Ascendant Capital Founder Jeffry Schneider

Ascendant Capital is a boutique investment firm that provides alternative investment products and strategies to help its clients. The firm helps provide valuable assistance to clients who are looking to complete global financial transactions. Since this is a boutique investment firm, it is able to provide some of the most personalized service to clients in the finance industry. With its personalized service, a number of clients will get the comprehensive help they need in order to reach their goals. One of the things that Ascendant Capital has established itself as a leader of providing income producing assets in private equity. Another thing that has set Ascendant Capital apart from other finance firms is its full understanding of the needs of both clients and the nature of the financial markets. When working with Ascendant Capital, investors will be able to depend on a firm that will partner up with the most qualified fund managers around.


The founder of Ascendant Capital is Jeffry Schneider. As founder of Ascendant Capital, he has intended to establish his firm as the most trusted finance firms when it comes to sponsoring funds and accredited financial intermediaries. Over the years, Schneider has looked to assist numerous investors who are looking to gain access to alternative investment options and asset classes. During his time running Ascendant Capital, Jeffry has been able to help many investors maximize their returns as well as diversify their investment risks. With this combination, a number of clients have been able to more efficiently manage their assets. This has allowed his clients to consistently improve their financial situation and reach their many investment goals.


Once he founded Ascendant Capital, Jeffry Schneider has run his firm by managing the most seasoned financial professionals in the industry. As a result, he has had a very knowledgeable staff of investment consultants and advisors. With his investment professionals, Jeffry has been able to offer a number of innovative investment products to the firm’s clients. As well as providing expert investment managers, Jeffry has built a successful firm by providing very enthusiastic leadership. This form of leadership has allowed him to provide inspiration and motivation to a number of his subordinates. As a result, they have been able to feed off of his energy and perform at their best on a regular basis. Jeffry is very experienced in the finance industry which has enabled him to develop a lot of expertise and knowledge about the industry. With this expertise, he has had the ability to provide his clients with the best investment management services available.

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