James Dandero And The Dallas Donation

James Dondero the Household Name
James Dondero is a household name in the Dallas region, as his popularity has increased, due to his philanthropy. James, the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital Management, oversees the company’s investment strategies, and he is among the most experienced alternative credit managers. James is a believer of giving back to the society and growing with it, and as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, James supports the region’s society-based development projects.

Causes That James Supports
James’ charitable deeds have led to a total transformation in the education, and recreational sectors in the Dallas region. He has donated millions to charities and non -profit organizations that enrich the residents of Dallas. These donations were steered towards; the Dallas Zoo, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and the George W Bush Library. James donation is an indication of his dedication, not only to improve the environment but the educational opportunities in the Dallas region. This is because; a share of the $1 million donations of the zoo will construct an extensive educational display. Moreover, the Perot Museum gives children an opportunity to learn and understand science and technology that are crucial in their education.

The Dallas Zoo Donation
The people of Dallas have been for a long time never seen hippos. However, this narrative has changed through the compassionate nature of Highland Capital Management, under the leadership of James, who has stepped in to make a donation of $1 million. This donation helps to return hippos to the zoo, after abandonment for over a decade. The zoo has been attracting about over a million tourists, and with the new renovation, it’s hoped that this will attract more people thus promote domestic tourism.

James Passion in Charity
With the same conviction and resilience he uses in the investment sector, he applies the same approach to address his charitable organizations. Together with the workforce at the highlands, they spend their time and energy in providing guidance to these organizations they support, which makes him an inspirational philanthropist.

From the numerous organizations that James supports through volunteering, advisory involvement, and donations, there is an indication that he is committed to making a difference in the community. This is one of the visions that the Highlands Capital Management holds and is part of their corporate social responsibility.

Partnership Formed by Talos and other two Companies to Explore Oil in Mexico

Partnership of Talos Energy Company in Exploration of Oil in Mexico
The Mexican waters will be explored for oil for the first time in 80 years. Mexico has allowed foreign companies to boost the energy sector in the country. Three company formed a joint venture to drill the oil. These firms are Premier Oil, Talos Energy, and London which merged to introduce a new oil exploration out of the known monopolized Petroleos Mexicanos since 1938.
The Zama-1 is estimated to hold between 100 and 500 million barrels of crude oil. The companies will utilize about $16 million to drill the oil, and the drilling is expected to take 90 days. The collaboration of the three companies was awarded tender via the bidding process in the year 2015. The oil drilling in the Mexican waters is the first one since the country opened oil mining to foreign investors. The analysts in the energy state that oil mining at Zama will be of great benefit to the country. The Talos Energy LLC operates the well, and it holds 35 percent stake in the investment. Sierra Oil & Gas and Premier Oil PLC. have 40 and 25 percent respectively.
Talos Energy an oil and gas company which explores oil and hydrocarbons.The company was founded in 2012, and it is operating in US Gulf and offshore of Mexico region. The firm was formed from the partnership between Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings. The company also deals in business development. The organization has used 10.2 million acres of investment in seismic inventory. The management team of the firm works in team work to ensure that the company’s goals are achieved. The firm has a track record in employing advanced technology techniques in their operations.
Premier Oil PLC is a renowned company which deals with the exploration of oil and gas. The firm has its headquarters in London. The company has its wings in various countries such as Pakistan, South East Asia, and Brazil. The primary agenda is to increase the value of shareholder by increasing investments. The company maintains professionalism and creativity in its operation.it also employs high technology in the exploration of oil and gas.

Vincent Parascandola, an Investment Planning Specialist For You

If there is one thing that Vincent Parascandola understands it is attention to detail. As an investment broker with AXA Advisors, he knows that his clients have that acumen as well. He also knows they will expect only the very best from him as their financial planner. That is why he is used to going the extra mile in dealing with them and in expanding his knowledge base for this continuously changing financial world.

Vincent’s primary work is done with individuals and those with a high net worth. Parascandola realizes that he will have to be at the top of his game at all times. He is proud to have held a variety of great credentials, including an industry securities registration for the past 17 years. Parascandola has been fully vetted by the SEC and is subject to FINRA oversight in all of his career dealings. Check out BrightScope for more details.

Perhaps the most important ideal for Mr. Parascandola would be one major tenet: knowledge is power. Parascandola is ready, willing and able to assist his clients with each and every aspect of their financial portfolio. They have the confidence that only an experienced financial planner can bring them. Visit Wallet Hub to know more.

In every aspect of his demeanor, Parascandola is an individual who commands respect. His experience, his candor, and his personality all give the aura of an individual completely prepared to handle every part of a wealthy businessman’s portfolio. Vincent is ready to serve you in every regard and help your portfolio to continue to grow. Expanding your nest egg is the top priority of Vincent Parascandola. He will go to work immediately to help it grow and he has the track record to prove it. The one thing that differentiates him from other professionals is his dedication and his track record. You cannot argue with results, and that is what Vincent Parascandola brings to the table.

Anthony Petrello – Highly Successful Business Executive in the United States

Nabors Industries is one of the leading names in the field of oil and gas drilling exploration and has the biggest fleet for land based drilling in the world. The company has a workforce of over 29,000 employees, and it continues to hire more as the enterprise continues to expand and grow considerably under the leadership of its President and CEO, Anthony Petrello. He is one of the most successful business executives in the United States currently and is well-known for the success he has achieved in making Nabors Industries Inc one of the top most firms in the oil drilling sector.

Anthony Petrello has helped in expanding the operational territory of the company after he took over the company’s leadership in 1991. Under the guidance and management of Tony Petrello, as he is popularly known as, he helped in finding drilling ventures in parts of Africa, the Middle East, and in the United States. Anthony Petrello has extensive experience in the oil and gas sector, and it is his experience that he puts into practice while making managerial decisions for Nabors Industries Inc. He has been in the news lately as he is known to be the highest paid Chief Executive Officer in the country with the salary of close to sixty-two million annually. However, the people who in the corporate circle who know the man personally know for a fact that Tony Petrello is an honest man who thoroughly deserves what he is getting.

It is his strategic leadership that has managed to make billions in profits for Nabors Industries Inc over the years, and make the company one of the biggest in the industry. Apart from leading the Nabors industries Inc, Anthony Petrello is known for his association with other leading firms such as Stewart and Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company. One of his close friends who have known Tony for years wrote about him recently and said that Tony Petrello has been a prodigy in mathematics from his college days. As per the reports, Anthony Petrello is also known for his philanthropic efforts and generous donations he makes for charities that support children with diseases, such as Periventricular Leukomalacia.

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Eli Gershkovitch – Highly Popular Figure in the Craft Beer World of Canada

Eli Gerskovitch is a well-known man among the people in Canada who love craft beer. It is a new trend that has been catching up worldwide about craft beer, and people have been taking it up rather positively. Cutting out from the popular taste and going for some freshly brewed craft beer is always delightful, and it is what Eli Gershkovitch and his company, Steamworks, has been providing to the beer lovers across Canada. Recently, the trend of people going for drinking beer in a micro brewery has increased drastically as it allows people to taste something new and refreshing.



There are many different kinds of Canadian beers available for citizens in Canada, and the number of microbreweries has been growing rapidly across the country. Eli Gershkovitch started the large scale brewery in 2013, which became an instant hit among the people. The sales have been staggering as per Eli Gershkovitch, especially after starting the full-scale brewery with 40,000 hectolitre capacity. Being as smart businessman that Eli Gershkovitch is, he didn’t waste time in expanding the company’s sales territory and ensured that he can sell his products across the globe, including in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Italy, and around 14 states of the United States.


Eli Gershkovitch started from opening a brew pub, and due to the success he achieved in that, Eli went on to start a brand itself to take the highly popular beer of his pub across the globe (https://twitter.com/steamleader). Eli Gershkovitch said that running a brew pub and starting a brewery with worldwide sales is a different ball game, the one which has helped him develop as a businessman. Eli Gershkovitch said that previously he never had to worry about packaging and logistic costs and procedures, but now he has to look into these matters closely as it is an integral part of today’s consumer market.



Eli Gershkovitch presently serves as the CEO of Steamworks Group of Companies. Through his strategic visions, business skills, and leadership qualities, Eli Gershkovitch has been able to take his company global and make it one of the youngest and most sought after businesses in the beer world that are right on the path of becoming the next big thing in the beer world.