Equites Used As Collateral

Some companies will lend money for emergencies using equities, that is, stocks and bonds, as collateral for loans.Some of the interest rates are extremely high in today’s market, and the loan to value ratio is very, very low. Most of the lenders will lend only up to sixty per cent of the value of the equities, and most of the time, lower than that.If a person applies for a loan, they face the long line of questions such as, what is the loan for? What are the prospects of return on the investment? These are questions that would entail an entire business proposal, something that is uncalled for when a quick, easy, cash loan needed for emergencies.

Then we have Equities First AU. They will lend up to 8o per cent of the value of the equities, and their interest rate runs about half of the conventional lenders.They will not ask what the money is for. The equities stand good for the loan.Conventional lenders are limited by governments in what they can lend, and whether they can lend on a particular equity.

Equities First AU, being a private company, is not fettered by those rules and regulatory impairments. They decide what they are going to lend, who they will lend it to, and the interest rate of the loan, without government interference.And they are faster than any other lenders out there. Why ask for an emergency loan, if it takes months or more to get it? If you need an equity-based loan, call Equities First, first!

Equity First’s Linkedin Account :https://www.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc


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