Equities’ First Holdings Unique and Beneficial Alternative Loan Solution

Equities First Holdings has a history of 14 years in providing clients such as enterprises and qualified individuals with alternative loans. The lending solution attracts more borrowers since it is a non-purpose loan and has processed over 700 loans since the firm’s inception in 2002. Equities First Holdings ensures it provides its customers with a fast and straightforward transaction procedure. When a client approaches the company seeking a loan, the staff determines of the proposed collateral is adequate to process the loan before calculating the loaner’s loan to ratio value and interest rate. The lending company provides loans after an accurate valuation the borrower’s stock, treasuries and bonds to determine the qualification and future performance of the individual or business in question.

Equities’ loaning procedure provides clients with many benefits such as lower interest rates and better business terms. Equities First Holdings allows customers to use appreciating stock in another company as the collateral to Equities’ loan. The borrower is required to transfer the shares to Equities’ as collateral and receives the full benefit of the stock upon payment of the loan. The firm ensures the security of the transaction by applying the industry’s standardized strategies. They utilize trusted accounting legal and accounting professionals to transact the credit and collateral properties. During the life of the transaction, the insurance and loan are simultaneously transferred into holdings accounts. After full completion of the loan’s payment, the insurance is then handed over to the borrower.

The allocated loan has a fixed interest rate of three percent which is below the regular fixed market interest rate, and a loan to value ratio of 75 percent. Another benefit of Equities’ loan is its non-recourse property that limits the loan collateral to the agreed property, inclusive of stock enlisted on the primary trade markets. After paying back the loan entirely, the loaner receives the pledged collateral. The borrower is not restricted to utilize the funds for a proposed project, hence can use the loan for any purpose. Equities serve its customers with a fast and efficient loan process that takes a maximum of seven business days to mature.

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