Wengie Life Hack Vlog Recap


YouTube beauty blogger Wengie celebrates reaching 3 million subscribers and talks about the production of her newest life hacks video.


She starts the video by talking about her (then) upcoming lazy life hack video. She then talks about how she slammed her finger in a door. Then she discusses a hack that did not make the video: turning your toaster on its side to make grilled cheese. The bread just got stuck! She shows how to grow more lettuce by putting the core of an old lettuce into water. Wengie then watches a live ticker of her subscriber count. She and her boyfriend watch it through the night so they do not miss when she reaches 3 million followers.


She shows her cat Mia throughout the video, including when she is sleeping in a weird position on Wengie’s bed. Much of the video consists of outtakes and behind the scenes of Wengie’s latest video, like the cleanup from the hoodie popcorn bowl lazy life hack. She also does a photo shoot with gold balloons on the beach to celebrate her subscriber milestone. She also talks about how she wants to build a capsule wardrobe, which is made up of basics and a few trendy seasonal pieces.


Wengie also talks about how she used to want to be a fashion designer and sewed her own clothes. A piece she wears in her photo shoot was a sample from a collection she was going to release with a friend. Then she reveals that she and her boyfriend Max are going to move into a larger house so they have room to make their videos. She promotes her boyfriend’s YouTube channel. The video ends with a behind the scenes look at her photo shoot.

Travel Tips for Efficient Traveling

Beauty YouTube blogger, Wengie, gives tips on how she travels in her vlog. The most important thing she points out is a black, canvas backpack that she uses to store all of her essentials. The backpack has one pocket at the front, which she uses to store small items that she can quickly reach. The backpack can also be easily stored as a carry-on luggage under the seat or over the seat for quick access. The backpack allows her to remain hands free when she travels. Being hands free is important, letting her film the places she visits with her Panasonic camera.
Besides her camera, she stores her laptop in her backpack. She also brings her charger, which has the unique feature of being adaptable in almost any country’s outlet that she may travel to. And, of course, no laptop is complete without a set of ear buds for discretely listening to music or watching a movie so as not to disturb the other passengers.
She also takes along her travel wallet and her Kathmandu bum bag. Her travel wallet allows her to store her boarding pass, passport and credit cards for quick and easy access. Her Kathmandu bum bag is an ultra-portable bag, which she straps to her waist, under her shirt, effectively concealing any large sums of money and other valuables. Being organized and discrete it key when traveling.
She also takes along her make-up bag. She points out that using a clear make-up bag will ensure that it will go through airport security quickly and efficiently. She carries along small, travel-sized lotions in order to be space efficient.
And finally, traveling is not complete without an iPhone, a charger, and a pen. A pen is especially important for jotting down quick notes about the travel itinerary, even in today’s technologically advanced world.


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Laid Back Hairstyles for Laid Back Chicks

Don’t have time to get ready in the morning?
Can’t bother with spending too much time on your hair?

Triple Cascade:

Tie top section of hair into small elastic
Separate above elastic and loop hair through hole
Repeat twice
Tie remaining hair into cute hairtie. I used a bow! 😉
That’s literally it!

Double Tuck:

Pull hair into a decorative hairtie
Place clear elastic part way down the ponytail, separate between hairties and loop through
Place another clear elastic near the bottom and separate between middle and bottom hairties, then loop hair through
That’s it!

Side Twist:

Separate hair into two sections (horizontally down the middle of your head) and tie one section back
Take hair from untied section and separate into two or three vertical sections
Twist hair from two to three sections and add it to side ponytail
Add a decorative hairtie and you’re tone!

Twisted Plaits:

Pull all hair to one side of your head
Separate into two sections
Braid each section and tie with a small elastic
Loosely twist two braids together and tie with a decorative hairtie
Gently pull braids so they loosen and look like one big braid

Fishtail Braids:

Pull all hair to one side of your head
Split into two sections
Take hair from the back of one section, bring it around front and add it to other section
Repeat with the other side
Continue all the way down using thin or thick strands of hair (depending on what you want your braid to look like)
Tie with a decorative hairtie and pull at braid to loosen it a bit, making a real causal look
You’re done!
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