Equities First Limited (ZA) Targets both Business and Individuals

In any economy, one of the most difficult things to do is secure finances for your business either as an individual or as a business. However, Equity First Holdings Limited is a venture seeking to change this notion by offering non-purpose capital to those who have been locked out by their financial providers. The following are some of the parties that will highly benefit from this company’s services.

High-net-worth borrowers and individuals looking for quick loan solutions. Traditional loans from banks and other financial institutions are the most common solutions people run to whenever they are they are in need of money. Despite this option existing for a long time, the many red tapes caused by the poor performing economy has made this option none existent even for the high-end borrowers. Thanks to Equities First equities lending options, most of these red tapes have been down played allowing borrowers get loans even with no financial records whatsoever, amazing, right?

Businesses and individuals with equity stock. According to Equity First Holdings founder, Al Christy, the underlying reason for starting the company was to provide an alternative financing source through equity stocks. For what it’s worth, this has worked as it has elevated his company to the position of an excellent service provider. With the basic equity stock, Equities First allows you to transfer to it the stocks in exchange for the loan. Note, these equities are what will act as collateral for your loan.

Those interested in personal loans. Equities First Holdings comes out as an excellent financial provider for personal loans. Individuals looking for money either for business expansions or personal loans will easily get loans with minimal restrictions.

With many business opportunities presenting themselves in the South African market, money might be the only limiting factor between you and your goals. Equities First Holdings ZA is seeking to change this in the best possible way it can. Visit them today and enjoy the many benefits that come with their loans.

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/global-lender-equities-first-holdings-124500530.html for more .

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