George Soros’ Involvement In The Ferguson Protests

The suffering that the human race went through during the Second World War was uniquely excruciating. It taught the whole world a dear lesson, but the one person who might have taken the worst kind of experience positively is George Soros. The Jewish billionaire and an immigrant American, George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary. At his time of birth, the Nazi regime had invaded Hungary and was busy gathering Jews together in concentration camps and killing them. The Soros family survived the entire period that saw the Nazis kill over 500,000 Hungarian Jews. The family had been shrewd enough to pay for their papers to be fabricated to hide their Jewish identities. They had also been generous enough to extend the risky favors to scores of families with whom they managed to come across and rescue. George Soros managed to leave Budapest for London to study. Read his profile at Business Insider.

He had to work a construction job at a railway company and serve at a night club to raise fees for tuition at the London School of Economics. There, he got the skills that saw him rise to become one of the world’s most accomplished Economists in the world. He got so accomplished as an economist that he earned the title of ‘the Man Who Broke the Bank of England.’ That, he did, as an American living the American dream. But his story of success does not end where he made a billion dollars in profit in one day from trading currencies. It runs from the point he began his philanthropic endeavors to hit his over 12 billion dollars’ worth of donations.

George Soros began his philanthropy after establishing a hedge fund to consolidate his earnings from trading stocks and currencies. At the slightest sign of economic freedom and stability, the one economist began giving away his earned money for liberal causes. At first, George Soros contributions seemed to favor educational causes. However, their true liberal demeanor was to emerge as the philanthropist grew bolder in his giving and more vocal in his assertions. He grew from giving scholarships to activists fighting the Apartheid Regime and reprinting banned materials and establishing the tuition of Critical Thinking in the Communist Eastern Block to propagating national campaigns against police brutality and racial profiling on American. Learn more on about George Soros.

The Avid subscriber to Democratic Party liberal philosophies has been reported to have funded several campaigns to seek redress for the violation of human rights police inflict on the Black American Community. During the Ferguson Protests, the liberal billionaire was quick enough to assert that violence was the wrong mode in which to air the grievances of the Black American Community against police brutality and extra-judicial killings. He went on to coordinate concerted efforts by invested parties to spread social media awareness through the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. Additionally, he spent about 33 million dollars organizing for bus rides to ferry activists all across the United States to designated demonstration spots. The protests, better organized, managed to gain more voice and attract more public sympathy which strengthened the case highlighting the need for police reforms in Ferguson Island and the entire United States.


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