Eucatex Group Is Master of the Eco-Wood Domain

For decades, few consumers gave little thought to how flooring, tissue paper or other wood-based products were produced, but today, sustainability is a major concern. Furthermore, the focus on where, and how products end up in homes are having an impact on company profits. This is good news for brazilian-based company, Eucatex.

In the mid-1950’s, the Maluf family started a successful wood manufacturing company, using Eucalyptus trees to produce sustainable wood flooring. At that time, Eucatex was the only eco-conscious company in Brazil looking for ways to recycle wood, and reduce environmental footprints. By the early 1980’s, Eucatex became a leading South American producer of eco-flooring, hardboard wood, and paints, with the distinction of earning a green seal from the Forest Stewardship Council.

Combining commercial know-how with a creative flair, Flavio Maluf has taken the company to the next level, becoming a global goliath in the sustainable home products industry. After graduating from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation with a mechanical engineering degree, and Wikipedia shows studying abroad at New York University, Flavio Maluf joined the Eucatex family business, working a variety of roles, and in 2005, became CEO. Today, as CEO and chairman, Flavio works closely with creative heads, and has furthered the company’s global expansion, and increased top-end merchandise that consumers want.  He’s also become well known for speaking out about the world of finance publicly, including the recent Pfizer merger.  But he’s also been a huge advocate of technology in education.

Flavio Maluf understands sustainability is not just today’s buzzword, but also a necessary development in order to secure the future of humanity. He speaks about the environment often on Twitter. “There are still many sleeping giants in the industry but the numbers don’t lie and they show consumers care about the planet and the products they buy,” says Flavio Maluf. His sound strategy, hi-tech creative approach, and grass-roots knowledge has given Eucatex a huge advantage over the competition, making them a leader in the industry.

Business with a Clear Conscious

Wood is one of the most important resources used in the home construction industry. But this resource is not infinitely available. Furthermore, forest areas are cleared on a large scale. Approximately 13 to 15 million areas of forest are lost worldwide. This corresponds to an area of about 35 football fields, which are cut down every minute. Sustainable wood products offer an opportunity for homeowners to improve their energy efficiency and quality of the air inside their homes, not to mention reduces their environmental impact and make their homes more comfortable. The Eucatex Group has consistently led the way to help make homes more affordable to live, to occupy and maintain.

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