US –Ecommerce IS Launched AS More UK rollouts plans underway by Honey Birdette

Australian Luxury lingerie brand, Honey Birdette has rolled out the e commerce section in the US following a rapid growth of their brand in this market section, as the orders have been more than 374% in increased sales in just twelve months. The platform’s main aim is to enhance consumer experience through better and timely service delivery, convenient return system and an extended product range for the US customers.

Apart from the US E Commerce Avenue, Birdette has a target on its UK market where it intends to expand the physical stores that are already in existence from two store to over forty stores within the next year. The store in London’s convenient garden was the first Birdette store outside Australia. This was then followed by the Leeds Victoria gate store. With the demand rising and a clientele looking for the kind of products that Honey Birdette offers, the number of stores around the world is expected to increase.

The US is also another target for retail opening later on after the UK target has been met. The company has over 55 stores in the mother country of Australia. The close targets, which will start out with 10 locations in the UK, includes Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle and Westfield Stafford among others. The company is targeting other premium locations across Europe for which they can tap into the potential of the high-end clients.

About Honey Birdette

The idea of developing a company that meets the exclusive needs of women with a taste of expensive and luxurious lingerie led two friends to come together to meet this need. Over a drink, the two ladies discovered that there was no company matching the bedroom needs of most women who want exquisite and quality lingerie and bedroom toys. This is how the Honey Birdette came to life.

The company makes high quality and luxurious lingerie for a specific clientele. They also produce bedroom toys that help couples maximize their time. The company is expanding its presence from it mother country Australia to US, UK and other prime locations across Europe.

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