Waiakea Water Does A Body, A Planet, And Others A World Of Good

Leading a healthy lifestyle is what everyone wants to do these days, and the best place to start and the most basic change one can make is in the type of water they drink. Faucet water can contain contaminants, heavy metals, bleach, excess fluoride, and can taste like the resoirvoir it came from, kind of like a pond. Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.babyboomster.com/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water/

Well water can also have an earthy taste, but not in a great way. Hydration is essential to keeping a healthy body, clear skin, proper elimination, and keeping alert and focused. Drinking water from the tap can actually put healthy lifestyle adjustments in reverse because it doesn’t contain what natural spring or volcanic water contains.

Humans evolved from drinking water out of a natural spring and this type of water contains minerals that are essential to human well being. Minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and naturally ocurring sodium help to keep the body’s electrolyte balance in check. These minerals are collected through the waters path from a higher peak into an acquifier.

According to Organic Authority, Waiakea water is one of these water types, originating in a high volcano and filtering through a natural acquifier. According to Specialty Food, The water is bottled at Waiakea spring and not only is the water healthy to drink, but it is one of the more environmentally healthy waters to buy. The water is bottled at a source that uses 33% renewable energy for bottling, 100% recycled plastic, and has earned the badge of being Carbon Neutral.

Some people worry that in their efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle by drinking bottled water, they are contributing to the ill effects water bottling can have on the planet. The best option is to continue drinking this water for it’s amazing health benefits while being rest assured that it is one of the most eco friendly bottled waters on the planet.

Proceeds from sales of the water also go back to a good cause. The founder of the company also donates clean water supply to PumpAid, a charity that helps to deliver clean water supplies to rural African communities by using an ancient Chinese water pump design called the Elephant Pump.

To date the company has donated over 500 liters of fresh water to these communities. By raising a glass of Waiakea water, one can be sure they are toasting to good health, a healthy planet, and the happiness and hydration of others.

Handy, a New Company and a New Promise

A new company called Handy has just joined the category of most useful service app. Handy.com connects users from all over the country with, “handy help,” around the home or office like:

  • Maids,
  • Plumbers,
  • Small job handymen,
  • Furniture deliverers, and
  • Furniture assemblers

For many, these tedious jobs cause a great deal of stress and headaches. Most people either don’t have the time or don’t have the energy to handle them.

The company was started by young business executives, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. The company is only a few years old, yet the 2 entrepreneurs have secured investment funds to continue their national expansion. You can find Handy represented in every major US city along with cities in Canada and the UK.

However, though many established business executives can see that the Handy business model is doing so well to be so new, they’re still concerned. They don’t know if this style of business model can really last more than a few years. Does it have the strength to become a truly new way of doing business, that will last decades?

The Challenges Some Feel the Company Faces

They wonder if the executives can continue to offer quality apartment cleaning NYC services at such affordable rates if the economy were to change. Will they be able to continue to offer such speedy service if some other trend were to affect the service market? They know that social media and app based services are enjoying great success right now, but are they really protecting customers and workers by fostering such non-formal working arrangements?

Though these are all viable questions, the Handy team stands behind their business model. They only contract with the best workers who are background checked and experienced in their field. They strive to operate with full transparency at all times.