Pete and Will Best Appointed to Serve in Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks is a well-known charitable organization that was started few years ago in London. The charitable organization was started with the main aim of raising money to help autism research in universities and also create awareness about the medical condition that mostly affects children. The international charitable organization was founded by popular British millionaire known as Sanjay Shah. Since the start of the organization, many concerts have been held to help raise money through their performances.

The organization is led by the board of trustees of overseeing the day to day management of the organization. This strong team is elected by the founder, and it recently made some changes in its positions. To more individuals were added to the team. The two people added are well known to Shah. They are Will and Pete Best. The two are blood brothers, and they went to the same university as Sanjay Shah.

Pete and Will have all the knowledge the organization needs at the moment. The two are learned professionals who have been vetted and proven to be worthy of the positions. According to Sanjay Shah, the two will make important decisions concerning important issues that come up in the organization. They will also be responsible for giving reports to the public about the future plans of the charitable organization.

Sanjay Shah started the organization after his youngest son; Nikhil was discovered to have autism. He had experienced vomiting for some time, and his doctors thought that it was just a normal illness that would go way after some time. After a lot of consultation, the doctors finally concluded that Nikhil had autism, and he needed treatment so that he could live a normal life. After the whole experiences, Shah decided to start the charitable organization so that he could help other children and parents in different parts of the world. The organization has managed to reach this objective, helping many teens and children suffering from the condition.

Apart from being the founder of this organization, Shah is also the owner of Solo Capital, a large and famous boutique financial company that is found in Dubai and London.