Eric Pulier’s Input into Liberal Movements through His Technologically Inclined Career.

Mr. Eric Pulier has a big heart for children suffering from chronic and fatal illnesses. He dedicates most of his time and money towards supporting the lives of children at the Painted Turtle Camp and Starbright World. His primary focus in ensuring that the children enjoy the same things that other kids do. Eric developed a mobile and iPad application that helped the children interact with others online. The experience has increased confidence among the children since they get to share ideologies with peers who are in the same boat. Apart from that philanthropy, Eric was part of the team that worked with the former president, Bill Clinton, to developing solutions for cloud computing among communities. He innovated numerous technological platforms that educated the society, with the most notable being the program that educated individuals with multiple sclerosis on the ailment.


Eric has a natural affinity for programming and entrepreneurship, which he nurtured since he was in high school. He began venturing into technology while in fourth grade by developing software and systems. In 1984, Eric graduated high school as an owner of a database firm. Eric got enrolled into Harvard and became an active student who regularly wrote for the Harvard Crimson paper. Currently, Eric is the author of the highly acclaimed ‘Understanding Enterprise SOA’ and regular writer at Forbes.


In 1991, Mr. Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles to initiate his entrepreneurial career. He is the co-founder of a string of firms, namely, Akana, Media Platform, Digital Evolution, US Interactive, ServiceMesh, Desktone and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. Eric has growing investments with humanitarian organizations, startup technology and media enterprises and financial firms. One of his most notable startups is the XPrize, which helps financially needy teens and adults reach their goals. Eric developed the SOA computer program under one of his establishments, Akana. He led the company to receive multiple accolades before selling it to Rogue Wave Software for a couple of million dollars. Eric plans to continue starting up technological firms and supporting liberal movements by personally raising funds, setting up devices, managing events and supervising all the duties of the events’ operations.

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