Brian Bonar Sets High Standards for the Corporate World

Young professionals making their debut in the business world are not always able to find good role models. A good role model should promote the values of hard work, persistence, and excellence. Dr. Brian Bonar is a good example of a person who has succeeded because of sticking to these values.

Dr. Brian Bonar trained as a mechanical engineer at Strathclyde University. He also has a Master’s in Business Administration and a Doctor of Philosophy from Staffordshire University. Brian Bonar has since worked for several companies, including IBM and Adaptec. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Services and Trucept Inc.

In the decade that Dr. Bonar has been at Dalrada Financial Services, the company has built a name for providing clients with a variety of employee programs that increase business efficiency. It focuses on employee benefits, business process outsourcing, insurance and financial services.

Trucept, on the other hand, provides solutions for small and medium companies by completing tasks on their behalf. Some of these tasks include managing their human resource department and managing their payroll. It is at this company that Brian Bonar’s gift of boosting business growth through people is evident.

Dr. Brian Bonar has contributed actively to the financial sector for over 30 years. Recently, he received the award of Executive of the Year Representing Finance from Cambridge Publishing. This was a great honor for Dr. Bonar, as it was recognition of the hard work put in over the years. A brief look at the companies he has been associated over time is proof that he was the best person for the award.

Like every successful executive, Brian Bonar does not spend all his time in the boardroom. He enjoys a round of golf and loves to spend time with his family. The American Finance Association is another place where he spends his free time.

When one thinks of a merger and acquisition expert, Brian Bonar comes to mind. He is also a prominent investor and owns a restaurant empire called Bellamy’s. Over the years Brian Bonar has made a name for specializing in marketing techniques, strategic partnership, private equity sourcing, entrepreneurship and several other fields related to finance.

The young professional who is looking for a role model in the corporate world needs to study the life of Dr. Brian Bonar. His life has demonstrated to us how hard work, patience, and patience can lead to success.

Dr. Bonar has combined his training in engineering and business such that he has emerged as a leading force in the business world. His has also mastered the art of understanding and motivating staff to do their best.

Dr. Brian Bonar has set very high standards for the corporate world, standards that we should all strive to achieve.