The Craziest Harry Potter Fan Theories That Could be True


With a wide fan base like what the Harry Potter series has, it is not shocking that the fans have come up with a variety of theories. The range of in depth characters and plotlines also allows for the fan to come up with some pretty intricate Harry Potter fan theories. Here are the top five fan theories that just might be true.


One.) Draco Could Have been a Werewolf

Draco Malfoy and the Malfoy family are breaking under the stress upon the dark lord’s return. Could there be more reason for their stress though then first meets the eye? Lucius Malfoy had disappointed Voldemort with his mistake at not capturing Harry Potter and the prophecy. This could mean that Voldemort may have had Draco get bitten by Fenrir Greyback. Greyback was known to bite the children of those who disappointed the dark lord. Draco Malfoy’s additional stress and reliance on Professor Snape would make more sense then if he needed the potions master for a wolfsbane potion each month on top of performing a task for the dark lord.


Two.) Muggles had a War with Wizards in the Past and Won

There seems to be a few indicators that the muggles and the wizards already had a war or are aware of each other. The fact that the wizard ministry is constantly working to hide their magic from the muggles seems to say that they deliberately hide because of some kind of treaty or law that was passed. The muggles are also familiar with the term Avada Kedavra, except they know it as abrakadabra.


Three.) The Sorting Hat

One fan theory is that the sorting hat actually sorts students into houses based on the traits they value and not one the traits they already possess. Each student values certain things or has certain goals. The sorting hat is there to see those things and sort them according to that.

Four.) The Seven Horcruxes of J.K. Rowling

Author Stephen King came up with the interesting theory that perhaps each of the seven books of the Harry Potter series are the seven horcruxes of the author. He argues that the reason for the meteoric success and the seemingly endless fandom of the series is due to her putting her soul into each of the seven books so that they would live forever. This is comparable ofl course to how Lord Voldemort split his soul into seven pieces to live forever.


Five.) Crookshanks May have Been the Potter Family Cat

Crookshanks inexplicably knows that Sirius is someone to trust and that Scabbers/Peter is a dark wizard. The fact that the Potter family supposedly had a pet cat according to the books makes it possible that the reason for Crookshanks knowing that Sirius is to be trusted and that Peter is not to be is because he was their family cat.

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