades of professional experience in founding and selling businesses, Chris Burch has gained more than enough understanding of all business sectors and industries. For this reason, he decided to choose technology and fashion as those who are better in business than any other. According to him, these two industries have many things in common. As a matter of fact, he believes that they are destined to grow together from the beginning. Chris Burch is the Founder and President of the Burch Creative Capital which has more focus on the fashion and technology industries.


The fashion industry is one of the most fascinating industries in the world. According to Chris Burch, he considers that fashion and technology industry have worked for the benefit of the people. There are many changes over the years which have occurred between the two industries that deem them as compatible. For them, they have kept on growing in all arenas to make their stand as identical. Technology has always become fashionable. When technology comes to grow, fashion also grows to become technologically fashionable. The two industries have grown to become the best entities in the business environment because of their die-hard work and growth strategy.


Let’s look at the stories hat shed light on the fact that the two industries are working to grow together. For what is in the future, we are yet to see. However, the past has a lot to tell us regarding the use of technology and fashion.


The 70s brought about the introduction of the boom box technology which was the best thing that happened to the lovers of music in the world. During these times, this technology allowed the owners to moe around carrying their favourite tunes and stations to wherever they went. For this reason, it was considered as fashionable because everyone wanted to acquire that music gadget. Moreover, this was a fascinating piece of technology. While you used the other side of the deck to play music using a cassette, you would also use the other side to record the same music in ply. For this reason, you will have two concurrent things playing at the same time. When the 90s approached, the use of the Walkman was the other best thing that revolutionised the music industry. It was another fashionable thing that happened to this industries.

Services offered by Magnises under Billy McFarland

Have you ever desired for a product or a service but your pocket says otherwise? Worry no more especially if you live in the East Coast cities of New York and Washington DC. Magnises and Billy McFarland has got you covered. This service, however, is for young people aged between 21 and 35 years. It also targets the young professionals working in selected industries such as technology, finance, and fashion. Billy McFarland dropped out of Bucknell University in Pennsylvania at the second year to venture into his own businesses. He was studying computer engineering at the time. He launched the Magnises in the Year 2013 and has proved to be a hit since then.


To those who have no idea what Magnises is, it’s a black card with reference to elitedaily.com,  that allows you to receive discounts at designated places. The card is not to be confused with a debit or a credit card. The black card is acceptable at various places such as bars, hotels, and even co-working spaces. With this card, you can spend a night in some of the most expensive hotels at a reduced cost of $74 a night. With the same card, it’s possible to attend the best clubs in town with less than $65 a month. These were services that were only reserved for the rich and the old in the past. Prior to establishing this company, Billy had established another company called Spling. His first venture was at the age of 12, a database company that he later sold.


The annual subscription fee for Magnises is just $250. At the end of last year, Magnises had raised over $3 million from venture capitalists. At the same time, the company had over 12,000 subscriptions. Billy designated the card to even answer general questions about the service. The app doing this sort of work is called Magnises now. Another thing to note about the card is that it is a referral only club where vetting is necessary. Billy recently said that there are plans to make the services available in other parts of the USA such as Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago.


Billy was born 26 years ago in New York City but spent his childhood in Short Hills, New Jersey.

Todd Lubar Has Extensive Experience In The Financial And Real Estate Industries

In 1995, Todd started working in the real estate industry. His desire to assist others and love for the business saw him engage in the finance and real estate industries. He started his career by working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. Here, Todd learned about the structure of conservative mortgage banking. Over the years, he created rapport with CPA’s, insurance agents, real estate agents and financial planners. Today, these individuals are a crucial basis of referral business.

In 1999, Todd secured an equity position with the renowned Legacy Financial Group. To this end, he was able to broker loans to various investors besides lending as a direct mortgage bank. Todd founded Legendary Properties, LLC, in 2002. This residential development corporation engaged in rapid progression of buying, selling, rehabilitating and making profits from over 200 transactions. The company zeroed in on single-family dwellings and multi-family properties. In his business, Todd established viable relationships with people who were experienced in the vast building engagements required to yield quality products in a timely manner.

For several years, Todd Lubar was ranked among the 25 leading mortgage originators in the United States. Over the years, he has helped numerous borrowers. Other lending institutions would have ignored most of them. Through Legendary Properties’ liquidity and his own resources, Todd was able to come to the help of many borrowers in the market. Dynamics in the real estate industry caused Todd to venture into different businesses. He owned a nightclub and operated an automotive scrap metal recycling business. Todd has engaged in the commercial demolition business. Here, he got crucial contracts from the largest contractors in the nation.

In 2003, he founded Charter Funding, which is First Magnus Financial Corporation’s subsidiary. Through the company, Todd was able to enhance the company’s services considering that he had access to various programs and products. First Magnus is regarded as one of the leading privately held mortgage corporations in the United States. Previously, Todd worked for Priority Financial Services LLC as a senior vice president. The corporation has gained immense reputation as having remarkable customer services. It deals with buyers and homeowners having mortgages. Todd is TDL Global Ventures LLC’s president. His hobbies are travelling and adding value to everything that he engages in.