Felipe Montoro Jens Insight on Privatization of the Various Industries in Brazil

The study by the National Confederation of Industry is essential for modernization. As per the institution, the process of privatization is one of the ways in which the country can meet the demand for investments that are required in the sector. Felipe Montoro Jens explains that historically, Brazil has a strong state presence that was accentuated during the 20th century. The report of the CNI study shows that at the beginning, there was institutional modernization by the political regime in 1930. This was followed by fifty uninterrupted years of growth in the scope of the State action that includes the creation of state owned businesses. The first deviation took place in late 1980’s with the beginning of the privatization process that was inspired by the debt crisis.

Felipe Montoro Jens reports that privatization became part of the proposed economic reforms in April 1990 with the institution of the National Privatization Program. The government further prioritized privatization of the transport, electric, telecommunication, and sanitary sector following the 1995 Concessions law. CNI further reports that the Public Private Partnerships Act was approved in 2004. One of the first infrastructure sectors to gain private agents control in the country is the telecommunications sector.

Felipe Montoro Jens is the chief executive officer of Energipar Captacao. He went to the Thunderbird School of Global Management and is an infrastructure expert. Energipar Captacao was formed in 1992, and it issues securities in terms of subordinated debentures for distribution.

Felipe Montoro Jens has a lot of work experience in the finance department. He has worked with several companies in the department of planning and control of the treasury and projects in the finance division both within and outside Brazil. He was also a board member at Braskem SA. Felipe Montoro Jens also worked for Terna S.PA in structured finance and project development.

Spend Money but Still Save, David Giertz Advice

A sound retirement involves money saving, organizing a budget and making necessary arrangements for insurance. It also must include utilizing the saving of a day for fun. Many people find it easier to save money than to set aside some cash for repair during a rainy season. But money saving only becomes easy when it develops into a habit. The worry that accompanies saving a lot of money in an investment or savings accounts is that there involves a scary process in withdrawing from them.

Many people with high saving tend not to want to use any of their savings because they like not to spend extravagantly. It should be clear to the retirees that spending money should not cause them any worry.

David Giertz has headed the Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution Organization. David Giertz has acquired a long term experience of over 30 years in the Progressive Financial Service industry. In the organization, David Giertz worked tirelessly to grow the company from $11b to $17.8b profit. Prior his career in the nation wide, he worked in other institution. First, David Giertz acted as a financial service advisor at Citigroup, then as the area director and afterward as the executive vice president of sales.

David Giertz attained an MBA from the University of Miami and a bachelor’s degree from Millikin University. David Giertz has also been certified by the WABC as a business coach, where he won a world class Gallup associate engagement score.

Though Americans are considered to have the habit of not having any savings as they retire, many of them retire with small fortune savings. The fact is that most of the Americans may have lived for over forty years of their lives saving rather than indulging themselves in extravagant use. Preferring to take home brewed coffee other than at the coffee shops is one way in which they sacrifice.


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Anthony Petrello – Highly Successful Business Executive in the United States

Nabors Industries is one of the leading names in the field of oil and gas drilling exploration and has the biggest fleet for land based drilling in the world. The company has a workforce of over 29,000 employees, and it continues to hire more as the enterprise continues to expand and grow considerably under the leadership of its President and CEO, Anthony Petrello. He is one of the most successful business executives in the United States currently and is well-known for the success he has achieved in making Nabors Industries Inc one of the top most firms in the oil drilling sector.

Anthony Petrello has helped in expanding the operational territory of the company after he took over the company’s leadership in 1991. Under the guidance and management of Tony Petrello, as he is popularly known as, he helped in finding drilling ventures in parts of Africa, the Middle East, and in the United States. Anthony Petrello has extensive experience in the oil and gas sector, and it is his experience that he puts into practice while making managerial decisions for Nabors Industries Inc. He has been in the news lately as he is known to be the highest paid Chief Executive Officer in the country with the salary of close to sixty-two million annually. However, the people who in the corporate circle who know the man personally know for a fact that Tony Petrello is an honest man who thoroughly deserves what he is getting.

It is his strategic leadership that has managed to make billions in profits for Nabors Industries Inc over the years, and make the company one of the biggest in the industry. Apart from leading the Nabors industries Inc, Anthony Petrello is known for his association with other leading firms such as Stewart and Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company. One of his close friends who have known Tony for years wrote about him recently and said that Tony Petrello has been a prodigy in mathematics from his college days. As per the reports, Anthony Petrello is also known for his philanthropic efforts and generous donations he makes for charities that support children with diseases, such as Periventricular Leukomalacia.

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Timothy Armour Comments on Buffet Bet

One of the most successful investors and financial experts of all time is Warren Buffet. Buffet has often had the mentality and advice that the average consumer should focus on investing in low-cost index funds, which over time should mirror the returns of the market. To prove his point, he made a bet against a few top hedge funds that in 2016 the index funds would out-perform the average hedge fund. In the end, he was proven right as he won the bet by outperforming the top funds and read full article.

While Buffet was successful with the bet, not all people are convinced that his advice is still the right strategy. One opponent to the strategy is Tim Armour, who runs portfolio management for The Capital Group. Armour stated that part of the reason for Buffet’s success is that he made the bet during a bull cycle. The true value of fund management comes in years where the stock market declines. In these years, hedge funds are able to hedge risk to protect investor capital and resume him.

Armour further stated that during his 20-year run as the head of portfolio management, his firm has beaten the overall market by 1.5% per year, annually. Over a long period of time, this higher return could lead to significant growth in stock value. During his time as the head of portfolio management, he has seen a range of different investment cycles, which has helped him to prepare investors for significant changes in the market while protecting capital and what Tim knows.

Ms. Whitney Wolfe – A Great Matchmaker

You must have utilized a dating app or two and also online dating sites through your computer. There are many benefits of using the dating apps:

Their interfaces are very friendly, and you may utilize them with utmost ease. There are some apps meant for all. There is an app Bumble where heterosexual women need to send the messages to men first. You may link with people based on a broad range of interests.

1. They are very efficient and quick
The interfaces are simple to utilize, and the profiles are short. Some of the dating apps have got the flexibility aspect. You may utilize them when you are on the train or if you are waiting for an appointment. These apps are simple to utilize on the phones, and you may use them quite often. Your life will be easy going with these flexible apps. They are considered to be highly innovative for dating.

2. Apps have a tendency to exhibit you close friends
It is always a positive point to meet the friend through the romantic angle. It is just similar to a recommendation letter. It is always nice to view close friends on a dating app. It produces a sense of trust and comfort.

If you have a robust association with the friends, then you will feel that the individual you associated with is a fascinating person. You will have something usual to interact fast when you actively communicate.

3. It is simpler to vet people
There are several means to ascertain in case a match is suitable for you and also for your friends you share or the music they adore.

Ms. Whitney Wolfe is an American businessman and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble. Ms. Whitney Wolfe is a co-founder of the dating app Tinder. Bumble and Tinder are considered to be the best dating apps. Ms. Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City in Utah. Ms. Whitney Wolfe was named as Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women in 2014.

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USHEALTH Chief Troy McQuagge Bags One Planet Award – 2016 as the CEO of the Year

Troy McQuagge, the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc., won the prestigious One Planet Award – 2016 as the CEO of the year and declared as the Gold Winner. The global premier award program is to facilitate people who are exceptional in business and professional excellence across various industries. The firms and organization can submit nominations for leaders who have driven great change in the respective companies and corresponding industries. Since McQuagge joined the healthcare provider in 2010, he played a crucial role in converting and rebranding its distribution agency USHEALTH Advisors. His interference in shaping the USHEALTH Advisors to a world-class distribution agency helped him to become the President of the firm.

The company experienced a steep growth during the term of Troy McQuagge, and he led USHEALTH Group to greater growth and increased profitability, which are uncommon in the extremely competitive healthcare insurance industry. “It is a great recognition being named as the One Planet Awards winner in this highly transforming industry, and this award goes to everyone in the USHEALTH family,” said McQuagge. “It is a testimony to our commitment to providing great quality health solutions to our customers that are addressing the various needs of them in the best way.” One Planet Awards have a number of categories, and it recognizes executives, teams, Marketing, PR, new products and services, and corporate communications.

McQuagge has more than 30 years of experience in insurance industry, and this helped him to understand various complexities of the industry with respect to customers and their expectations. He is an active proponent of customized plans and encouraged USHEALTH Group to come up with personalized and innovative products which helped it to gain significant market coverage and sales. Since he joined the firm 2010, USHEALTH Group made a record growth over 500 percent. McQuagge is also focused on providing excellent customer experience and has driven various initiatives to ensure world-class customer service and professionalism. It has helped the health insurance service provider to win the 11th Annual Gold Stevie Awards for providing the best customer service and churning greater sales.

McQuagge started his career with Allstate Insurance Company in the year 1983, and later, he joined with HealthMarkets in the year 1995 and led it to form two biggest captive insurance sales organizations in U.S. by working as the President Agency Marketing Group of the firm. He completed his graduation in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida before starting the career. McQuagge is a strong proponent of corporate philanthropy and giving it back to the society. He played a pivotal role in establishing HOPE, a voluntary charity organization formed by USHEALTH Advisors to help the community in various needs from education and healthcare to emergency assistance and disaster response and learn more about Troy.

James Dondero Achievements

James Dondero is an American Native known for his involvement with the community. James Dondero latest achievement is being nominated on the executive board of a Dallas institution known as the Southern Methodist University. He was appointed to this position after showing some commitment towards improving the education sector in the Dallas area. This was not his first involvement as he had been involved with the institution on other occasions such as supporting the construction of their library and supporting the institution public policy. James Dondero acknowledges that the institution plays a major role in producing professionals in the Dallas area and his firm, Highland Capital Management has benefited as a result.


During the announcement, James Dondero said that he was honored and privileged to be given a chance to be on the board of the institution. This board consists of 100 members who come from different sectors. The board even consists of no-academicians whose main role is to advice the board on various issues. This is not the first board that James Dondero sits on as he has other responsibilities elsewhere. With this newly appointed board, they meet three times in one year, during spring, fall, and winter. Other boards that James Dondero serves on include MGM Studios, Jernigan Capital, Cornerstone Healthcare as well as CCS Medical. He also serves NexPoint Residential Trust Board and NexBank Board.


James Dondero is known for his role with Highland Capital Management where he focuses on distressed investments and hedge fund management. He established this company in the year 1993 with the help of his longtime friend James Okada.


James Dondero holds several certifications such as Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. James is currently living in Dallas, Texas and has amassed an experience of over 30 years in equity markets and credit. James Dondero is as a result of fine education. He went to the University of Virginia for his undergraduate degree and graduated with a degree in finance and accounting. During his time as an investor and businessman, he has won many awards for his outstanding skills such as Lipper Award and Morningstar’s award.


Equities First Holdings – Lending Solutions For Small Businesses During The World Financial Crisis

Small businesses form the major part of economic growth as they bring financial opportunities to various groups of individuals while bringing technological services and products to the market. As a financial motor, they regularly bring new occupations, but after the economic crisis of 2008, many of them seem to be struggling in sustaining their foothold. Private ventures mainly depended on credit lending but in current economic challenges things have changed. However, Equities First Holdings has brought hope in the market by offering option shareholder financing solutions which is becoming a better alternative compared to traditional lenders. Thus, equities lending is becoming quickly common for borrowers who cannot qualify for conventional credit-based lending services. Equities First LinkedIn .

The banking freeze during the fall of 2008, tossed economies around the globe into extreme retreat. The seeds of this frenzy were shown in the credit blast that topped in mid-2007, trailed by the fall of sub-prime home loans and a wide range of securitized products. This emergency, thus, raised questions concerning the liquidity and solvency making financial institutions making their lending rules tough. Without option, most of the small businesses were left out stranded, but today, there is hope for startup businesses.

Equities First Holdings gives stock-based advances with fixed interests’ rates of 3 to 4 and loan to value proportions of between 50 to 75. The loans have no restrictions and the funds can be used for different purposes. Stock-based loans are additionally non-resource, hence giving borrowers the freedom of walking away from their loans without being held accountable – even if the collateral stock value decreases. Equities First thus gives alternative financing solutions with the company having finished over 650 transactions valued $1.4 billion presently. The company’s headquarters are situated at Indianapolis with other working facilities in different parts of the world including London, Singapore, Australia and South Africa among others.

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Highlights From Adam Milstein’s Interview On Ideamensch

Adam Milstein, an Israeli American businessman and supporter of the Jewish state of Israel, was recently interviewed on the website, Ideamensch. Mr. Milstein currently works as a managing director at real estate development firm, Hager Pacific Properties. He is heavily involved in pro-Israel and Jewish causes. Below are some of the key highlights and tips to fellow entrepreneurs from the Ideamensch interview.


One of the first questions posed to Adam Milstein by Ideamensch was how a typical day unfolds for him and what does he do to try and make it as productive as possible. Mr. Milstein’s response to this question was that when you start out working in real estate your day to day activities are often unstructured and unpredictable. As one acquires more assets and properties to manage, the day becomes much more predicable and structured. On what drives him to perform, Adam Milstein responded that working with charities and leading non-profits helps to spur him on during his sometimes boring work in the office.


Another early question given to Adam Milsten by Ideamensch was how does he bring ideas to life in the workplace? The response of Adam Milstein was that he keeps on pushing through his ideas until they are realized. Adam Milstein also elaborated that if someone cannot bring an idea through, then you should step up and try and do it yourself. He also added that he is a big believer in personal responsibility, self sufficiency and in taking the initiative. Following up constantly on things to do on a daily basis also helps keep him productive and on task.


When asked with one word of advice to other business people Adam Milstein gave the following tip. He said to always follow up on every lead and contact that you can. His reasoning is that you miss 100% of the shots you do not take. If you have a lot of contacts like he does, Adam Milstein recommends using the software known as Constant Contact. It makes managing and responding to contacts and clients very easy. Mr. Milstein also responded that his favorite book is called And the Good News Is written by Dana Perino. The book shows that nothing is as bad as it may seem at first and that it pays to be optimistic in business as well as in life.