The specialization areas of Equity First Holdings


For over 15 years, Equity First Holdings has been providing several financial bits of help to different groups of people. With the Equity First development of policies, the types of loans given and the means of operation can be determined by the company. Currently, the company tries to specialize specific services as there are changes in the current market. Here are some of the services that the company offers.

Security based lending for individual investors

The terms of operation under this service are very flexible. Being a financial organization, Equity First sensitive. On security based lending, the lender has to carry some collateral that would help in assessing the amount that they can be given. When the client does not have collateral, the company can work with shares so that if there is a default in payment, the shares can be transferred to repay the loan to learn more: click here.

Business investors

Some companies may need some boost on their performance. Equity First Holdings does not discriminate based on location or country, it only asses the operations of the enterprise based on cash flows, bonds, and investments. This information is enough for them to gauge the capability of the company to repay the load within the required periods. Equity First Holdings Businesses can be located within or outside the United States.

Short and long-term lending

The company is very flexible on their operations with the clients. Some lenders would want to clear some emergencies as other can go for long term loans to help in financial performances businesses. In both the cases, collateral is required. Some individuals have the high net capital for their investments. For such people.

Equity First Holdings needs few requirements for insurance. The company equally evaluates the future risks and previous financial performances so as to understand on the terms of lending. With these specializations, the company has maintained a huge client base.

The Dream of Omar Boraie Becomes a Reality Many Years Later

An article published through Central Jersey Working Moms offers an insight into the life and dreams of Sam Boraie where he is depicted as visionary. Omar Boraie has been committed to improving New Brunswick for the past 40 years. One of his most recent investments is The Aspire that has given the city the opportunity to become home to an incredible deluxe residential as well as high rise building. Having carried this dream in his mind for many decades, Omar Boraie must be extremely happy to see it bear fruits.

Omar Boraie serves as the head of Boraie Development LLC, and he is not shy of pointing out that a good number of people had dismissed the possibility of The Aspire happening for many years. His efforts are driven by his sincere desire to rebuild New Brunswick in the same way he saw it happen in Europe during his trips as a scholar. While narrating his experience with the area, Omar Boraie says the area was terrible and almost a dangerous place to pass in the evening after work. His dream of improving the area was born during those years.

Currently, Omar Boraie owns an office on the eighth floor of the building. Initially, the area only had 21 buildings on the same block, and all of them were on the verge of crumbling down. He purchased these buildings one after the other, and when he had acquired all of them, his dream began to take shape. While the majority of people thought that he had lost his mind and that he was committing the worst mistake of his life, it is now evident that Omar Boraie was just a man who was far much ahead of time, compared to the rest of the world. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

About Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development LLC provides a wide array of services focused on all the issues associated with urban real estate industry. Some of its services include real estate development, management of properties, and sales and marketing of real estate products and services. Boraie’s team is dedicated to the construction of spectacular properties and at the same time, the provision of unmatched services to all its clients.

The ability of the company to provide unmatchable products and services is derived from seeking collaborations with the strongest financial institutions, and visionary architects and contractors. The company’s partners must understand and appreciate the importance of beating deadlines to ensure success and timely completion of all the projects. Visit

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Andrew Rolfe Creates a Force for Education with Ubundu

Getting to the next level in life is especially challenging in parts of the world where access to capital is limited. Many families in poverty stricken parts of the world struggle to come up with enough money to buy schoolbooks and uniforms for their children, keeping them out of school even though the parents understand that an education is the only way ahead.

When Andrew Rolfe became Chairman of the Ubundu Fund, he joined the other board members in their determination to change that for the many young yet poor children in Africa.

The Ubundu fund is an education foundation that primarily serves the needs of African schoolchildren who otherwise would not be able to get an education. One issue though, that many non-profits find is that the money they raise is so wrapped up in red tape and donor requests that it becomes harder to serve the children than it should be. So Andrew Rolfe and the other leaders of the Ubundu Education Fund demand that their donors trust them to do what’s right by those children.

One very important role that Andrew Rolfe plays for the Ubundu Fund is talking to the high profile and big money donor and foundations that contribute to their campaigns. He uses his network, developed over years in business, to meet with and explain the many benefits to the children’s world that their money can bring. Then he explains why they do not want strings attached.

Many of those reasons are very simple ones. The obstacles to education are complex, and the Ubundu fund has gone up against several during their years of service in South Africa. Everything from lack of school supplies to inadequate healthcare can set a child back and keep them from achieving the success they are capable of. One of Andrew Rolfe’s great talents is to help people understand that, and he is well respected for the work that he has done.

Andrew Rolfe holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School and an M.A from St. Edmund Hall in Oxford. He also received his B.A from Oxford University.

Equities First Holdings Moves its Offices to a New Place

Equity First Holdings (EFH), an Australian leading lending company has moved its Melbourne offices to more convenient and accessible location. The company’s new offices are now based in a place that is said to be ‘the heart of Melbourne.’ The main reason behind the relocation of EFH offices is not only limited to the company’s mission which entails offering quality services to the clients but it is also because the new location has enough space for expansion of the business. The address for EFH new offices is Equities First Holdings Pty Limited, Level 2,287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

Equities First Holdings is a multinational company which provides its clients with best financial solutions. The company gives capital to clients who have interest in stock trading thus enabling them to achieve their personal goals. The company gives capital against shares exchanged on open trades which is conducted globally. Recently, EFH completed over 700 exchanges worth $1.4 billion by offering clients high advance to-esteem at low settled loan fees. Additionally, EFH has three offices in Australia namely Perth, Sydney and Melbourne so that the company can reach out to many customers. Other EFH offices are based in United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. To know more click here.

What does Equities First Holdings specialize in?

Equities First Holding specializes in creating effective and efficient loaning answers for organizations and individuals with high total assets who are looking for non-reason capital. The company arrives at these financial answers by evaluating potential risks and future performances of stocks, treasuries and bonds. Analysis of current economic scales and threats to the business is part of the daily operation of the EFH. Thus this helps to place the company on a safer side in situations where there is a potential risk which may hinder the growth of EFH. Generally, Equities First Holdings works towards transforming lives of its clients.

Securus Technologies CEO brings John Bell on-board to boost its Sales Team

Securus Technologies, a chief provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions has announced the addition of a senior sales executive to its ranks in a move aimed at bolstering its capacity. According to an excerpt published on PRNewswire on January 7 2016, John Bell is tasked with developing a High-tech, software savvy sales team that will complement the company’s expanded portfolio of over 800 products. The products are mostly trained in the highly demanding and sophisticated law enforcement and the corrections industry in North America. Prior to taking up the new role, Bell served as the Senior VP of Sales of Securus Technologies when he joined the company on December 30, 2015.

The company CEO, Rick Smith Securus said the move to bring Bell was informed by need to add an experienced sales resource that would transform the existing sales teams and enhance product representation. Besides revolutionizing the sales teams, Bell is tasked with reshaping the organizational culture and performance to enhance growth, performance and produce new sales leaders. Following the decision to bring Bell on board, the Securus Technologies VP of Sales, Josh Conklin will retain his existing Executive responsibilities, but report directly to Bell. Bell’s professional career as a sales expert spans over 35 years and includes people skills development and retooling sales processes. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Bell and Conklin will work together to make use of Securus Tech center and develop a sophisticated sales associates program among other goals. Bell has served in various companies in the past, including Time Warner Cable, IMB and Verizon. In the last 3 years, Securus Technologies has invested about $600 million to acquire and develop a number of safety, security and efficient products. The criminal and civil justice tech solutions are focused on areas like investigations, public safety, corrections and monitoring, which are all aimed at making the world a safer place. The Dallas, Texas based company serves over 3,400 public safety, corrections and law enforcement entities and more than 1,200,000 inmates across the US and Canada.

According to Bloomberg, Securus Technologies was established in 1986 and employees about 1000 people. To expand its reach, the company operates regional offices in Allen and Carrollton, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Rick Smith took charge as the CEO of Securus Technologies on June 23, 2008. In the past, he served as the President and COO of Eschelon Telecom Inc beginning April 2000 to August 2003. From April 1997 to October 1998, Richard served as VP of Financial Management at Frontier Corp. Smith holds membership in a number of organizations, including Integra Telecom Company Limited and Eschelon Telecom Inc. He graduated from the Holy Cross and undertook his postgraduate work at Kellogg School of Management and Wharton School of Business.

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Boudoir Gets a New Look from Honey Birdette

Boudoir is a form of photography that allows women to enjoy a private sitting. They get to show off their bodies in a sensual way and be photographed. While some of the photos can be highly erotic, the images are generally for private viewing.

Honey Birdette is all about the boudoir with their new line of lingerie. The New York Collection features the Brittney, which includes black and purple lingerie designed to show off the beautiful assets of every woman.

Push-up bras featuring small black bows and cutaways are ideal to show off the bust. Panties with sensual cut outs and a black suspender set offer a pinup style look.

There are plenty of beautiful designs from the New York Collection. From Alex to Miss D, there are several lines to choose from. Each is worthy of appearing in a boudoir photo shoot, which is exciting to the women who want to be photographed as well as the photographers holding the cameras.

Honey Birdette has been around since 2006. Created by friends sipping champagne, the brand became the first sensual boutique in Australia. Honey Birdette quickly gained a reputation for providing high-end toys and luxurious lingerie.

People around the world know they can turn to Honey Birdette for toys, stockings, robes and all sorts of lingerie. Now that the New York Collection has launched, people can turn to the brand for beautiful boudoir lingerie as well.

The New York Campaign video is one that everyone should watch. It’s a great introduction to the lingerie and shows off the finer side of New York City in the process.

Cosmetic Surgery

There are a lot of options when looking at Cosmetic Surgery. You may not know what you are looking for right away or what to ask. It’s not as hard as you may think. If you know what to ask and what information is going to be important to you.

Medical Licenses

Anyone that is doing cosmetic surgery needs to have a medical license in order to do this kind of surgery. They may have it displayed on their office walls or they can show you where they got the license and how long they have had it. If they are not able to show you one, then you should look someplace else for your surgery.

Customer Reviews

You should be able to find other reviews that will help you know you are getting a good Doctor. They my have a website that will have reviews on it as well as be able to send you to others in the area that have had surgeries from them. If they can’t direct you to a few happy customers, there is something wrong with the situation and this Doctor is not a good fit for you and your needs.

Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews is one of the best cosmetic Doctors available. She knows how to make sure your surgery will be a good one for you and what needs to be done. She has been interviewed by some of the biggest media outlets available today. She also has a few different offices open to serve the people who need her service.

She advises people to look into any Doctor you may be considering using. The advice she gives is close to what you are reading here and she wants you to look into anyone you plan on using. This will keep you safe and will help you to have the best experience possible. Click here to know more.

There are a lot of Doctors that offer this kind of surgery for your needs. These Doctors can help you to look your best and to be happy with the body you have. If you are not sure about what you want done, you can talk to them and they will help you to find the best surgery for your needs. They can also help you to know what is going to happen after your surgery as well as while it’s happening so you are not caught off guard. Take your time and be happy with what you get.

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Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette lingerie was founded in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan in Brisbane. Since the company opened it has experienced a 374% sales increase with US sales online over a 12 month period. The company has announced increasing their retail stores in the UK from three to 40 by 2018. The online sales platform has upgraded their premium customer service and free shipping on orders over $50.00. The price for the product is reasonable affordable for any income level.

Honey Birdette lingerie specializes in different styles of intimate wear for both men and women. The different styles for women range in sizes from petite smalls to plus size. The material used in the products include spandex, cotton, and satin. Each of the styles are made to set a different type of mood for the woman and her partner. Some of the styles include the innocent baby doll gown to a walk on the wild side with the Alex suspender sets. Honey Birdette lingerie also sells everyday wear such a bras and pantie sets. These sets are designed to give optimum support throughout the day, awhile giving the sexy confidence feeling.

Some of the Honey Birdette lingerie for men include the most comfortable, mood setting boxers to wear all day or in the bedroom. This company also offers products for couples to use during the times of intimacy. These products are all different for the users preference, yet all ensure optimum pleasure. All of the products sold by the company are top quality and are priced for everyone to enjoy.

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JHSF is Making Great Leaps and Bounds under Jose Neto’s Leadership

JHSF is a developer of high-end real estate units in South America. The property company boasts of a vast development portfolio. From exotic shopping malls in Sao Paulo to flamboyant residential units in Uruguay. JHSF has made a name for itself in both national and international real estate. The property company launched in 1972 setting up shop in Sao Paulo. Years later, JHSF is now an established property company in Sao Paulo and Salvador, in Brazil. Across the border, JHSF has offices in Punta del Este (Uruguay) and New York (USA).

JHSF real estate has developed several commercial and residential units, including shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, executive airports, and top-end housing/office units. Also, JHSF continue to identify knew opportunities to invest and grow their business. Innovation is one of the core ingredients fueling the business acumen of JHSF.

The JHSF shopping malls are exquisite and enticing. Examples of JHSF shopping malls include Catarina Fashion outlet, Metro Tucuruvi and Cidade Jardimin Sao Paulo. Cidade Jardim is the first ever shopping outlet to use natural light over electric wiring. JHSF runs two other shopping malls: Ponta Negra in Manaus and Bela Vista in Bahia. The hotels developed by JHSF are nothing short of magnificent as well. The real estate company manages hotels Fasano and Fasano Angra Dose Reis in Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, they also manage hotels Fasano Boa Vista and Fasano Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo. Abroad, JFHS runs Fasano Miami in America and Fasano Las Piedra in Uruguai. Ingenuity, a pioneering spirit, the knack for quality, and sustainable solutions are part of the driving force for JHSF company. Under the leadership of CEO Jose Neto, JHSF is set on a path to international recognition.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto is the CEO and board chairman of the real estate company JHSF. Through his leadership, JHSF has developed a string of high-rate commercial and residential units. The property developer is seeking new opportunities to establish commercial office spaces and retail outlets, both in Brazil and beyond. Jose Neto is also the founder of Cidade Jardim Company based in Lisbon Portugal. He is currently based in New York overseeing the development of the new JHSF Hotel close to Central Park.

Jason Hope’s for the Future

While the Internet of things isn’t a new concept, in recent years the true capabilities of the IoT have begun to come to fruition as technology continues to improve in terms of ability and connectivity. The Internet of Things refers to the ability for various forms of technology to sync and improve functionality for the users. Although still in the early phases, the power of the IoT is slowly being unlocked and introduced to the public. Jason Hope, known for his various ventures in the world of entrepreneurship and has always championed the power of the IoT. Major industries, such as the automotive and medical worlds, have begun implementing devices that rely heavily on the Internet of Things, only scratching the surface of the true capabilities. Air travel has recently become one of the most significant areas in which the Internet of Things has begun affecting everyday life. Increased security measures and fluctuating ticket prices have cause increased discomfort and resistance among those relying on air travel. In an effort to improve the overall experiences of customers, major airlines have begun implementing services such as, personalized travel, easier check-in, both which heavily rely on the Internet of Things. Hope has even gone on record to say that the Internet of Things will, in the future, become the largest investment that major corporations will make and more information click here.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and futurist who is solidly at the head of the Internet of Things movement. Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, this philanthropist and businessman received his degree in finance from Arizona State University. Amongst all of his endeavors, Hope has recently entered the political arena with hopes of further preparing the world for the future and what Jason Hope knows.

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