Handy Relieves the Spring Cleaning Blues

Many of us feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to tackling the job of cleaning our homes or businesses, but Handy can turn that feeling of dread into one of accomplishment. Reaching over a million dollars a week in revenue from services being provided to customers, it is obvious that they are onto something huge. No longer do we have to imagine a futuristic world in which we would use a mobile device to book any cleaning service imaginable, for that time has already arrived. By logging onto the Handy mobile app, users can pick from a list of provided services to be booked and schedule them for a time that works best for you. Handy freelance employees then select the order and arrive at the time that has been agreed upon.

Since Spring cleaning missions may also include the necessity of home repairs, Handy enlists the aide of handymen that can be booked to handle those needs as well. Just as you would select and schedule their other services, you can choose repair work to be done at the time you need it to be. This combination of cleaning and repair services can truly renovate areas of your home or business for use in ways that may have been overlooked for far too long. For example, if you need to have your garage cleaned out, but the automatic garage door isn’t functional, Handy workers could knock out both of these problems. This could convert a clustered garage into a fully usable work space for the approaching summer.

There is no shortage of Handy employees either, for they have received over 200,000 job applications already. Their rigorous employment process includes an in depth background check on both county and national levels, ensuring only the most-trusted individuals will arrive at your location to provide services. If you haven’t looked into all that Handy can provide, we highly suggest you check out their mobile app. There you can see all listed services, as well as their pricing. For those possibly interested in working for Handy, they are currently serving 23 cities across the country.

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Talk Fusion Success

Talk Fusion Video chat was launched just recently. However, in such a short duration of time, the application has managed to become the number one program in many nations in the world. According to AppBrain, the video chat from Talk Fusion is leading in Indonesia. In Japan, it takes the number five position, and in Switzerland, it is ranked number twenty.

According to individuals who have used the application in the recent past since its introduction in the market, it is quite easy to identify the reasons why the app is enjoying so much popularity. It has clearly proved to be very smart for the users, faster, and the greatest thing about it is the fact that it is compatible with all devices. Users with Android, Mac, PC, Apple, Tablet and others can use the application effectively without getting any problems. Many people already love the product. The HD quality people get is over the world, and it doesn’t match any other in the market. You can use it to communicate with friends and family, regardless of your location.

This is actually the first success the company is experiencing. The company has released a report to the press saying that they will not be slowing down anytime soon. The company is aimed at doing bigger and better things for its consumers in the future. Very soon, the institution is geared up to launch a thirty-day trial that will be done for free. The clients of the institution are already excited, and they are all waiting for the event.

Talk Fusion is the leading international company in video marketing solutions. Since it was started by Bob Reina not long ago, the company has always been dedicated to helping businesses to grow and also change the lives of people through proprietary and video technology. The company is doing very well in most of the nations it has been introduced, and its innovative products are always marketed from one person to the other. At the moment, the company has spread in more than one hundred and forty nations in the world. Many businesses have gained huge profits because of the products from Talk Fusion.

Top Notch Cleaning Services Provider – Handy

Nothing says “Spring is here!” quite like cleaning does. Spring cleaning is a chance to get rid of the stuffiness and dust that came with winter, open the doors to a fresh breeze, and enjoy the comfort of a clean, fresh home. With so much going on in the world today, who has time for all that cleaning? A revolutionary, affordable, top notch cleaning company does, that’s for sure.

Offering background screened cleaning professionals, Handy is taking the mobile cleaning industry by storm. While they offer other services, such as home handyman, electrical, and plumbing services, consumers have shown that the demand for cleaning services is growing. With Spring in the air, Handy is sending their cleaners out in full force as the company revenue has grown to one million dollars a week. Offering services in 25 U.S. cities, Canada, and London, those who are in need of a high end, professional cleaner likely won’t have to look too far.

With a variety of deep cleaning options, Handy professionals deep clean their customer’s home to the highest standards. A standard bedroom and common area cleaning offers dusting, surface and glass cleaning, floor cleaning, and garbage removal. Bathrooms will shine after a full disinfection of all surfaces, dusting, floor cleaning, and glass cleaning as well as trash removal. The kitchen will look fresh and welcoming to cook in after it is thoroughly wiped down, floors are mopped, trash is taken out, appliance exteriors are cleaned, and the dishes are done. For those wanting miscellaneous services, a Handy professional will also clean the inside of the fridge, cabinets, and oven, while washing clothes and interior windows.

Handy has provided quality services for thousands of home and company owners, and the demand for their services is growing. There is no need to waste time trying to knock out tedious Spring cleaning anymore. Not when a company like Handy is around to provide quality cleaning with top of the line, background screened professionals. Hire a trusted Handy cleaning professional to get the winter blues out of the house and welcome Spring in with a fresh, deep cleaning.

Talk Fusion Offers Innovation For A Wide Range Of Communications Needs

Communications are rapidly changing at an unprecedented pace. This is where companies like Talk Fusion shine their brightest. Talk Fusion provides innovative solutions for a wide range of communications needs.

One of the best products Talk Fusion offers is its video email. This allows businesses to offer a fresh take on one of the most used forms of electronic communication. This product allows users to include custom video to suit a wide range of client needs. For example, imagine creating custom replies to customer inquiries or sending out updates to clients on your email list with this service.

Another popular feature is their live video conferencing. This allows businesses to conduct live broadcast for multiple attendees. This is a perfect solution for businesses looking for ways to communicate with business partners abroad. Another great use for this service is to reach out to their workforce who telecommute. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to the solutions this service offers.

The best feature of Talk Fusion is their commitment to utilizing technology to its fullest. We use our tablets and smartphones to stay connected on the go. This is something that Talk Fusion has taken into account when designing their innovative platform. They allow users to upload videos and participate in video conferencing using the mobile device of their choosing. This offers clients the best when it comes to mobility and ease of use.

Talk Fusion understands its clients needs and works hard to develop some of the unique solutions we’ve seen to date. The communication tools they offer give businesses the best variety and flexibility they need to succeed in a rapidly changing environment. This is what makes Talk Fusion such a top choice for a wide range of businesses.

Choosing Handy for a Bright Home Environment

When you look at your home and your family, you get a good idea of why you do not have the time to clean. Whether you have small children or babies or just live a very hectic life schedule, it can be too difficult to get the home cleaned to the point that it is healthy, comfortable and not going to be embarrassing for when you get company coming to the door. You might have thought about hiring a maid in the past, but you might have also assumed that it would be too expensive for your current budget. Fortunately, there are many benefits to hiring a maid, and the price you pay for a maid is one of those benefits because it does not have to be too expensive for you.

Handy has been a cleaning company that people have trusted for many years. The way that they work is by allowing you to find maids in your area and schedule them to come to your home or office. The benefits of working with Handy are pretty obvious. For one, the scheduling is conveniently done, allowing you to relax and know that the person will get to do the cleaning with just a few clicks of your button when using the Handy website or their mobile app. Secondly, you will find that a maid company is not as expensive as you once thought. Most people, even those on strict budgets, can easily hire a maid to come in once or twice a week to do the cleaning for them.

Handy has made it easy to schedule a maid to come to your home and pay them electronically. This takes the guesswork out of how to work with a maid. You can also leave reviews for when you are looking to discuss how a maid worked when they were at a home and if you did not like a particular maid, you can find and hire another one through the Handy company.

Handy is Pretty Handy to Keep Around

How many of us can recall the first time we heard about that bazillion dollar company Uber? “Who will drive around in a car with a stranger?” I thought out-loud. A stranger that isn’t a professional driver even? Many of us thought no one. Cut to today, and it’s an accepted and integrated part of society for now. I recall actually using Uber to retrieve forgotten car keys and drop off copies. That makes Uber a forefather for the companies like Handy that have come behind it.

We are so accepting of the concept of using labor/ride sharing that Handy is booking $1 million a week for the cleaning service. The appeal of getting exactly what you want and exactly how you want it with the convenience of a couple touches on a touch screen is enormous. The app cuts down on the time it takes to search and vet cleaning companies or contractors.

In addition to making things easier for consumers, Handy is allowing for better options and flexibility for contractors and companies as well. It can be hard to compete in the wild world of the web. You have to compete with other contractors on Google and other search engines, many small businesses and contractors don’t have the time to learn the nuances of search engines. As a new contractor, Handy will a background check, get your information and you can be up and running in a short period of time. You’ll be in front of the exact audience that you want to be in front of, which pays off for everyone involved.

The Handy app offers consumers several services in addition to cleaning. According to the company, 85% of the company’s revenue comes from cleaning services and the rest is split between plumbing and handyman services. The handyman services can be anything from moving an old dresser to fixing a squeaky doorknob.

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Handy Workers Are Always Available To Do Work In Any Person’s Home

Many may have stereotypes when they think about cleaning services, and typically, people picture several women running around the home vacuuming, washing, and cleaning. The fact is, anyone can clean a home as long as they have the experience needed to do so, and experience doesn’t just come from cleaning one’s own home but cleaning the homes of others. Handy is a company that many are becoming familiar with these days, and Handy also has home cleaning services. Handy has workers that will go to a home and clean the home exactly how the customer wants it cleaned.

Handy goes above and beyond house cleaning because they also have other services that have to do with the home as well. Those who are looking for services that may include installing products in a home, assembling furniture, plumbing needs, and even moving can all be satisfied by Handy. Just make an appointment to have a Handy professional or several professionals do the services. Handy workers are considered professional not only because of their past experiences but also because of the fact that many of them have certifications to do the jobs they are hired for. Handy does have some of the best home cleaners around as well.

Those who are hired by Handy to go out to a home to clean will know exactly what the job entails and will do it well. Even those who want plumbing services performed by Handy will be happy to know that the plumbers are licensed to do the job, and they are not simply people who sign up to work with Handy but professionals with a background in plumbing. Even if a person needs their furniture assembled by Handy workers, they can be certain that the worker knows how to assemble the furniture properly.

Many turn to Handy because of the fact that they have several different services available for the home as well as reasonable prices that may even beat the competition. Every city will have their own home cleaners and service persons that do other things inside the home, but no company has all the services that are available at Handy, especially since these services are at competitive prices. Those who have an account on Handy’s website can make an appointment when they are ready to have the services completed in their home, and appointments are available as soon as the very next day. Check out the Handy app on iOS and Android now!

Handy Cleaned My Home In Time For A Surprise Party

I was extremely excited about a surprise birthday party that I was putting together for my husband the next night, and I went to the store right after work to pick up some things. The surprise birthday party would only consist of about 20 people, and everyone was to gather at my home after 8 PM. Since the party would be on a Friday night, then 8 PM wasn’t too late for everyone to come over and celebrate my husband’s birthday. My kids were with the babysitter at home, and after going to the store I went straight home to a disaster.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. When I looked at my home, the living room was a mess, the kitchen had dirty dishes, and the babysitter was playing with the kids. I had it in my mind to fire her right away because she knew better than to let the place be so messy. I couldn’t believe that the place is such a mess on a night that I had a lot of work to do. It was 4 PM, and I didn’t have time to do all that cleaning, and I didn’t think I could do everything on time. My first thought was to call Handy.

Handy is a service that I’ve used for the last year when it comes to cleaning my home. I’ve never made an appointment on such short notice, but I was very desperate that night. I went to the Handy website, and I couldn’t believe they would have somebody over to my home the very next day. They arrived before 5 PM, and I had them start cleaning my floors, and I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. The Handy cleaners helped me clean my home as quickly as possible, and I was even able to cook dinner in the meantime.

When 7 PM came, then my guests started calling to see if they could come over, and I told them to give me until 8:30 PM because I knew I would be finished by then. The Handy cleaners were amazing, and in just a couple hours my entire home was clean. I even tipped the workers because I was more than happy with the job they had done. The babysitter was watching the kids for me while I cooked and Handy cleaned. I would recommend Handy to anyone who needs a quick cleaning job that’s done right.

Slyce’s New Products Aim to Help Retailers and Customers

Yahoo Finance released an article that Slyce, the visual search technology for retailers, was set to release several new features to aid retailers and a few tools that are currently in beta at Shop.org. The Toronto, Ontario company has created a visual search platform that helps retailers to increase customer engagement. The app allows customers to take pictures of 2D or 3D objects and then search for close or exact matches on the retailers websites. Some of Slyce’s customers include Tilly’s, Home Depot, and JCPenny.

The new tools being presented at Shop.org hope to continue increasing user engagement with the brands and also offer more benefits to the customers as well. One tool, snap-to-coupon is a handy way for customers to save coupons. It allows consumers to store pictures of any printed coupons in the app. The application will then alert the customer when they are near one of the stores or if any of their coupons are about to expire. Also, if a customer is unable to get a clear picture of the object they want to search on the retailer’s site Slyce is now integrating a universal scanner tool where users can simply take a picture of the QR code or barcode in order to search rather than the object itself.

One of the features that is currently in beta development is an out-of-stock mitigation tool. Consumers can grow frustrated quickly if the item they are searching for online is out of stock and move on to another site. This tool aims to curtail these urges by immediately offering relevant alternatives to the out-of-stock item. This attributed matching is done thanks to the sophisticated technology behind Slyce’s visual search analytics.

The Benefits of Online Dating Like Skout

Communication and interaction has been made easier by the use of internet. Today, purchase of different household goods can be done by a click of a button. In the recent years, the dating scene has changed drastically. In these contemporary times, people are embracing online dating. It has become the new norm. Online dating is an introduction platform where people interact with the intention of having a romantic or personal relationship with another party.
In online dating, users write a profile about themselves and their expectations. If somebody finds your profile appealing, he or she can contact you. Through the basic interaction, you can decide if you have a mutual interest. Globalization and progress made in the field of technology has improved connectivity besides allowing people to connect through the social media platforms.
The benefits of Skout online dating are vast and wide. It is a simple and an easy way of meeting people who would like to be in a relationship. As long as you have created a profile and attached a photo, you can browse through other users and contact them. It is a great way for people to meet and interact with other people that fit the qualities that one is looking for through social media.
Another benefit of online dating is the fact that you can meet a number of people at once. This breaks you out of your usual comfort zone that comprises of a closely-knit setting of people and friends you have known for a long while. In this kind of setting, you lack the opportunity to meet new people outside your social circle. With the presence of smart phones, online dating has been made easy and convenient for many people.
Given the presence of persons who are shy, the online dating method has been of crucial benefit to them. Online dating decreases the pressure that is usually involved in a face-to-face meeting. It offers a relaxed atmosphere where someone can make conversation without feeling like they are put on spot. It also helps you to achieve a level of comfort so that during the date you can be at ease.
In an online dating platform, you are saved from embarrassment. Such sites prevent you from rejection by matching you with someone who is more compatible to what you are expecting. In online platforms, people usually feel free to disclose personal information and this can help you have clear understanding of the other person. Online dating offers you the freedom to specify your intentions from the start. When you do put out their intents, you narrow down your search to people who are looking for the exact thing. In case you are looking to date, casually this stops you from mingling with people who are looking for soul mates.
The growth of online dating platforms has lead to the emergence of mobile applications such as Skout on zendesk. It was founded by Niklas Lindstrum and Christian Wiklund in 2007. Skout is a social network that one can use to post photos, connect with people and make new friends. Skout has a different section for teens and adults. The application also prohibits the posting and exchanging of nude photos.