Sweetly packaged spheres of lip balm for the summer – EOS Flavors

EOS is known for their sweetly packaged spheres of lip balm in all colors of the rainbow. EOS lip balm is the perfect size to toss into your hand bag and go. As the temperatures rise this summer, protect your lips with any of the 8 flavors offered in the smooth spheres. Packaged in a feminine sphere, this EOS lip balm is 95%organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petroleum free. Vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil protect your kisser and keep your lips smooth. What’s not to love about a beautifully packaged, organic product?!

Ladies love PINK everything and the signature flavor for the pink lip balm is strawberry sorbet.  EOS strawberry sorbet flavor has a slight strawberry flavor (of course), with a slight natural strawberry scent. However it is does not smell “fake” or imitation. It smells fresh! The unique packaging fits in your hand comfortably and the sphere shape glides onto your lips perfectly. The sphere design doubles as a smart way to use the lip balm- good to the last swipe! No wasting product because you can’t squeeze the tube or get into the little pot with your finger.

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The pink strawberry sorbet flavor is the perfect part of your lipcare routine. The product is sold online and in stores and generally retails for about $3.29. It can be purchased on the EOS online store at https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm/smooth-spheres/strawberry-sorbet-smooth-sphere-lip-balm.html or a variety of major stores like Target, Wal Mart and drugstores.  Click walmart.com

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Yanni Hufnagel is the Next Big Thing in Basketball

Harvard basketball team won their very first Ivy League trophy in 2012. The man behind this huge success was none other than the assistant coach, Yanni Hufnagel, who had joined the team’s technical bench four seasons earlier. Following this success, Hufnagel became one of the two most respected Jewish American basketball coaches in the country. The second one was Josh Pastner of the University of Memphis.


Best Recruiter


In a survey conducted in 2011, Josh and Yanni were voted as the best recruiters in the game, although Josh believes that he ranks nowhere near Yanni. Josh could be right. Given the high admission threshold at Harvard and the fact that the institution does not have scholarship programs for athletes, then it can only mean that Yanni had to put a lot of effort to make a successful recruitment. Combining his recruitment ability with his youthfulness and impressive record at Harvard, Yanni’s future was definitely in his hands. Whether he would remain as an Assistant Coach at Harvard or he would move on to a more senior role is his to decide.


Sometimes back, Josh Pastner approached Hufnagel to work under him, but Hufnagel was not keen to join his Jewish friend. He, however, got a job with the Maccabi USA’s youth team in the summer of 2013, where he was the head coach for the team during the two weeks Maccabi Games in Israel. That was his first head coach experience since he started his career on the basketball bench.


About Hufnagel


Hufnagel is a Jewish-American born and brought up in New York. He attended Scarsdale High School and Pennsylvania State University.

Prior to joining Harvard, Yanni was working as a graduate assistant at Oklahoma. He left Harvard in 2013 and worked briefly at Vanderbilt Commodores and California Golden Bears, before landing his current job as the assistant coach of Nevada Wolf Park

Securus Helps Murder Investigators Solve Crimes Within 48 Hours

There is this crazy statistic that applies to murder investigations. Apparently, when a body is found, law enforcement officers have 48 hours to solve the case. The chances of solving the case drop precipitously after this 48-hour window expires. Murder investigators must pull out all the stops and work around the clock for two days straight once a body is found.


I think we can all agree that murder is the worst crime that you can commit. These criminal investigations should be of the utmost important to law enforcement and society in general. That’s why murder investigators need every single tool available to them in order to solve these crimes within 48 hours.


That’s why it is really cool to read about this company called Securus Technologies. You probably have never heard of them before, but they are a multimillion dollar telecommunications company. They provide all the telephone services inside of a jail that they service. Since they are the ones providing the phone calls, the company records every single phone conversation. It is their right to do so because prisoners have lost their constitutional protection to privacy because of their convictions.


Murder investigators can then turn to this telecommunications company for assistance during their investigations. Most premeditated murderers have been in and out of jail or know people inside of jail. They have likely talked on the phone in jail or have called an incarcerated person inside of jail.


Securus Technologies allows murder investigators to bring a recording of the suspect’s voice to the company. Proprietary software then analyzes the voice and pulls up every single recorded phone call that the suspect was a part of. Investigators can then listen to these phone calls in order to get assistance in their investigations. This software can help solve crimes within 48 hours.


The Craziest Harry Potter Fan Theories That Could be True


With a wide fan base like what the Harry Potter series has, it is not shocking that the fans have come up with a variety of theories. The range of in depth characters and plotlines also allows for the fan to come up with some pretty intricate Harry Potter fan theories. Here are the top five fan theories that just might be true.


One.) Draco Could Have been a Werewolf

Draco Malfoy and the Malfoy family are breaking under the stress upon the dark lord’s return. Could there be more reason for their stress though then first meets the eye? Lucius Malfoy had disappointed Voldemort with his mistake at not capturing Harry Potter and the prophecy. This could mean that Voldemort may have had Draco get bitten by Fenrir Greyback. Greyback was known to bite the children of those who disappointed the dark lord. Draco Malfoy’s additional stress and reliance on Professor Snape would make more sense then if he needed the potions master for a wolfsbane potion each month on top of performing a task for the dark lord.


Two.) Muggles had a War with Wizards in the Past and Won

There seems to be a few indicators that the muggles and the wizards already had a war or are aware of each other. The fact that the wizard ministry is constantly working to hide their magic from the muggles seems to say that they deliberately hide because of some kind of treaty or law that was passed. The muggles are also familiar with the term Avada Kedavra, except they know it as abrakadabra.


Three.) The Sorting Hat

One fan theory is that the sorting hat actually sorts students into houses based on the traits they value and not one the traits they already possess. Each student values certain things or has certain goals. The sorting hat is there to see those things and sort them according to that.

Four.) The Seven Horcruxes of J.K. Rowling

Author Stephen King came up with the interesting theory that perhaps each of the seven books of the Harry Potter series are the seven horcruxes of the author. He argues that the reason for the meteoric success and the seemingly endless fandom of the series is due to her putting her soul into each of the seven books so that they would live forever. This is comparable ofl course to how Lord Voldemort split his soul into seven pieces to live forever.


Five.) Crookshanks May have Been the Potter Family Cat

Crookshanks inexplicably knows that Sirius is someone to trust and that Scabbers/Peter is a dark wizard. The fact that the Potter family supposedly had a pet cat according to the books makes it possible that the reason for Crookshanks knowing that Sirius is to be trusted and that Peter is not to be is because he was their family cat.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel – The Sleep Master from NJ

Avi Weisfogel is an American dentist based in New Jersey. He was born on 7th March 1972. Avi graduated from the New York University School of Medicine with a Doctorate in Doctor of Dental Science. Dr. Weisfogel also earned a BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University.


Since he started working as a dentist, Avi has been treating sleep apnea patients. He is credited for his achievement to help in treating those with sleep apnea. His keen interest in marketing for dentists made him join several marketing clubs offered by dentistry.


Avi never found an efficient marketing strategy to get him a continuous flow of patients with oral problems. This is despite successful full mouth and implants rehabs marketing. This changed completely in 2010 when he opened a company dedicated to sleep and left his general practice. It took him two years and cost him millions of dollars to develop a system that created 250-300 patients per month. He has been teaching this system to others in the past years.


Avi Weisfogel collaborated with Barry and came up with the Dental Sleep Masters program. This program was set to reach more dentists and patients. The model has improved health care distribution in sleep medicine.


The integration of dental and medical professionals is critical to creating care models that treat patients. Dr. Avi’s model is integral in coming up with solutions that benefit the general population. By treating this portion of people that was previously undiagnosed, professionals find their business grow while doing an outstanding public service.

AXA Advisors, LLC The Successful Firm

AXA Advisors, LLC is a worldwide insurance firm and it’s headquarter is in Paris, France. AXA is involved with worldwide coverage, asset managing, and economic amenities.

In 1816 AXA Advisors, LLC was founded under the name Mutuelle de L’assurance. In 1978 it became Mutuelles Unies. In the year 1982 it became Mutuelles Unies/Drouot. By 1985 the name AXA was adopted. In 1991 The Equitable took over and eventually it became known as AXA-UAP. Then in 1999 the name of this insurance firm was back to AXA. Shortly after 1999 AXA obtained Guardian Royal Exchange which is a huge British insurance corporation. In 2006 AXA obtained Winterthhur Group. May of 2016 AXA announced to the public that it would stop capitalizing in tobacco stocks and bonds. AXA Advisors has several locations. Some of its locations include United States, United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Schengen, Canada, Mexico, Gulf and Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Africa. This insurance firm also has been involved with philanthropy. In the year 2008 AXA established AXA Research Fund. It helps to provide research that is associated with comprehending and avoiding risk of the atmosphere, human existence, and civilization. Every year AXA gathers young scholars to be able to meet a topnotch researcher. AXA has contributed to hundreds of research projects being funded.

Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive Vice President for AXA Advisors, LLC. Some of his responsibilities include the sales, development of management, employing, and expansion with economic experts. He has been in this industry for more than 20 years. Throughout his career he has earned several awards associated with management. He has spoken at several corporate and business conferences.

Vincent Parascandola obtained his Bachelor’s degree at Pace University in New York. He is a member in GAMA. He has obtained distinguished Master Agency and Career Development Awards. He has contributed to developing over 200 economic specialists in the Jersey area. He has helped improve the growth of sales substantially. He is an admired and in demand speaker that accomplishes great success.

In conclusion, Vincent Parascandola is a dedicated and hardworking individual.

Equites Used As Collateral

Some companies will lend money for emergencies using equities, that is, stocks and bonds, as collateral for loans.Some of the interest rates are extremely high in today’s market, and the loan to value ratio is very, very low. Most of the lenders will lend only up to sixty per cent of the value of the equities, and most of the time, lower than that.If a person applies for a loan, they face the long line of questions such as, what is the loan for? What are the prospects of return on the investment? These are questions that would entail an entire business proposal, something that is uncalled for when a quick, easy, cash loan needed for emergencies.

Then we have Equities First AU. They will lend up to 8o per cent of the value of the equities, and their interest rate runs about half of the conventional lenders.They will not ask what the money is for. The equities stand good for the loan.Conventional lenders are limited by governments in what they can lend, and whether they can lend on a particular equity.

Equities First AU, being a private company, is not fettered by those rules and regulatory impairments. They decide what they are going to lend, who they will lend it to, and the interest rate of the loan, without government interference.And they are faster than any other lenders out there. Why ask for an emergency loan, if it takes months or more to get it? If you need an equity-based loan, call Equities First, first!

Equity First’s Linkedin Account :https://www.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc


Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah and Healing: The personal and Impersonal Touch

Most everyone is looking for healing. According to the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles, it is how we go about acquiring this healing is another story. Some acquire healing from the physical world. Others wish to acquire it from the spiritual world. This is where the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles comes in.

Make no mistake, kabbalah is not a religion. The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles is not a religion. It predates religion. The center offers up a spiritual map that gives us the codes to the universe. Part of these codes has to do with the healing process. In order for our souls to move forward and become more highly evolved we have to do some healing. This means healing from both the good and bad aspects of our lives. This means healing from both our past and present lives. We all have bad things happen to us. It is how we chose to deal with it that matters. This is where the healing comes in. Wiki Reference.

The divine powers

The Tree of Life teaches that we all have divine powers in us. When we sit down and truly comprehend what we have to offer, this is when we see it. God has both the personal and principled touch. He gives these principles to us as well. In order to have true healing, we have to accept both the personal and principled parts of us.

Looking at our personal characteristics and traits allows us to delve into something greater. Once we do this, we will begin to see the principled aspects of out personality. We are all here for a reason. The Tree of Life tells us this on a daily basis.

The purpose of all this is to help us navigate through troubled waters. We tend to look at our lives and ourselves as victims. This includes the personal touch. Once we lock into the Tree of life and start to see the bigger picture, we realize we are not victims. Everything is happening according to the scope and way we go about our lives. This is where the principled touch comes in.

https://www.kabbalah.com for more.


Eric Pulier’s Input into Liberal Movements through His Technologically Inclined Career.

Mr. Eric Pulier has a big heart for children suffering from chronic and fatal illnesses. He dedicates most of his time and money towards supporting the lives of children at the Painted Turtle Camp and Starbright World. His primary focus in ensuring that the children enjoy the same things that other kids do. Eric developed a mobile and iPad application that helped the children interact with others online. The experience has increased confidence among the children since they get to share ideologies with peers who are in the same boat. Apart from that philanthropy, Eric was part of the team that worked with the former president, Bill Clinton, to developing solutions for cloud computing among communities. He innovated numerous technological platforms that educated the society, with the most notable being the program that educated individuals with multiple sclerosis on the ailment.


Eric has a natural affinity for programming and entrepreneurship, which he nurtured since he was in high school. He began venturing into technology while in fourth grade by developing software and systems. In 1984, Eric graduated high school as an owner of a database firm. Eric got enrolled into Harvard and became an active student who regularly wrote for the Harvard Crimson paper. Currently, Eric is the author of the highly acclaimed ‘Understanding Enterprise SOA’ and regular writer at Forbes.


In 1991, Mr. Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles to initiate his entrepreneurial career. He is the co-founder of a string of firms, namely, Akana, Media Platform, Digital Evolution, US Interactive, ServiceMesh, Desktone and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. Eric has growing investments with humanitarian organizations, startup technology and media enterprises and financial firms. One of his most notable startups is the XPrize, which helps financially needy teens and adults reach their goals. Eric developed the SOA computer program under one of his establishments, Akana. He led the company to receive multiple accolades before selling it to Rogue Wave Software for a couple of million dollars. Eric plans to continue starting up technological firms and supporting liberal movements by personally raising funds, setting up devices, managing events and supervising all the duties of the events’ operations.

Talk Fusion is a Great Marketing Tool

Talk Fusion is a program that enables one to communicate with others to where the viewers will be able to grasp the messages that are being relayed to them with clarity. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the opportunities that exist when it comes to marketing one’s products and/or services for sale in the online world. There are no doubts about the fact that there are a vast array of opportunities for people to succeed in today’s world of business. However, it is imperative for business owners to note that there are certain tools available in today’s innovative world that can assist them in showcasing what they have to offer more effectively and efficiently. This is where Talk Fusion come into play.


Talk Fusion is a great tool for e-mail marketing and/or video presentations. Some of today’s most technologically advanced forms of marketing are often difficult to find. If you have been searching for such a tool, then know that Talk Fusion is here to assist you in your marketing needs. You will not have to worry anymore about whether someone is going to find your presentation appealing or not. All it really takes for one’s products and/or services to be seen is exposure to just one person. Due to today’s capabilities of networking, it is very likely that the person viewing it will show someone else and then your marketing will be effective in the sense of a domnino-like effect. By setting up an account with Talk Fusion, you can have assurance of knowing that you will be well on your way to success as it is a program that enables people to express their thoughts and ideas in as creative of ways as possible for others to see and even be mesmerized by. Why let such an opportunity pass you by?