Partnership Formed by Talos and other two Companies to Explore Oil in Mexico

Partnership of Talos Energy Company in Exploration of Oil in Mexico
The Mexican waters will be explored for oil for the first time in 80 years. Mexico has allowed foreign companies to boost the energy sector in the country. Three company formed a joint venture to drill the oil. These firms are Premier Oil, Talos Energy, and London which merged to introduce a new oil exploration out of the known monopolized Petroleos Mexicanos since 1938.
The Zama-1 is estimated to hold between 100 and 500 million barrels of crude oil. The companies will utilize about $16 million to drill the oil, and the drilling is expected to take 90 days. The collaboration of the three companies was awarded tender via the bidding process in the year 2015. The oil drilling in the Mexican waters is the first one since the country opened oil mining to foreign investors. The analysts in the energy state that oil mining at Zama will be of great benefit to the country. The Talos Energy LLC operates the well, and it holds 35 percent stake in the investment. Sierra Oil & Gas and Premier Oil PLC. have 40 and 25 percent respectively.
Talos Energy an oil and gas company which explores oil and hydrocarbons.The company was founded in 2012, and it is operating in US Gulf and offshore of Mexico region. The firm was formed from the partnership between Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings. The company also deals in business development. The organization has used 10.2 million acres of investment in seismic inventory. The management team of the firm works in team work to ensure that the company’s goals are achieved. The firm has a track record in employing advanced technology techniques in their operations.
Premier Oil PLC is a renowned company which deals with the exploration of oil and gas. The firm has its headquarters in London. The company has its wings in various countries such as Pakistan, South East Asia, and Brazil. The primary agenda is to increase the value of shareholder by increasing investments. The company maintains professionalism and creativity in its also employs high technology in the exploration of oil and gas.

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