Equities First Holdings Bears Risks for Borrowers of Its Stock-Based Loans

The topic may look bizarre. How can a lender choose to bear risks for borrowers with so much uncertainty in global economy? Of course, the uncertainties are everywhere. Today, you see a business flourishing; tomorrow, the same business has gone into extinction. Lenders will definitely be scared because their money could go into extinction with these businesses. We must commend available lending houses for having the courage to still part with their funds despite such ongoing ugly trend.Contact their team:Click here.

Conventional banking system seems to be more scared. Banks keep demanding for huge collateral before giving out loans. Many businesses that could not access loans from them had to fold up for take of capital. Even the few able to provide the outrageous collateral more often than not suffer the same fate. These banks and conventional lenders absolutely exempt themselves from the risk involved by putting in place measures to force borrowers to pay back the full amount borrowed and all accumulated interest even if it requires defaulters forfeit their personal belongings to offset the loans. Many businesses and individuals have been completely brought down as a result. The only known way, as at today, for escaping such unpleasant ordeals should default in paying back occur is by opting for stock-based loans from Equities First Holdings.

In the case of Equities First Holdings, the company shares a large part of the risk involved. Stock-based loans requires stocks or shares in any viable company as collateral. As stocks market is known to fluctuates occasional even when least expected. The company can only keep the stocks used as collateral if the borrower could not pay back, and there is always the possibility that the value of same stocks fall such that it falls short of the amount paid out to the borrower. The company bears such losses without any way of making up for it since the interest rates for stock-based loans are one of the lowest, less than 5 percents.The good thing is that despite bearing risk for borrowers Equities First Holdings has never had a better last year. The company keep enlarging and spreading to major cities in the world.

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