How José Henrique Borghi has Succeeded in the Brazilian Advertising Industry

José Henrique Borghi is the co-CEO of Mullen Low Brasil, a highly successful advertising agency located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was first drawn to the world of advertising many years ago when he toured an exhibit of ads that had won Cannes Festival awards. He wanted to do similar work and eventually attained his dreams earning his own Cannes awards for some of the creative ads he has devised.

In order to get into the ad field, José Henrique Borghi attended the Pontifical Catholic University in Campinas which is a well-regarded school for turning out bright and innovative advertising leaders. He earned his degree in Advertising and Propaganda in 1989 and started working at the Standard Ogilvy agency as an editor. His success led to a number of higher positions in the world of Brazilian advertising eventually leading to him joining up with a business partner, Erh Ray, and together founding BorghiErh. Their company was eventually bought and, after a number of mergers and acquisitions, it became Mullen Lowe Brasil.

José Henrique Borghi’s celebrated career has led to many awards being given to him and his ad campaigns. Among these are 14 Cannes Festival Lions, 11 New York Festival Wins, 10 Clios Awards, and 7 London Festival awards. He has worked for some of the biggest international brands in the world as well as smaller Brazilian brands. His talent and ambition have led him being one of the more sought out creative minds in the advertising industry. Click here to know more.

As the world of technology has achieved rapid development over the course of his advertising career, José Henrique Borghi has adapted along with it. He was quick to identify the power of the internet and how a lot of the industry would be advertising online. He has pioneered different ways to get as many eyeballs as possible on the ads he has developed for his clients.

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Norman Pattiz: Announces the Entry of ‘Beyond The Darkness’ to PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz, a celebrated American broadcasting entrepreneur, announced the launch of “Beyond The Darkness,” in December 2016. The paranormal show would kick start on Podcast network of the WWE superstar, Chris Jericho under “The Chris Jericho Network.” The show series features enlightening and entertaining discussions about paranormal activities with world famous researchers and experiencers, challenging everything about the conventional concepts of demons, angels, ghosts, mysteries ghouls, aliens, monster encounters, and miracles. The show is hosted by radio producer and host Tim Dennis and author and radio host, Dave Schrader. The viewers can access the new episodes and releases from, iTunes, and PodcastOne app.

“I’m very thrilled to announce the addition of the ‘Beyond the Darkness‘ podcast to The Jericho Network. Both Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis will take the paranormal broadcasting to the next level,” stated Jericho. “I completely believe that Beyond the Darkness would scare and crap out the audience, and grow their massive audience they already have on The Jericho Network.”

Norman is a person who believes in the value of hard work. In a detailed feature by Forbes Magazine on Norman Pattiz, praised his celebrity enriched greatest hits and his money-making media company in May 2016. In addition to PodcatOne, he also founded Westwood One, a radio syndication company in 1976. Under his guidance and leadership, Westwood One became America’s largest radio network and earned a big name among world’s leading media companies. Mr. Pattiz has over 40 years of radio syndication experience. Identifying the untapped opportunities in the audio-on-demand industry, Mr. Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment Group that produces high-quality programming in the radio industry.

In 2012, Mr. Norm launched PodcastOne. The company displayed a rapid growth in quick time and became the leading producer and distributor of the audio-on-demand program in the United States. PodcastOne hosted more than 200 podcasts, by including popular personalities and brands like, Adam Carolla, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal, Larry Kin, Heather Dubrow, PFT Commenter, Vince Russo, Bret Easton Ellis, Freakonomics, WNYC’s Radiolab, etc. Considering the remarkable contributions towards the broadcasting network of America, Pattiz was honored to serve the Broadcasting Board of Governors of U.S. for the years 2000 and 2002. In 2009, Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and he also received the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.

Despite being a renowned broadcasting entrepreneur, Norm serves the Chair of Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. He is a regent of the University of California and an active member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Relations.

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Adam Milstein Building a Brighter Tomorrow.

Adam Milstein is a successful real estate investor from Israel. He is also a philanthropist who is very active in rallying support for various causes. He is highly supportive of the jewish cause and works to give back to the community as a whole. Adam Milstein is a managing partner at Hagar Pacific Partners. There he oversees the firms finances and property management. He founded a foundation with his wife Gila called Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000.


Their foundation is there to serve and educate young professionals and student leaders about the challenges facing the Jewish people, Israel and the western world. Milstein wants to help foster Jewish pride and empower the Israeli-American identity. Adam Milstein was born in 1952 in Haifa, Israel. His father Hillel Milshtein was also in the real estate business and his mother Eva was a homemaker. Both his father and mother immigrated to Israel in their teens.


Adam Misteins’s father immigrated from Argentina in 1948 and his mother Eva immigrated from Mexico in 1949. Adam Milstein spent his early years in Kiryat, Motzkin after his family moved there from Haifa and then Kiryat Yam. Adam Milstein joined the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971 and served during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. He later attended and graduated from Technion with his B.S. in Business and Economics in 1978.


Adam Milstein attended and graduated from the University of Southern California, receiving his Masters of Business Administration from the University. He later joined his father’s real estate company. Adam Milstein is not only a successful businessman and philanthropist but also a husband and family man. He and his wife Gila reside in California and have three children and grandchildren.