George Soros’ Involvement In The Ferguson Protests

The suffering that the human race went through during the Second World War was uniquely excruciating. It taught the whole world a dear lesson, but the one person who might have taken the worst kind of experience positively is George Soros. The Jewish billionaire and an immigrant American, George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary. At his time of birth, the Nazi regime had invaded Hungary and was busy gathering Jews together in concentration camps and killing them. The Soros family survived the entire period that saw the Nazis kill over 500,000 Hungarian Jews. The family had been shrewd enough to pay for their papers to be fabricated to hide their Jewish identities. They had also been generous enough to extend the risky favors to scores of families with whom they managed to come across and rescue. George Soros managed to leave Budapest for London to study. Read his profile at Business Insider.

He had to work a construction job at a railway company and serve at a night club to raise fees for tuition at the London School of Economics. There, he got the skills that saw him rise to become one of the world’s most accomplished Economists in the world. He got so accomplished as an economist that he earned the title of ‘the Man Who Broke the Bank of England.’ That, he did, as an American living the American dream. But his story of success does not end where he made a billion dollars in profit in one day from trading currencies. It runs from the point he began his philanthropic endeavors to hit his over 12 billion dollars’ worth of donations.

George Soros began his philanthropy after establishing a hedge fund to consolidate his earnings from trading stocks and currencies. At the slightest sign of economic freedom and stability, the one economist began giving away his earned money for liberal causes. At first, George Soros contributions seemed to favor educational causes. However, their true liberal demeanor was to emerge as the philanthropist grew bolder in his giving and more vocal in his assertions. He grew from giving scholarships to activists fighting the Apartheid Regime and reprinting banned materials and establishing the tuition of Critical Thinking in the Communist Eastern Block to propagating national campaigns against police brutality and racial profiling on American. Learn more on about George Soros.

The Avid subscriber to Democratic Party liberal philosophies has been reported to have funded several campaigns to seek redress for the violation of human rights police inflict on the Black American Community. During the Ferguson Protests, the liberal billionaire was quick enough to assert that violence was the wrong mode in which to air the grievances of the Black American Community against police brutality and extra-judicial killings. He went on to coordinate concerted efforts by invested parties to spread social media awareness through the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. Additionally, he spent about 33 million dollars organizing for bus rides to ferry activists all across the United States to designated demonstration spots. The protests, better organized, managed to gain more voice and attract more public sympathy which strengthened the case highlighting the need for police reforms in Ferguson Island and the entire United States.


Sheldon Lavin: Chief Executive Officer of OSI International Food Limited


Sheldon Lavin is the chairman of the OSI international food limited. This company deals with meat and food processing. He hails from Chicago, United States of America. In 1770, Sheldon was involved in investments with Otto and Sons Company which later developed into the OSI group. Under the leadership of Sheldon, OSI group has grown significantly from the business of domestic production of food to become an international industry. This company has expanded its operations in at least 60 countries. Learn More Here.

The contribution of Lavin in the OSI group has boosted its recognition in the international scene. The company has grown to reduce the rate of unemployment around the world. It helped him be awarded the Global Visionary Award in 2016.Sheldon Lavin expressed his overwhelming gratitude and was proud of his achievements in steering OSI group to the big company it is today. Lavin committed most of his time to the welfare of the business and always motivated the employees in the enterprise.

Lavin has been an icon in helping OSI group achieve many awards too. OSI has received the environmental sustainability awards for a couple of times. Lavin believes that the upcoming corporate will continue embracing environment care.

OSI Group is an excellent example of a successful business courtesy of Sheldon. 43 years ago, Sheldon was working a banker as well as an investor. He was also a consultant in his fully licensed firm. Since he took over leadership of OSI International, OSI has experienced a significant transformation in food variety and also in the retail of brands. Sheldon Lavin News Here.

The company boasts of harboring at least 20,000 employees around the world. When he birthed the idea of developing this company, he was requested by the bank to take ownership of Otto and Sons, but he refused since it was not in line with his practice. Later, he came to agree where he was working as a consultant and also signed a memorandum of understanding with Otto.

Lavin later came into full time working in the company which now had gained a new name OSI. The company expanded to different continents in the 70s and 80s. Lavin came into partial ownership of interest from the enterprise, and when his last partner corporate retired, he took full control of OSI. for more .

Talos Energy Gears Up To Reap From the Newly Privatized Oil and Gas Industry in Mexico

The Mexican oil industry has been dominated by the state-run operator, Pemex. The oil giant has held a tight leash on the sector since the nationalization of oil and gas assets in 1938. The industry was recently privatized to attract more investors. The industry has been struggling to meet increasing demand. The denationalization has opened up numerous opportunities especially for international stakeholders wishing to cash in on the expected boom.


The reforms were finalized in 2014. In 2015, three companies were awarded the rights to start prospecting for oil. The Zama-1 becomes the first well to be sunk by private entities. It is a collaboration between Premier Oil from the UK with a 25% stake, Talos Energy based in Houston at 35% and Sierra Oil and Gas which has a 40% stake in the venture. Sierra is a local oil and gas company in Mexico.


The new offshore oil well is located in the Sureste Basin in Tabasco State. It is estimated to hold up to five hundred million barrels of oil. The geological evaluation shows the basin has a high chance of success. It is anticipated to take three months to finish drilling the oil well. Industry analysts are eagerly waiting to see the results.


Talos Energy is on the ground running the project. It is a privately-held energy company established in 2012 in Houston, Texas. It has extensive oil and gas assets in the Gulf coast. Talos Energy’s investment ventures are supported by the holding companies Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings. Both are private equity companies based in New York. The Talos Energy management is also backing the project.


The deal positions Talos Energy as one of the first private operators to benefit from the oil and gas industry in Mexico. The company has been chasing just such an opportunity. It has recently acquired cutting edge seismic technology. This enables the company to explore both shallow and deep-water oil assets. The Mexican deal includes two blocks in shallow waters measuring more than 160,000 acres. Talos Energy is led by Timothy Duncan who is a founder and serves as the President and CEO.

Agora Financial Helps Investors Improve Strategy

Agora Financial is just the company that most investors are going to need when it comes to making a sit decision on their finances. Everyone knows that they need to save for a rainy day. Most people realize that there’s also a need to save for retirement. The trouble is that most investors do not save much because they do not know how much they need to save.

The average person that has money to save does not know where to put their funds for the investment. That is why it is so important for people to consider the benefits of a financial publishing company like Agora Financial. This has become one of the best resources for anyone that is trying to maximize their return on investment.

Agora Financial is a great company that has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to investment opportunities that can help men and women make better choices for long-term investment strategies. Agora Financial even has some short-term strategies for investors. All of this is a direct result of the consultants that get together with editors to build financial publications that people can subscribe to.

The wide assortment of publications provide information from analysts that have gone out into the field to see what investment opportunities are available. There are a lot of people that do not have the information that they need to make the decision that are going to benefit from this for their portfolio.

It takes an investor that has done his research to really make a sound decision about where the money should go. The investor that makes better decisions are obviously going to be the ones that have access to better information. this is essentially what Agora Financial is doing. It is helping investors make the best investment decisions.

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Yanni Hufnagel Proud of Accomplished Basketball Coaching Career

Yanni Hufnagel has recently transitioned to being the coach of the Nevada Wolf Pack is one that has thus far been very successful. Hufnagel grew up an aspiring coach and has read every coaching book around, and his knowledge has shown in his first year as the coach of the Wolf Pack. Hufnagel cut his chops as the basketball manager for the team while he studied at Cornell University, and did his internship with the New Jersey Nets basketball team. This lead to a phone call from a good friend Jeff Chapel who was looking for a graduate assistant coach for his own college team that he coached. Hufnagel was flown to Oklahoma for an interview and was immediately offered the job on the spot. This was the beginning of what Hufnagel would find to be a very successful career in coaching basketball, including his current tenure with the Wolf Pack.

Yanni Hufnagel is an American basketball coach who is currently serving as the assistant coach to the Nevada Wolf Pack men’s basketball team along with Eric Musselman who is currently serving as the head coach of the team. Hufnagel has also helped by being an assistant coach of the California Golden Bears, Vanderbilt Commodores, and Harvard Crimson teams as well in his young basketball coaching career. Hufnagel was also appointed to coach the Team USA basketball team at the Maccabiah Games in Israel, which is another huge accomplishment and honor Hufnagel was humbled to be offered, and accepted gratefully.


Improving Classroom Performance with ClassDojo

Enhancing the way that teachers monitor and provide feedback to their pupils and their parents, San Francisco-Based instructional software company ClassDojo is paving the way to improve the classroom experience.

The software, which shares the name of its development firm, provides a communications platform enabling teachers, parents and students to share information about students’ performance and behaviors as well as activities and social events.

Students are initially assigned a default avatar having the appearance of familiar cartoon-based monster memes, which they can easily customize.

Users of the software have reported many benefits including:

Simplifies Recording and Sharing of Student Behaviors

  • Simplifies Recording and Sharing of Student BehaviorsTeachers simply click on the icon that describes the student’s conduct and parents can receive a report via email. Teachers are also able to create customized behaviors on a per student basis. The information can be shared with users connecting by tablets, cell phones and laptops.

Teachers simply click on the icon that describes the student’s conduct and parents can receive a report via email. Teachers are also able to create customized behaviors on a per student basis. The information can be shared with users connecting by tablets, cell phones and laptops.

  • Improves Feedback and LoggingThe application saves time consumed by non-instruction-related activities when compared with traditional disciplinary methods involving logging student behavior tick marks on blackboards. ClassDojo can auto-tally the conduct counts and instantly provide points-based summaries. ClassDojo also allows instructors to create and share classroom videos, which has proven to be an excellent means of giving students recognition for their performance.

Improves Feedback and Logging

The application saves time consumed by non-instruction-related activities when compared with traditional disciplinary methods involving logging student behavior tick marks on blackboards. ClassDojo can auto-tally the conduct counts and instantly provide points-based summaries. ClassDojo also allows instructors to create and share classroom videos, which has proven to be an excellent means of giving students recognition for their performance.

  • Promotes Parental Involvement ClassDojo’s option enabling parents to receive reports via email, gives parents a conversational starter with the student and provides an opportunity to implement a parallel behavior-modification system at home. The application features an instant messaging option, so parents can receive urgent communications from the teachers.

Promotes Parental Involvement

ClassDojo’s option enabling parents to receive reports via email, gives parents a conversational starter with the student and provides an opportunity to implement a parallel behavior-modification system at home. The application features an instant messaging option, so parents can receive urgent communications from the teachers.

ClassDojo has gotten thumbs-up approval from millions of teachers and their students and parents in more than 180 countries. The software’s design resulting in saving time and improving performance and behavior in the classroom has made this the software teachers choose in 90 percent of K-8 classrooms.

About ClassDojo

Located in San Francisco, CA, ClassDojo was founded in 2011 with the goal of empowering educators, students and parents to transform education from the ground up.

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Benefits of Reading Agora Financial Publications

One of the most important jobs that all people share is the requirement to properly plan for their financial future. While it would seem like most people would be able to do this, the complexities of the financial markets can make it a very daunting task. For those that are looking for more help when it comes to planning for their financial future, reading the publications provided by Agora Financial would be a great option.

Agora Financial is a private publishing firm that has been in the financial industry for more than ten years. Today, the company is well known for providing a range or publications, magazines, videos, and educational systems that can help anyone to reach their financial goals. The company has a range of editors that have worked for some of the top financial magazines across the country.

When working with Agora Financial, you will receive a number of different publications that focus on long-term financial planning. These will include providing tips on how to budget your personal finances, how to choose stocks, bonds, and other investment options that have investment plans aligned with your own, and other tips to help you to reach your goals.

While Agora Financial spends a lot of time focusing on long-term financial growth, they also provide you with plenty of short-term financial options as well. The company has a team of editors that focus on very profitable investment options in the tech, healthcare, and other industries. These stocks do come with a lot of risk, but could also provide you with a great return on investment if they end up doing well. The company will typically recommend that you dedicate a small amount of your portfolio to these investments as they will come with a range of risks that could lead to losses.

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Ricardo Tosto – Renowned Brazilian Lawyer and Entrepreneur

Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a lawyer from Brazil who turned his career around and established a wildly successful law firm.

Born in 1963, Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho had his higher education in his home country. He received his degree in Law from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. Mr. Ricardo Tosto has training in Business Administration which he received from The Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto used to work at a small law firm in a tiny office at a job that offered him to professional realization. Mr. Ricardo Tosto, however, was a competent lawyer and he also had the drive to strive for something better and to succeed. He left that job and took the risk of creating a company. Mr. Ricardo Tosto joined forces with a few colleagues, and the three lawyers collaborated in the creation of a law firm – Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados. The law firm of Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados has become one of the leaders. In fact, Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados is one of ten largest law firms in the country of Brazil.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is also an author. He has written a multitude of articles and papers. He has also been a collaborative author of a book. Together with Paulo Guilherme de Mendonça Lopes, Mr. Ricardo Tosto wrote and published the book called “The Process of Tiradentes.” The book is a transcript of records completed with contextualization and annotations. The two co-authors transcribed the records which involve the debauchery regarding Ensign Joaquim José da Silva Xavier and his colleagues. Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has also been involved with politics. He worked for a few politicians during the election of 2006 in Brazil. Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho was a leader of a few campaigns. He was also involved in 2008.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been at the forefront of Law in Brazil for many years. He is the most active of the founders of Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados. The company has been growing, and Mr. Ricardo Tosto has been widely responsible for its growth.

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Every Investor Can Benefit From Investing In Fine Wines

There are many reasons why the wine experts at UKV PLC feel fine wines are an important and profitable area for any investor to explore over the course of their career as they build a portfolio. Fine wines are an important investment for many people following the decision of the U.K. to depart the European Union in the “Brexit” vote that has given the fine wines industry a boost as top investors look away from the traditional stocks and shares towards more tangible investment opportunities.

Fine wines are an investment loved by many investors because of the fact it is not an investment that is held on a computer or piece of paper; instead, an investor has the opportunity to discover different wines held in a wine cellar or storage facility that allows the individual investor the chance to hold and appreciate their investment in a safe and secure environment to learn more: click here.

As with most important investments the investor should not be looking to create a profit in just a few short weeks or months with the investment made in fine wines reaching maturity in around five years; after the usual five year investment period an investor can expect a return of between 12 and 15 percent. UKV PLC offers many different options for getting the best out of fine wines investing, including a network of brokers who look to aid in the sale of fine wines by investors purchasing and storing their investment wines through UKV PLC.

UKV PLC has developed a range of technological advances over the years that have seen social media platforms take on an ever more important role in the marketing of the company. Social media now sees the world’s most impressive vineyards feature heavily in the posts of UKV PLC as they set out to bring knowledge and investment success to customers.

UKV PLC can bring the skills of its investors for a number of years across a range of communications options, including the creation of email listings and live meeting options for those who wish to discuss in person their needs as far as collecting and drinking fine wines are concerned.

EOS and their exciting suite of lip balms

Lip balms don’t feel exciting in any way. However an innovative brand like EOS can completely change the industry and create new and unimagined products that customers may one day love.

EOS started very simply with cast offs from manufacturers who were looking for opportunities to develop their own business. The lip balm industry looked ripe given the lack of innovation in the products. Products were very much the same from a hundred years prior and customer tastes were changing and not being met. EOS created an organic and natural product that had better ingredients and neat new flavors, all served in an orb applicator container that customers loved.

The flavor array that EOS created was very impressive to buyers who had for a long time been used to only the basic mint and cherry flavors, see here. EOS understood that there was an interest in flavors other than these and they include the development of an whole suite of options for differing flavors. EOS was focused on creating new and interesting flavors for customers that interested and appealed to them.

Examples of different EOS Lip Balm flavors include vanilla mint, blueberry acai, and blackberry nectar. These flavors may have floral, fruit and in notes associated with them that can meet your individual taste preferences. EOS doesn’t add in fake additives or preservatives which can create unusual flavor notes and even allergic reactions among users.

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Of the flavors noted above my favorite was vanilla mint. The vanilla was a deep and interesting flavor while the mint is the refreshing flavor that many people love to apply as a lip balm. It was more interesting than the EOS fresh mint flavor to me and had none of the medicinal flavors that their competitors had. Strongly recommend the vanilla mint lip balm from EOS.

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