Equities First Holdings Moves its Offices to a New Place

Equity First Holdings (EFH), an Australian leading lending company has moved its Melbourne offices to more convenient and accessible location. The company’s new offices are now based in a place that is said to be ‘the heart of Melbourne.’ The main reason behind the relocation of EFH offices is not only limited to the company’s mission which entails offering quality services to the clients but it is also because the new location has enough space for expansion of the business. The address for EFH new offices is Equities First Holdings Pty Limited, Level 2,287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

Equities First Holdings is a multinational company which provides its clients with best financial solutions. The company gives capital to clients who have interest in stock trading thus enabling them to achieve their personal goals. The company gives capital against shares exchanged on open trades which is conducted globally. Recently, EFH completed over 700 exchanges worth $1.4 billion by offering clients high advance to-esteem at low settled loan fees. Additionally, EFH has three offices in Australia namely Perth, Sydney and Melbourne so that the company can reach out to many customers. Other EFH offices are based in United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. To know more click here.

What does Equities First Holdings specialize in?

Equities First Holding specializes in creating effective and efficient loaning answers for organizations and individuals with high total assets who are looking for non-reason capital. The company arrives at these financial answers by evaluating potential risks and future performances of stocks, treasuries and bonds. Analysis of current economic scales and threats to the business is part of the daily operation of the EFH. Thus this helps to place the company on a safer side in situations where there is a potential risk which may hinder the growth of EFH. Generally, Equities First Holdings works towards transforming lives of its clients.