How Securus Technologies Is Changing Communications For Incarcerated Individuals

Securus Technologies is a program that is bringing technologically advanced forms of communications back to the forefront of networking. Although there are many correctional facilities that have yet to implement Securus Technologies into its communications systems, it is important to note that there are also many that have. It is a system of communications that allows inmates who are incarcerated at select correctional facilities to speak with visitors over a videoconferencing method of communications, thus, eliminating the need for visitors to physically visit them at their location. This can be quite a benefit for visitors, as oftentimes they have been required to travel long distances from their places of residences to jails.


Securus Technologies has been engineered and designed to allow its users to talk over safe and secure protocols of communications, thus, giving them assurance of knowing that no one except for law enforcement agencies and courts (should investigations need to be conducted) will have access to what is being spoken about. This is why it is also important for inmates to know that although they may be incarcerated and will be utilizing a form of communications that holds security and confidentiality to its highest standards, they should avoid speaking about or even engaging in illegal activities. What often occurs is inmates think that since they are incarcerated, they can continue to engage in illegal activities, as they are already in confinement for their respective specified periods of times; however, if they are found to be engaging in even more illegal activities than what they have been placed in confinement for in the first place, the time of their confinement could increase. It is highly encouraged for users to use good judgment when utilizing Securus Technologies. It is a wonderful program that offers great benefits for people and communities.


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