Ricardo Tosto: Getting Reliable Representation in Brazil

If you are entering into a business arrangement or contract, you need to seek legal advice. A knowledgeable lawyer can advise you on how to proceed and what to avoid. Having legal documents on record with all parties’ signatures is a very significant step for any kind of business undertaking and relationship, and should not be overlooked.

Taking this step will also ensure not only that each partner’s interests are protected, but also to help avoid business squabbles down the road.

The engagement letter and written contract are often prepared by legal counsel. Furthermore, each party should be represented by his or her own legal counsel to make sure their interests and rights are protected prior to signing.

Each partner should also go over the written contracts to make sure they understand what is involved in the new partnership, what this signifies for them and their investments, and what this suggests for their futures.

Not preparing an engagement letter or written agreement established between the partners is often a common mistake that many startup businesses make, but is also a mistake that can be easily avoided.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho can help you with any business-related legal issue in Brazil. He has been advising and representing companies and professionals in a wide variety of litigation cases and comes highly recommended.

Ricardo Tosto is not only an excellent advocate, but he is also a problem-solver and clever strategist. Ricardo Tosto is a competent attorney and passionate advocate and strives to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients.

He addresses the issue such as the development of entities, partnerships, and agreements and shareholder matters. Ricardo Tosto also takes steps to develop relationships with a diverse client base. Ricardo Tosto takes great pride in discussing resolutions to complex company problems and legal conflicts.

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