Jose Manuel Gonzalez: The Shrewd Businessperson and Brave Politician

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan politician and agricultural businessperson. As a politician, he serves as the deputy of the National Assembly of Guarico state. A role he performs with courage. He bravely confronts the government on issues that he believes do not favor the people of Venezuela, which results in significant developments in the country. Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has also had an opportunity to serve as head of the Venezuelan Federation of the Chamber of Commerce. His entrepreneurial talent and business prowess played a significant role in helping him secure the position.
Mr. Gonzalez has been for a while of the opinion that Venezuelan politics are dismal. He mainly has been concerned with the kind of policies made by the government concerning the agricultural sector. He believes that the policies are to blame for the food shortages that face the country regularly. As a politician with the people’s best interests at heart, he has offered his advice to the government to tackle the problem. However, according to him, the government has ignored his pleas hence the myriad of challenges facing the country regarding food supply.
An example of a policy that Mr. Gonzalez feels is not helpful to the agricultural sector of Venezuela is the fixing of prices of essential commodities such as oil and flour. Manuel believes that this policy tends to limit the number of money farmers make from selling their crops as the government ends up paying low amounts for their produce. To try to make a considerate sum of money from their crops, Venezuelan farmers have resulted to smuggling their produce to nearby countries where the market is free and fair.
Mr. Gonzalez is also a supporter of the reinstating of private property rights, justice and freedom. In his opinion, the move will assist spur growth in the economy. In the same spirit of stimulating economic growth, he has also warned against populist moves like increasing wages by fifty percent. According to him, this will lead to the closure of many companies and consequently loss of jobs. Jose Manuel Gonzalez believes that the only way Venezuelan politically manufactured problems will end is if the country reaches a national agreement and holds every leader responsible for their actions.