Equites Used As Collateral

Some companies will lend money for emergencies using equities, that is, stocks and bonds, as collateral for loans.Some of the interest rates are extremely high in today’s market, and the loan to value ratio is very, very low. Most of the lenders will lend only up to sixty per cent of the value of the equities, and most of the time, lower than that.If a person applies for a loan, they face the long line of questions such as, what is the loan for? What are the prospects of return on the investment? These are questions that would entail an entire business proposal, something that is uncalled for when a quick, easy, cash loan needed for emergencies.

Then we have Equities First AU. They will lend up to 8o per cent of the value of the equities, and their interest rate runs about half of the conventional lenders.They will not ask what the money is for. The equities stand good for the loan.Conventional lenders are limited by governments in what they can lend, and whether they can lend on a particular equity.

Equities First AU, being a private company, is not fettered by those rules and regulatory impairments. They decide what they are going to lend, who they will lend it to, and the interest rate of the loan, without government interference.And they are faster than any other lenders out there. Why ask for an emergency loan, if it takes months or more to get it? If you need an equity-based loan, call Equities First, first!

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Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is one of the companies which work by issuing fast working capital using stocks as collateral for both the stock-based loans and the margin loans. For the enterprise, they have also seen an increased capability on the accessibility of the stock-based loans over the use of the older margin loans. For those of us who want to get to the utilization of the stock-based loans, Equities First Holdings is one of the most trusted companies which has worked for more than one decade specializing in this capability in the world. The company also has its headquarters in Indianapolis. However, it sought to have its presence in major parts of the world in all the continents. For this reason, it opened offices in areas including Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok, Perth, London, and South Africa.

Equities First Holdings has its socialization based on the issuance of loans using stocks as collateral. This means that an individual or company comes to the business and gives them their stock shares and get an equal estimation of the amount of loan they qualify. For his reason, the company of individual will work to pay back the loan in due course to get them working with their capabilities in a manner which reflects their true nature in business. Once you are done with using the loan, you give the money back and get your stocks to use them again in whatever you need. If you fail to pay the loan, they simply liquidate the assets and get back their loan without coming after you as it is the case with the stock-based loans.

Al Christy, Equities First Holdings’ Founder and Chief Executive Officer, has many things to talk about the issues concerning stock-based loans and margin loans. According to him, many people consider the use of stock-based loans seamless with margin loans. However, there are differences between the loans. For the stock-based loans, they are characterized by the high loan-to-value ratio in which case you are asked to get the best use of the loan without any further damage to your credit facility or history.

Philip Diehl Of U.S. Money Reserve Says Penny Should be Eliminated

President of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box to talk about the possibility of eliminating the penny from American currency circulation. According to the original article found on PR Newswire, the interview aired on December 30th and Diehl favored taking the penny out of circulation because he believes the cost to produce it is more than its worth.

Diehl went on to say that people don’t use the penny anymore adding that if a person takes the time to bend over and pick up a penny they find on the street they are actually getting less than the minimum wage for the second it takes to do so.

Andrew Ross Sorkin, host of the morning talk show, mentioned during the interview that some economists believe removing the penny is doing to result in distorted prices and eventually maybe even inflation of prices. However, Diehl combated the thought by stating that people have been saying that for 25 years, but today is a different landscape.

Diehl added that he believes most businesses would round down any penny transaction totals they had to show good faith towards their consumers. Due to the tough competition in the marketplace he believes that businesses are going to keep their prices fair which means that the market will regulate itself.

Critics of the move believe that it would be actually more expensive to get rid of the penny because doing so would mean more nickels would have to be produced. Nickels cost 9.4 cents to make which means that it is not as cost effective as the penny. However, the copper nickel mix of the nickel could be slightly altered to make it a better move. If the penny is taken out of circulation taxpayers could be saved as much as $105 million every year.

Diehl is in a position to make a statement about the penny because not only is a former U.S. Mint Director, but he serves as the U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of platinum, gold, and silver products that are U.S. government issued. The company has a highly trained team that includes everyone from numismatic professionals to coin research experts to make sure that they are able to buy precious metals with the highest profit return.


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I Don’t Want To Lose Contact And Friendship With San Antonio. Says Marcio Alaor

The city of San Antonio inaugurated a food court in honor of Marcio Alaor. Marcio is a famous son of the city. He was born and raised in San Antonio. From his early days in childhood, Marcio says he owns great love and respect for residents of San Antonio. He acknowledges they raised him through the ranks of achievements to a great person hi is currently. Marcio is the current vice president of BMG bank. The bank is the leading in consignment credit.


During the inauguration, several municipal leaders hailed praises to Marcio’s achievement. Among the leaders was the city’s mayor Willmar Son. He thanked Marcio for helping the city in various projects without expecting any political favors. The food court was initially aware house and was transformed on Marcio’s honor.


Welcoming the generous reward, Marcio praised his home city for according him the respect while alive. He noted majority of such projects come long after the hero is long dead. The inauguration of the food court was symbolic to the love the people of San Antonio have for their son Marcio Alaor. The event was attended by thousands who came to honor one of their greatest executives in Brazil.


Marcio is actively engaged in major development projects in the city of San Antonio. He has sponsored several philanthropic projects that benefit the society. His projects focus on education and health sector. The projects have opened doors and opportunities for the less fortunate in the city. Marcio comes from a humble background. He understands the value of such opportunities for less unfortunate population.


Marcio is a charismatic leader and experienced businessperson. He works with Mr. Richardo Guimaries, who serves as the bank’s president. Both leaders have led the bank to the top in the banking industry. BMG is currently the leading bank in consignment industry. It’s among the largest in the country and serves over five million people.


Under the leadership of Marcio and Guimaraes, BMG has become the most influential sponsor in football. The bank has overtaken traditional supporters like Addidas and Coca-Cola. Marcio is also a fan of Brazilian soccer and active sponsor of local clubs at a personal level. Apart from football, Marcio and BMG also sponsor other sports like volleyball and tennis.


BMG and ITAU bank partnered to form a payroll bank that will venture to the private sector with a low interest personal loan. Under Marcio’s leadership, the bank has grown its market presence to over sixty thousand agents. It also operates over three thousand points of sales distributed in major municipalities in the country. The new bank will increase BMG market share significantly.

Ricardo Guimarães explains why BMG is the best.

Ricardo Guimaraes is the president of BMG a company and he is also the owner of the enterprise. The company has been a household name in Brazil, and most of its success stories are associated with him. His career in the company was established back in the year 1980, and he served as the Financial Manager since 1989. In 1996, he was appointed to serve as the vice-president of the board of BMG Group. His skills and hardworking are seen throughout the company, and his authority is recognized. https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usu%C3%A1rio(a):Ricardo_Guimaraes_BMG/Ricardo_Guimar%C3%A3es_BMG
The company is located in Brazil, which dealt with financial products that were offered to businesses and individuals. It later converted into a wholesale and retail financing company where it became the leading financial institution that was run by the Pentagna Guimaraes family. Under his leadership, the privately owned company has stood out to be the excellently run firm in the entire Brazil and with solid foundations. Low-interest rates make the institution be the most admirable to offer credit facilities. Right structures should be put in place in order to be the leading lending institution in any economy, and this is what Ricardo Guimaraes is best at doing.
BMG has been in deep connections with the citizens of Brazil; It has been observed that it is involved in sponsoring most of the football teams in Brazil. Football being in the heart of Brazil citizens, the company under the leadership of Ricardo Guimaraes has excelled in providing the same. BMG is actively involved in sponsoring football teams despite the fact that he is a staunch supporter of Atletico Mineiro Club. Sponsoring football clubs is another strategy that enables BMG to advertise its products as wide as possible.
His intellect and a pursuit of excellence make him be the outstanding individual in the entire history of Brazil as far as financial institutions are concerned. Innovative strategies that were founded by him saw BMG stand out to be the leading in Brazil regarding credit consignment. Regarding lending, it has been ranked to be the best institution in Brazil, this has been enhanced by managing efficient teams and working closely with the legal consultants. BMG still continues to soar high as it has specialized in offering payroll loans t most active clients in the country. Ricardo Guimaraes is not yet done, he is still strong and embraces the aspect of collaboration when making financial decisions concerning the company.

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In Brazil, calling Soccer a religion is grossly underestimating its broad reach. It is a way of life and a critical part of the society. It is a society that has produced great soccer players like Ronald and Ronaldinho. It is also a platform that has led to banks like BMG to take advantage and build a brand in a competitive field. The bank sponsors 100 teams in the countries leagues and recently launched a TV station that has already seen 60000 Youths display their prowess. Ttp://blog.dino.com.br/?page_id=291?title=ricardo-guimaraes-do-bmg-e-homenageado-pela-camara&releaseid=74560&partnerid=78&
The bank has also announced a partnership with Marcio Melo to sponsor his tennis campaigns. He is expected to fly the banks flag high in all its competitions in the future as he continues his winning streak. It is a streak that begun years ago and that has seen him became world number one.Melo will lead the Brazilians tennis team into the Olympics this summer as the host nation seeks to stamp its dominance in Sports.
Ricardo Guimares is the leader of the Bank. He has been the CEO since 2004.In his years in charge, the bank has grown many folds and today is a dominant market leader in the country. It controls 80% of the market and has a market capitalization of $ 2.1 billion. When he took over the bank, it had a capitalization of $ 300 million.
Ricardo Guimares is a graduate of UMA. He graduated with a degree in business administration. It is an achievement he got while still working with Banco BMG in 1988.He had joined the bank in 1980 and was till 89 an office assistant. Ricardo Guimares was named as the vice president in 1996 and became the president in 2001.He was appointed the CEO in 2004.
He leads a bank his granddad founded in 1930.It was founded as a miner’s bank and has built a reputation as a bank with miners in mind. It is also a specialist in consigned credit which is the cheapest form of personal credit. The bank is based in Bero Horizonte and has over 3000 branches all over Brazil. It has over 50000 agents in the country.
Ricardo Guimares is a hedge fund specialist too. It has a new fund that seeks to monetize the player’s rights and brand them. Today it already has a capital of $ 20 million. It is an idea whose time in the market has come and which is very much welcome.
BMG has announced a partnership with Banco Itau to create BMG ITAU PAYROLL.It is a move expected to fill a gap in the demand for personal credit in Brazil.
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Marcelo Melo to be Sponsored by Ricardo Guimarães’ Banco BMG

According to an article published on R7.com, Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG announced that the firm will sponsor Marcelo Melo, a tennis player. The company has already signed the agreement with the player, who is ranked position one in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals. Mr. Ricardo Guimarães said the logo of Minas Gerais Bank will be printed on the sleeves of the player’s uniform, training and other materials he will be using. In response to the sponsorship, Melo said that the support of the bank will assist him to prepare well for the Olympic Games that will take place in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.
This contract is expected to play an important role to the athlete and enable him perform exceptionally well during the games. Ricardo Guimarães is the president of BMG bank, which will support Marcelo and enable him achieve other great titles during the Olympic Games. According to Ricardo Guimarães, the partnership was signed early November, and it’s their responsibility to sponsor sports’ activities where they are able. Mr. Marcelo agreed that sponsorship by large companies doubles athletes’ performance when participating in different championships.
The athlete arrived in Brazil with a championship trophy in 100 Master of Paris championship, which he obtained with his partner Ivan Dodig. Previously, the Brazilian had won three other championships in a row and this was the fourth one. In 2015 alone, Marcelo has won several tournaments like ATP’s 500 Acapulco, in Vienna and Tokyo and other more. The president of BMG Ricardo Guimarães has ensured the company is taking social responsibility seriously by continuing with its tradition of embracing talented sportsmen/women in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. The company has supported various categories, more so prominent athletes participating on the international championships.

Ricardo Guimarães said it’s in their interest to continue supporting professional athletes who are dedicated and committed to achieving their goals. As such, his company’s values are highly esteemed as in the case of Marcelo Melo. Mr. Ricardo Guimarães reiterates that the partnership signed with the player aims at promoting the name of the company within the sport arena and making it recognized by those watching the games. Banco BMG is one of the largest banks in Brazil and has more than 80 years since it was established. It is owned by Guimarães family, and they are still managing it with assistance from other professionals.

US Money Reserve Launches CrowdRise Humanitarian Campaign


There is ably nothing more important than humanitarian causes, such as feeding the hungry and giving back to communities in need. With that sentiment in mind U.S. Money Reserve recently launched a feed the hungry campaign on Crowdwise. According to Digital Journal all donations collected during the campaign are donated to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas in their efforts to assist the disadvantaged of Central Texas. The U.S. Money Reserve recently invited their network of customers and clients to donate to the fund.

Capitol Area Food Bank of Texas provides hunger relief through hundreds of agencies in Central Texas. This includes 21 different counties. Since 2010 the food bank has provided 25-31 million pounds of food to families in need. Now, in their 30th year of service, they hope to raise even more money, and help even more families in the region.

This is not the first time the U.S. Money Reserve have helped others through humanitarian efforts. Their involvement spans many similar projects over the years, and includes donations to the Make A Wish Foundation, which helps children suffering from sickness and terminal disease. They have also donated money to several nonprofit charities and organizations over the years.

The company is a U.S distributor of U.S. government issued precious metal coins, including gold, silver and platinum. They offer expert guidance and advise clients in the best possible investment, and the highest value of precious metals. Their expert knowledge has gained them a reputation of trust in the money market.

The company retains highly trained experts, such as coin researchers, Numismatic experts, and gold specialists that provide a type of high quality professionalism for clients and customers. They have assisted hundreds of thousands of people obtain the highest valued U.S. issued coins, and continue to provide advanced knowledge and customer service in precious metals.

Marcio Alaor: A Shrewd Bank Executive

In recent past, the Brazilian economy has been experiencing tremendous growth. Many people who were living in poverty have been able to get out of it, something that has led to the low levels of inequalities that were being experienced in that country. The performance investments are still growing, something has led to the country’s reserve accumulating more money. BMG Bank is currently the only bank in Brazil that is experiencing continuous growth. Marcio Alaor acts as the deputy president of the bank, and he is also the director. BMG Bank was launched more than 80 years ago, and it has been able to survive all that time because of its flexibility. The flexibility has helped the bank because it has made it possible for it to adapt to the changes that continue to be experienced in the market.

As leading bank in Brazil, Alaor has helped the BMG to keep its strong team of workers who are known to perform exceptionally well. The employees have been performing their duties in payroll credit, home equity financing, loan provision, used vehicle loans, and the provision of finance to the large and small companies. The Guimaraes family was the one that initially started the bank, but Alaor has been performing as the director in charge of the bank. His area of labor has been in the payroll loan segment, a section that is handled by Banco Itau BMG Consignado. BMG bank possesses more than 40 percent of all stakes in the voting assets stock.

BMG is known to have a sales team that is powerful and standards of operations that are commanding. The firm has managed to maintain an history of high performance, something that has made it be known globally for its excellence in the delivery of services. The managers of the bank have the potential to analyzing most market movements and taking the necessary action. The prompt action towards the right direction makes the firm avoid many losses that mainly result due to inaction.

Alaor has so far been maintaining a profile that is conservative. He is nowadays involved in advancing the profits that concern the quality portfolios and credit. BMG is working to come up with numerous businesses that are capable of adding value to the customers and the company in general. The enterprise is formulating a plan that will make it progress in future, something that will result in better prospects and enormous profits.

Benefits Of Offering Unique Products As Shown By BMG

Competition in business is something that cannot be overlooked. Each day there is always a story about a company that has succumbed to poor management and strategy formulation. This is something many investors have fought for many years and getting the solution to the problem has taken more than just having the right materials and tools. A business requires prudence more than materials and this is something that has been overlooked very often. Information that is available online may not be as accurate and reliable as a business would need, so it is vital to consult with professionals in the field to avoid applying the wrong strategies.

Banking has been ranked among competitive yet lucrative arenas of business. In Brazil, there are hundreds of companies that have invested in this area and the achievements they have made are visible for long periods. All this trickles down to the kind of strategies and management a bank maintains. BMG is among examples that have been successful in the highly competitive market in Brazil. The company is run by well educated professionals, who are more concerned about the success of the company at the expense of their own benefit. This is a company that was launched as a family business more than 30 years ago and the selection of managers has been thorough to ensure proper management is maintained.

Getting facts about the state of the market is among things that have allowed BMG to rank highly. All their projects are inspired by the feedback the market has offered regarding the changes that are needed to keep business afloat. Ricardo Guimarães explains that BMG has invested in research and mostly getting information that pertains the needs of the customers and how products can be improved. This has led them to develop high quality products that have allowed the company to emerge successful in sales and marketing.

Ricardo Guimarães also offers insight on the things that have allowed them to offer better services. He cites working with well trained professionals and offering competitive rates as one of the things that have allowed them to work seamlessly to overcome market challenges. Ricardo Guimarães also explains that BMG has opened more than 2800 outlets, which have made it easier for customers to access services and different products. The company has also worked on ensuring they have sufficient workforce as they have hired more than 55500 agents to help on various areas.