Cotemar Changes Strategy

There are a lot of people in Mexico who are excited about the growth and change that is coming out of Cotemar. This is a company that truly cares about the life of others in the area. Not only are they investing in sustainability, but they are trying to develop their business model to be as efficient as possible. At the end of the day, this is a great company to work with for a variety of reasons. If you want to take things to the next level in your business, learning from Cotemar is the way to go. Many people are ready to start learning about the industry from the leaders of the company. They have the vision and the innovation that is needed to help Mexico and its people get to the next level.


From the time Cotemar started, this is a company that has always been about innovation. Many people are excited about the changes that are taking place in this business. Not only that, but they are truly ready to start changing the oil industry as a whole. If you want to start taking things to the next level in your own business, you should invest in research and technology like Cotemar. Although it takes years for the investments to pay off, it is still a great time to invest within this industry. Oil production is only going to increase in the future, so it is important for companies to innovate along with it. Over time, this is a great way to take things to the next level in your business. Cotemar has proven that investing in technology within the oil industry can make your business an industry leader.

Future Growth Strategy

In the coming years, Cotemar is a company that wants to try and continue its growth. The issue is that growth within this industry requires a lot of capital. At times, the oil industry and companies within it can become highly leveraged. Cotemar has been successful because they understand how to stay conservative even when it may not be popular to do so within the industry. This is one of the reasons why the company actually grew during the last recession. Over time, a lot of people are excited about the changes that are coming out of this company. Cotemar is a leader within the oil industry and will continue to be one in the future.

Nine9 Works with People in All Aspects of the Entertainment Industry

More people are giving up on the idea of just sitting in some place hoping to get discovered by some producer. As a matter of fact, it rarely happens that way. Instead, people have to have connections in order to make it into the industry. However, even those without connections are trying their hand at putting together their own career so that they will be able to enjoy some of the fame in showbiz. With the internet and social media, it is a lot easier to become famous for people. All that needs to be done is for them to network with others.

Another way to break into the industry is to find one of the best agencies that one can work with. In order to look for a good agency, one has to look at the track record of the agencies when it comes to the people who have signed up. They will see who has actually made it into the different productions. They will also see what star has come from these modeling agencies. When one finds an agency that has helped create one of the stars of the entertainment industry, then he can trust the agency to do the same for him as well.

One such agency that is very effective at getting people set up in the industry is Nine9. Nine9 has effectively set people up with the upcoming productions featuring some of the biggest stars. However, it deals with some of the smaller time productions as well. People also get chances at modeling. They get to try out some of the products and demonstrate them in stores as it depends on what is available. However, the common goal to break into the industry is to become the next big star of today’s era in entertainment.

Dr. Walden Quick Biography

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an extremely highly respected plastic surgeon based out of Austin, Texas, though she began her career in Manhattan. Having been raised in Austin, Dr. Walden returned to her home after the birth of her sons. Throughout her career Dr. Walden has spearheaded the development of several new procedures and aided in the advancement and betterment of countless procedures that were already in use.

Dr. Walden is one of very few female plastic surgeons who have been board-certified and formally trained in the art of cosmetic surgery. She is a frequent correspondent on some nation news networks for her knowledge of medical advancements and technologies and has been featured on VH1, E! TV, ABC, and NBC. She is regularly featured in print as well, having her comments appearing in many women’s magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, Shape, and Vogue, to name a few. Her image has also graced the front cover of both Italian Vogue and Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine.

Moved by both her philanthropic work and concern for women’s health issues regarding plastic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a proud supporter of Austin’s Food in Tummies program, which serves weekend meals to less fortunate elementary school children on the weekends. She also participates in medical mission trips and assists a program called Austin Smiles that provides cleft lip and palate surgeries for infants born with those defects.

Jennifer Walden is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of both the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


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Norman Pattiz: Announces the Entry of ‘Beyond The Darkness’ to PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz, a celebrated American broadcasting entrepreneur, announced the launch of “Beyond The Darkness,” in December 2016. The paranormal show would kick start on Podcast network of the WWE superstar, Chris Jericho under “The Chris Jericho Network.” The show series features enlightening and entertaining discussions about paranormal activities with world famous researchers and experiencers, challenging everything about the conventional concepts of demons, angels, ghosts, mysteries ghouls, aliens, monster encounters, and miracles. The show is hosted by radio producer and host Tim Dennis and author and radio host, Dave Schrader. The viewers can access the new episodes and releases from, iTunes, and PodcastOne app.

“I’m very thrilled to announce the addition of the ‘Beyond the Darkness‘ podcast to The Jericho Network. Both Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis will take the paranormal broadcasting to the next level,” stated Jericho. “I completely believe that Beyond the Darkness would scare and crap out the audience, and grow their massive audience they already have on The Jericho Network.”

Norman is a person who believes in the value of hard work. In a detailed feature by Forbes Magazine on Norman Pattiz, praised his celebrity enriched greatest hits and his money-making media company in May 2016. In addition to PodcatOne, he also founded Westwood One, a radio syndication company in 1976. Under his guidance and leadership, Westwood One became America’s largest radio network and earned a big name among world’s leading media companies. Mr. Pattiz has over 40 years of radio syndication experience. Identifying the untapped opportunities in the audio-on-demand industry, Mr. Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment Group that produces high-quality programming in the radio industry.

In 2012, Mr. Norm launched PodcastOne. The company displayed a rapid growth in quick time and became the leading producer and distributor of the audio-on-demand program in the United States. PodcastOne hosted more than 200 podcasts, by including popular personalities and brands like, Adam Carolla, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal, Larry Kin, Heather Dubrow, PFT Commenter, Vince Russo, Bret Easton Ellis, Freakonomics, WNYC’s Radiolab, etc. Considering the remarkable contributions towards the broadcasting network of America, Pattiz was honored to serve the Broadcasting Board of Governors of U.S. for the years 2000 and 2002. In 2009, Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and he also received the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.

Despite being a renowned broadcasting entrepreneur, Norm serves the Chair of Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. He is a regent of the University of California and an active member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Relations.

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Persistence And Compassion Are Two Characteristics Describing Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran has been running a multilevel marketing and asset management company for nearly 20 years and has withstood financial difficulties and even false accusations.

Eswaran has remained dedicated to his community both in business and charity and just a few years ago he was named as one of Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy.

His company is QI Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries include QNet, QStride, Quest International University Perak, Quex Courier and QI Asset Management. Most of its revenue comes through direct selling of health and lifestyle products but the company also holds investments in commercial and residential real estate.

Vijay Eswaran was influenced by his father’s teaching of “serving others before self” while growing up in Malaysia. He got his bachelor’s degree in socioeconomics from the London School of Economics in 1984 and then spent about a year doing odd jobs. After finishing his master’s degree Eswaran worked for several IT and multimedia companies as a consultant before entering multilevel marketing.

He returned to Malaysia when a company called the Cosway Group was founded and soon after he and Joseph Bismarck started QI Group. They also started RYTHM Foundation, a part of the company that assists young children with learning and physical disabilities and also helps fund special projects such as schools and libraries for needy communities. QI Group has grown from eastern Asia to now having offices in the Middle East and the Pacific islands.

Qbuzz reveals that Vijay Eswaran has been an outspoken follower of Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings of having moments of silence, listening and personal reflection. He’s offered advice for leaders about listening to others and making sound decisions in his bestselling book In The Sphere Of Silence.

He’s also taken photographs of the Malaysian landscape that he shares in his book On The Wings Of Thought. He’s spoken about business ideas and how the Asian economy can improve through international collaboration at the World Economic Forum, and also attended the Global Indian Business Meet in 2012 where he was honored with the NGI award. Vijay Eswaran has also been named as one of Forbes Asia’s richest entrepreneurs.

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Kim Dao Q & A Recap

The internet has changed drastically in the last decade, allowing people from all over the world to make a living on platforms such as YouTube. These individuals are known as Content Creators by YouTube and serve their material through a wide range of genres. One such content creator is Kim Dao. The content of Kim Dao revolves around make-up tutorials and fashion lifestyle videos. Kim Dao does have multiple YouTube channels, each dedicated to a different piece of content. There is Kim Dao, the main page which is about fashion and make-up culture, Kim Dao Vlogs, which document her journeys through her day to day life, and Kim Dao Gaming which shows Kim Dao commenting on and enjoying some of her favorite games. Occasionally, Kim Dao will do a Question & Answer segment on her Kim Dao Vlogs channel. One such Q&A was the video titled: “Boyfriend / Couple Q&A | Long Distance Relationship | Ask KimDao Q&A.”

This video details Kim Dao long distance relationship with her boyfriend Eric who resides in Australia while Kim Dao stays in Japan. This video was uploaded on Valentine’s Day, thus the relationship theme. Kim Dao goes on to answer questions presented to her by her fans. The questions revolve around topics such as what they will miss after the distance separates them. Another question is where they met. Kim Dao begins to explain that they met in a Japanese dance club during university. Kim Dao’s then answers the remainder of her question with occasional remarks from her boyfriend Eric.

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Equities First Holdings – Lending Solutions For Small Businesses During The World Financial Crisis

Small businesses form the major part of economic growth as they bring financial opportunities to various groups of individuals while bringing technological services and products to the market. As a financial motor, they regularly bring new occupations, but after the economic crisis of 2008, many of them seem to be struggling in sustaining their foothold. Private ventures mainly depended on credit lending but in current economic challenges things have changed. However, Equities First Holdings has brought hope in the market by offering option shareholder financing solutions which is becoming a better alternative compared to traditional lenders. Thus, equities lending is becoming quickly common for borrowers who cannot qualify for conventional credit-based lending services. Equities First LinkedIn .

The banking freeze during the fall of 2008, tossed economies around the globe into extreme retreat. The seeds of this frenzy were shown in the credit blast that topped in mid-2007, trailed by the fall of sub-prime home loans and a wide range of securitized products. This emergency, thus, raised questions concerning the liquidity and solvency making financial institutions making their lending rules tough. Without option, most of the small businesses were left out stranded, but today, there is hope for startup businesses.

Equities First Holdings gives stock-based advances with fixed interests’ rates of 3 to 4 and loan to value proportions of between 50 to 75. The loans have no restrictions and the funds can be used for different purposes. Stock-based loans are additionally non-resource, hence giving borrowers the freedom of walking away from their loans without being held accountable – even if the collateral stock value decreases. Equities First thus gives alternative financing solutions with the company having finished over 650 transactions valued $1.4 billion presently. The company’s headquarters are situated at Indianapolis with other working facilities in different parts of the world including London, Singapore, Australia and South Africa among others. for more.

Sweetly packaged spheres of lip balm for the summer – EOS Flavors

EOS is known for their sweetly packaged spheres of lip balm in all colors of the rainbow. EOS lip balm is the perfect size to toss into your hand bag and go. As the temperatures rise this summer, protect your lips with any of the 8 flavors offered in the smooth spheres. Packaged in a feminine sphere, this EOS lip balm is 95%organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petroleum free. Vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil protect your kisser and keep your lips smooth. What’s not to love about a beautifully packaged, organic product?!

Ladies love PINK everything and the signature flavor for the pink lip balm is strawberry sorbet.  EOS strawberry sorbet flavor has a slight strawberry flavor (of course), with a slight natural strawberry scent. However it is does not smell “fake” or imitation. It smells fresh! The unique packaging fits in your hand comfortably and the sphere shape glides onto your lips perfectly. The sphere design doubles as a smart way to use the lip balm- good to the last swipe! No wasting product because you can’t squeeze the tube or get into the little pot with your finger.

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The pink strawberry sorbet flavor is the perfect part of your lipcare routine. The product is sold online and in stores and generally retails for about $3.29. It can be purchased on the EOS online store at or a variety of major stores like Target, Wal Mart and drugstores.  Click


Yanni Hufnagel is the Next Big Thing in Basketball

Harvard basketball team won their very first Ivy League trophy in 2012. The man behind this huge success was none other than the assistant coach, Yanni Hufnagel, who had joined the team’s technical bench four seasons earlier. Following this success, Hufnagel became one of the two most respected Jewish American basketball coaches in the country. The second one was Josh Pastner of the University of Memphis.


Best Recruiter


In a survey conducted in 2011, Josh and Yanni were voted as the best recruiters in the game, although Josh believes that he ranks nowhere near Yanni. Josh could be right. Given the high admission threshold at Harvard and the fact that the institution does not have scholarship programs for athletes, then it can only mean that Yanni had to put a lot of effort to make a successful recruitment. Combining his recruitment ability with his youthfulness and impressive record at Harvard, Yanni’s future was definitely in his hands. Whether he would remain as an Assistant Coach at Harvard or he would move on to a more senior role is his to decide.


Sometimes back, Josh Pastner approached Hufnagel to work under him, but Hufnagel was not keen to join his Jewish friend. He, however, got a job with the Maccabi USA’s youth team in the summer of 2013, where he was the head coach for the team during the two weeks Maccabi Games in Israel. That was his first head coach experience since he started his career on the basketball bench.


About Hufnagel


Hufnagel is a Jewish-American born and brought up in New York. He attended Scarsdale High School and Pennsylvania State University.

Prior to joining Harvard, Yanni was working as a graduate assistant at Oklahoma. He left Harvard in 2013 and worked briefly at Vanderbilt Commodores and California Golden Bears, before landing his current job as the assistant coach of Nevada Wolf Park

Securus Helps Murder Investigators Solve Crimes Within 48 Hours

There is this crazy statistic that applies to murder investigations. Apparently, when a body is found, law enforcement officers have 48 hours to solve the case. The chances of solving the case drop precipitously after this 48-hour window expires. Murder investigators must pull out all the stops and work around the clock for two days straight once a body is found.


I think we can all agree that murder is the worst crime that you can commit. These criminal investigations should be of the utmost important to law enforcement and society in general. That’s why murder investigators need every single tool available to them in order to solve these crimes within 48 hours.


That’s why it is really cool to read about this company called Securus Technologies. You probably have never heard of them before, but they are a multimillion dollar telecommunications company. They provide all the telephone services inside of a jail that they service. Since they are the ones providing the phone calls, the company records every single phone conversation. It is their right to do so because prisoners have lost their constitutional protection to privacy because of their convictions.


Murder investigators can then turn to this telecommunications company for assistance during their investigations. Most premeditated murderers have been in and out of jail or know people inside of jail. They have likely talked on the phone in jail or have called an incarcerated person inside of jail.


Securus Technologies allows murder investigators to bring a recording of the suspect’s voice to the company. Proprietary software then analyzes the voice and pulls up every single recorded phone call that the suspect was a part of. Investigators can then listen to these phone calls in order to get assistance in their investigations. This software can help solve crimes within 48 hours.