Securus Technologies CEO brings John Bell on-board to boost its Sales Team

Securus Technologies, a chief provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions has announced the addition of a senior sales executive to its ranks in a move aimed at bolstering its capacity. According to an excerpt published on PRNewswire on January 7 2016, John Bell is tasked with developing a High-tech, software savvy sales team that will complement the company’s expanded portfolio of over 800 products. The products are mostly trained in the highly demanding and sophisticated law enforcement and the corrections industry in North America. Prior to taking up the new role, Bell served as the Senior VP of Sales of Securus Technologies when he joined the company on December 30, 2015.

The company CEO, Rick Smith Securus said the move to bring Bell was informed by need to add an experienced sales resource that would transform the existing sales teams and enhance product representation. Besides revolutionizing the sales teams, Bell is tasked with reshaping the organizational culture and performance to enhance growth, performance and produce new sales leaders. Following the decision to bring Bell on board, the Securus Technologies VP of Sales, Josh Conklin will retain his existing Executive responsibilities, but report directly to Bell. Bell’s professional career as a sales expert spans over 35 years and includes people skills development and retooling sales processes. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Bell and Conklin will work together to make use of Securus Tech center and develop a sophisticated sales associates program among other goals. Bell has served in various companies in the past, including Time Warner Cable, IMB and Verizon. In the last 3 years, Securus Technologies has invested about $600 million to acquire and develop a number of safety, security and efficient products. The criminal and civil justice tech solutions are focused on areas like investigations, public safety, corrections and monitoring, which are all aimed at making the world a safer place. The Dallas, Texas based company serves over 3,400 public safety, corrections and law enforcement entities and more than 1,200,000 inmates across the US and Canada.

According to Bloomberg, Securus Technologies was established in 1986 and employees about 1000 people. To expand its reach, the company operates regional offices in Allen and Carrollton, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Rick Smith took charge as the CEO of Securus Technologies on June 23, 2008. In the past, he served as the President and COO of Eschelon Telecom Inc beginning April 2000 to August 2003. From April 1997 to October 1998, Richard served as VP of Financial Management at Frontier Corp. Smith holds membership in a number of organizations, including Integra Telecom Company Limited and Eschelon Telecom Inc. He graduated from the Holy Cross and undertook his postgraduate work at Kellogg School of Management and Wharton School of Business.

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Davos Group Rolls Out a Financial Advice Mobile Application

Experienced real estate investors will tell you the pros and cons of this kind of investment. While most of them have learned through years of engagement in this field, most people venturing into this line of business have only advice and magazines to advise them. In every kind of business, it is important to have the right information and an estimate of the returns one is to expect. The gap between information givers and potential investors is still large. However, Davos real estate group headed by David Osio have developed a tool to make the access of information much easier. With the development of this mobile application, potential investors can make sense of the real estate sector as they look for potential investments.

Like the many tools the company offers, the mobile app provides comprehensive financial advice. Having the mobile application at your disposal during the search of a potential investment helps in making a sound decision. Inputting data from the property into the tool will generate accurate information about the property. Additionally, the mobile application will provide the expected financial return in case of investment. David Osio has a broad experience in the finance division, he has interacted with investors and gained a clear picture of their end goals. With the client’s expectations in mind, he works with his team to ensure that all objectives are met. The idea behind this mobile application platform was one of David Osio that sought to provide reliable information to clients. Additionally, the tool can be used to select the desired investment and relay the information to an agent in Davos real estate firm.

David regards investing in real estate as a brilliant move. In the current world, the demand is growing, and consequently, the returns go higher each day. He said that the tool would work to the advantage of the users and he is confident it will be beneficial to all investors.

David Osio is the president of Davos Group of companies. The company started in 1993, and since then, it has committed to the provision of financial advice. Osio career began in 1981 with OPED enterprise. In this company, he managed the coffee export program. Later, he moved to LETCO and developed a new marketing structure. In 1984, he joined Caracas law firm and specialized in banking law. Two years later, he got promoted to vice president of banking commercial. In 1993, he left the banking institution to form Davos Group. Today, he serves as its chief executive officer.

The Healthcare Management Careers of Dr. Shinto and Ms. Kokkinides

Executives of InnovaCare Health Solutions, a globally acclaimed Medicaid and Medicare company that offer health care solutions in Puerto Rico, have announced the participation of the firm in the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). Being a dedicated partner of LAN, InnovaCare backs the mission of LAN of speeding up the shift to alternative payment models. InnovaCare has come up with actionable organizational strategies on BizJournals for implementing the payment reform.

Dr. Richard Shinto

Dr. Richard Shinto is a professional in internal medicine and pulmonology. Currently, he manages the operations initiative of InnovaCare Health as the CEO On Crunchbase. He boasts more than 20 years of operational administration and clinical experience in healthcare. He is also the CEO and chairperson of MMM Holdings, Inc. Prior to joining MMM Holdings, Dr. Rich was the COO and CMO for Medical Pathways Management Company. After serving as the VP of MedPartners between 1995 and 1997, he joined California’s Cal Optima Health Plan.

Education and Honors

Dr. Rick is a proud alumnus of the Irvine-based University of California, Stony Brook-headquartered University of New York, and the renowned University of Redland. He holds a Bachelor’s degree, medical degree, and MBA. He has bagged several accolades for his achievements in healthcare management sector on Dr. Shinto was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for his outstanding service in the State of New Jersey. This honor goes to competent executives who demonstrate excellence and unparalleled success in the disciplines of innovation, financial outcome, and dedication towards transforming their firms and communities.

Penelope Kokkinides

Kokkinides works closely with Dr. Rick Shinto in steering InnovaCare Health Solutions to the top of the healthcare sector. In her position as InnovaCare’s chief administrative officer, Penelope Kokkinides has streamlined the operations of InnovaCare. She has cut down structural costs and improved operational efficiency. Penelope Kokkinides has collective health care experience of managing government programs, Medicaid and Medicare. Kokkinides has in-depth knowledge and competency in creating clinical programs and directing health care operations and processes with a special drive for enhancing efficiencies as well as organizational structure. Penelope Kokkinides has been an executive leader of various health management companies, including Aveta Inc., Touchstone Health, Centerlight HealthCare, and AmeriChoice.


Penelope Kokkinides joined Binghamton University and majored in the fields of classical languages and biological sciences. Later, she trained as a social worker at the New York University and earned her postgraduate in social work. Kokkinides holds an MPH and postmaster’s degree in alcohol and substance abuse.

Mike Baur Blends Technology And Business Development

The business world is a very competitive world that demands a lot from the companies that participate in the business world. One of the challenges that many companies have in the business world today is blending technology and business together. The technology innovations over the past few decades have changed the way that the business world operates. Technology has become an integral part of many companies in the business world with the technology innovations that have been introduced in the past 20 years.


The Internet has taken the very way that many companies operate on daily basis and changed many aspects of what companies try to accomplish. The companies that are able to take technology such as the Internet, ecommerce, WIFi, networks, mobile devices, and other similar technology and blend it with daily business operations have an advantage in the business world.


Technology used correctly will make companies more efficient and productive. In addition, the use of technology, especially some of the technology innovations over the past decade can allow companies to do things that were not possible in prior decades. One of the keys to success for any company is to be able to adapt to changes in the business world.


The Internet and the combination of recent technology innovations have ushered in a new time in the business world. The business world is now a digital world. There are many digital entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to learn how to start and run successful digital companies. These people have seen what companies have been able to do with the use of the Internet, and they want to learn how to use the Internet for their own business purposes.


A company that is helping digital entrepreneurs learn how to start and operate successful digital companies is the Swiss Startup Factory. Located in Switzerland, the Swiss Startup Factory was established in 2014. The company has three partners. Mike Baur is one of the partners. Mike Baur is an important part of the Swiss Startup Factory team.


Mike Baur provides many of the ideas regarding training programs, consulting, and mentorship programs provided by the Swiss Startup Factory to its clients. Mike Baur has over 20 years of experience that he bring from the private banking industry.


Also, he is a great communicator who understands the various aspects that are needed to successfully start and operate a digital company. Mike Baur is helping to bring the mission of the Swiss Startup Factory to the public.