Sergio Cortes Sports MJ Wardrobe and Makes Impersonating Jackson Look Easy

Michael Jackson has gave some very important advice to entertainers during his career. In an interview Jackson told entertainers that it doesn’t matter how great of a dancer you are if no one is watching you dance. He was referring to spotlights and accessories for television or concert performances. Fans of Michael Jackson are aware of the glittery socks that made people look at his feet. He even wore pants that were higher than normal to make his socks stand out. A spotlight on his feet also got the attention of fans. This spotlight image with glittery socks and loafers would become the MJ logo.

Sergio Cortes has been in training for decades learning these techniques that Jackson implemented for his own shows. Now that MJ is deceased it is time for Sergio to show the fans what he has been taught by watching Michael and listening to him perform. It is apparent that this has all been very helpful because Sergio is considered the best MJ impersonator according to That is not a title that people should take lightly. Jackson was an amazing performer so anyone that has been proclaimed the best at impersonating him deserves recognition. It is obvious that he is working hard to give the MJ fans what they want now that the former king of pop is gone.

Jackson never got the chance to do his last concert. He had a show that was scheduled for Las Vegas. That was going to be his residency, but things fell through as he rehearsed for this. It was suddenly like people were unaware of what they would do next. They didn’t know if they needed to simply dismiss last MJ concert forever because was he was deceased or wait for someone to do a tribute show. The fans that decided to wait for this special tribute show were not disappointed. Sergio picked up the baton and continued the race. Fans were excited to see his look-alike impersonator doing such a fine job with impersonating Janet’s big brother, Michael Jackson.

Janet is back on tour herself, and many fans believe that even she would be intrigued by the performance. From a distance it looks like Michael that is on the stage. Even fans that see Sergio up close are amazed by how much he resembles Michael. This is the extra part of the package that makes him stand out as the best of the best for MJ impersonators. He manages to pull off the look and the dance moves. Most importantly, he has the wardrobe. People know that they are looking at an MJ impersonator taking the stage before he does anything because he has the wardrobe.

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Magic Mike XXL: Road Trip!

The highly anticipated sequel to the 2012 comedy hit, Magic Mike XXL was released in 2015 to mixed reviews. The film picks up three years after the events of Magic Mike, with Mike running his own furniture business and having broken up with Brooke, his former girlfriend. Mike and his former stripping partners-Tarzan, Tito, Tobias and Richie-devise a plan to head to Myrtle Beach and perform a final, farewell performance at a convention there.

An ensemble driven film, Magic Mike XXL features a cast of increasingly bizarre characters and situations. Following a drag dancing competition, the group of guys is seen catching up on the beach. Enter Crystal Hunt, a daytime Emmy-award nominated actress who earned a featured role as Lauren. Lauren and her friend end up on the beach with Tito and Richie, flirting and tempting them. Later on, Tito reveals he was successful in sleeping with Megan. While boasting of this, Richie becomes increasingly anxious, given that he failed dismally with Lauren, continuing his five month dry spell.

A regular in the realm of daytime television, Crystal Hunt is most recognizable from her roles as Stacy Morasco in One Life to Live and Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light. In 2005, she received her nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for her work on Guiding Light. In addition to her television appearances, her website shows Hunt has appeared in the 2005 film The Derby Stallion, and the 2007 film Sydney White.  Either way, her Metacritic review scores are holding up pretty well.

Magic Mike XXL ends on a happy note, with a successful performance by the guys in Myrtal Beach and the beginning of a romantic relationship between Mike and the photographer he meets on his travels, Zoe. Directed by Gregory Jacobs, with Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh serving as editor and cinematographer, Magic Mike XXL was hailed as the ultimate girls-night-out film of the summer.


The death of famous personalities leaves a trace of memories to their fans. Millions of hearts of fans rekindle a host of memories of the demised stars. In the view of many Michael Jackson was among the greatest musicians of the planet. Though the industry has many musicians, Michael made his mark through his unique dancing and lifestyle. His music has fan thought the world. Michael was a great dancer. His music transcends all the barriers that most music faces in the industry. His memories would continue to exist in the hearts of his fans. After his death, a great impersonator of Michael and one of his biggest fans has carried own his memories. He is known as Mr. Sergio Cortes

Cortes is a Spanish citizen from Barcelona. He was born in 1971. Ever since he was young, he grew so interested in Michael Jackson that he has developed to carry on his memories His performances and songs are great tribute to Mr. Michael Jackson. Close friends describe this man as very inspiring. Through his music and performance of Michael’s greatest hits, his fan base and talent have grown widely. Time made Michel one of the greatest musicians. Certainly he would be proud to see Sergio carry own with his memory.
The impact Michael left behind in the pop music industry has attracted several people to make a career out of it. His dancing style and flashy lifestyle have several impersonators who imitate him. Talent and passion contribute a lot to be best among all. Though several do surgery and make-ups look like him, Mr. Sergio is different. His vocal resemblance with Michael is excellent. He performed a tribute to Michael Jackson show in real Madrid that attracted several fans. The videos of Mr. Sergio Cortes performing are growing huge followers worldwide. One is likely to confuse Michael with this man were it that Michaels death news was everywhere around the world news.
Currently, Sergio is in Italy where his performers a two-hour show. He works with the destiny project company. The company is an artistic development company. It inspires young youths in living positively through the theater and arts. Mr. Sergio career is growing glorious day by day, and he is set to be a great impersonator of Michael Jackson. His inspiring spirit has grown in Latin America where his close friends describe him as humble and focused.