Use Videos to Build Your Online Reputation

If you are looking for a method to enhance your online reputation, then an article published on Business 2 Community suggests that you use videos. In building his case, author Brenna Clarine points out that within a year 74 percent of all online users will be watching a video. Be forewarned, however, that a poor quality video can easily harm your company’s reputation.

Keep in mind that content is still king, so create a video containing information that your potential and current customers will find useful. The more that you can connect with the customer, the more it helps to Brand Yourself. Once you start creating videos, then your customers will be wanting more videos. Build your online reputation by giving them what they want, even if it is just three or four a year.
Use professional equipment whenever possible and edit the video before uploading it to the internet. If you do not have professional equipment, then consider hiring a professional or buying the equipment.
It is important to get your content where your intended audience will see it. This varies greatly from one group to the next. Consider uploading it to social media, emailing a copy to your contacts and showcasing it on your blog.
If you are now convinced of the value of using video to build your online reputation, then consider the type of video that will connect best with your audience. You may want to do a how-to video showing how to use a product. Alternatively, you may want to do a news video highlighting important events in your industry or a behind the scenes video that will educate your audience. Finally, consider creating an interview video.


Finding a Reliable Reputation Building Company for Your Business

Better Reputation is an image company for online companies who want to build credibility. Better Reputation centers on managing your reputation and marketing. This reputation management service believes that a good image is important prior to creating a website to market your product. An excellent product website is usually marketed through Google Adwords, SEO, and other social media. If you do not have a known reputation, let alone a good one for serving the public, the public won’t know if you are going to give them good service or cheat you. Some people might want to give you a chance. Most people don’t want to buy from someone who has no references or positive reviews, let alone no reviews to back up their credibility.

What does Better Reputation. org have to offer? Better monitors 5 star sites, responds immediately to bad reviews that you have received, offers reputation training to your staff, and more. This reputation service sends you reputation reports on a regular basis, so you will know what people are saying about you. Poor reviews could destroy your business. When getting started with, they can send you a free reputation assessment. Go to the site and fill in your first and last name, and then your email address and they will send along your assessment, so you will know where to begin.

In order to be a success in the business world, your reputation is everything. With all the reputation companies out there, how do you know you are dealing with a reputable one? There are some important qualities to look for. An excellent reputation marketing service will tell you what is going wrong with your image and help you fix it. A poor reputation company will resort to unethical means to push your ratings. Visit the reputation management sites to see if they have pictures and a biography about the head of the company and other staff before you decide which reputation management company to use. Take notes on what kind of services you want a reputation marketing company to do for you.

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