Jeffry Schneider on Ascendant Capital’s Future

Jeffry Schneider, Founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, has found a way to diversify the markets in a purely beneficial way. While other companies focus on one side of the market, Schneider has focused Ascendant on a wider range. Ascendant Capital works with marketing, education, sales and operational services, as well as many forms of financial structuring.

Ascendant is the top Austin-based company that raises funds for well-established and up-and-coming fund sponsors. One of the aspects that made Ascendant so successful is its huge network of associates. Ascendant works with many family offices, broker-dealers, private banks, and investment advisors. It uses its huge network to distribute public and private offers all around the world.

Ascendant Capital is also one of the fastest growing companies in Texas. Founded just five years, Ascendant is now operated by more than thirty employees. When Schneider founded the company, he had only two employees. In the same five years, Ascendant has also raised nearly $1 billion on behalf of its numerous managers. A feat that is not easily accomplished in today’s market.

All of Ascendant’s success is attributed to Schneider, his employees, and the massive network of associates at Ascendant’s command. There are over fifty broker-dealers, 250 registered investment advisors, and a myriad of family offices working with Ascendant on a yearly basis. Under Schneider’s leadership, the teams at Ascendant purchase whatever kind of investment has the potential for profit. The money raised by Ascendant was used to buy real estate, auto dealerships, tech companies, and much more.

When most companies would become contempt with current success, Jeffry Schneider, and his team plan to outperform their previous years. The company has plans of stopping or slowing down. Schneider has his sights set on the future and nothing can stop him. It’s estimated that Ascendant will raise about $50 million of funding every month this year. The culture that Ascendant Capital has created for itself is a big part of its success. The company environment is one of open dialogue and trust amongst fellow team members.

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