Thor Halvorseen: A Defender of the Oppressed

Thor Halvorssen is the president of Human Rights Foundation. He established the New York based organization in 2005. Thor unwaveringly supports human rights causes and individual liberty for he considers them vital in any society across the world. When it comes to defending human rights, Thor Halvorseen is more knowledgeable about what it takes and the price that some of the people he knows have paid. However, that has never deterred him from pushing on. Thor’s family beginning with his grandparents has helped in various ways in upholding justice and liberating people. Therefore, it is not surprising of what Thor is engaged in presently. He loves people and that is why he endeavors to help them out.

In particular, Thor loves helping out dissidents and defectors that stand against tyranny. He appointed Vaclav Have to work as the chairman of HRF. Vaclav died in 2011. Thor replaced him with political activists and Russian chess veteran, Garry Kasparov. The work that Thor and his associates do has never been easy. For instance, Kasparov had a rough time with Russian Police in 2012. He was repeatedly punched while protesting against the verdict on Pussy Riot band. The Moscow based band was sentenced to serve two years in prison for singing a song that was anti-Putin. In 2010, Mr Thor himself had a rough time with Vietnamese authorities when he visited Ho Chi Minh City to interview ThichQuang Do, the patriarch of Vietnam’s Unified Buddhist Church.

He considers himself to be a classical liberal. That is why the political inclinations of the 12 people that work with him at Human Rights Foundation do not bother him. On a daily basis, they strive to highlight authoritarianism and offer a voice to political prisoners and dissidents. The foundation organizes the Oslo Freedom Forum annually. It has become an important forum for human rights activists.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a leading human rights advocate. He is also a film producer. Thor has made immense contributions to the fields of pro-democracy advocacy, civil liberties, public policy, individual rights, and interest advocacy. He is the Oslo Freedom Foundation’s founder as well as the Human Rights Foundation that that organizes the event.

He is the producer of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, an adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s science fiction book. Additionally, Thor has appeared as a speaker at the University of Pennsylvania, TEDx. He has also appeared on leading television outlets such as BBC News and Fox News. His opinions have been published by The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

USHealth Group and CEO Troy McQuagge are Recognized for Excellence in the Insurance Industry


Fort Worth, TX-based USHealth Group, Inc. and CEO Troy McQuagge were recognized in 2016 by One Planet, Golden Bridge, CEO World, and Stevie Awards Programs. For more than 50 years, the corporation has shown excellence as a leading insurance provider, serving over 15 million customers. Mr. McQuagge also serves as the corporation’s president and worked his way to the top with ambition and dedication to serve executive roles. He was hired in 2010 to serve as president and chief executive officer for the USHealth’s captive insurance agency, USHealth Advisors LLC. In 2016, the corporation and McQuagge have received collectively eight honorary awards.

One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards acknowledged Troy McQuagge with the 2016 CEO of the Year Gold Award, in December. At the same event, USHealth Group was recognized as the 2016 Company of the Year. McQuagge is recognized for his ability to be a strong leader and guiding the corporation to remarkable success in growth and profits. During the awards ceremony, he dedicated the awards to the USHealth Team for their sincere commitment of providing solutions for affordable health care. The corporation and its subsidiaries, Freedom Life Insurance Company of American and National Foundation Life Insurance Company have successfully gained the trust of millions of customers; including families, the self-employed, small business owners, and companies’ employees.

Troy McQuagge completed legal studies at the University of Central Florida and started a career working at Allstate Insurance Company, in 1983. Twelve years later, he joined UICI (United Insurance Companies Inc.) and was named president after working for two years. The company was acquired by investors in 2006 and the name changed to Health Markets’ Agency Marketing Group (AMG). He was elected as president one year later and led the company to more than $1 billion in premium sales, annually. Under the leadership of Troy McQuagge, AMG was acknowledged by Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine as the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year.

During 2016, USHealth Group and Troy McQuagge received eight awards from One Planet, Golden Bridge, CEO World, and Stevie Awards Programs. One Planet honored Mr. McQuagge as the Gold Winner of the CEO of the Year for his business and professional excellence in the insurance industry. He also was recognized by CEO World as the Most Innovative CEO and CEO of the Year. USHealth Group received five awards for Company of Year and Sales Growth Achievement of the Year from One Planet Awards, Golden Bridge Awards, and Stevie Awards. Mr. McQuagge told PR Web in January 2017 the accomplishments of USHealth are efforts of the whole team providing trusted and affordable insurance coverage.

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Davos Group Rolls Out a Financial Advice Mobile Application

Experienced real estate investors will tell you the pros and cons of this kind of investment. While most of them have learned through years of engagement in this field, most people venturing into this line of business have only advice and magazines to advise them. In every kind of business, it is important to have the right information and an estimate of the returns one is to expect. The gap between information givers and potential investors is still large. However, Davos real estate group headed by David Osio have developed a tool to make the access of information much easier. With the development of this mobile application, potential investors can make sense of the real estate sector as they look for potential investments.

Like the many tools the company offers, the mobile app provides comprehensive financial advice. Having the mobile application at your disposal during the search of a potential investment helps in making a sound decision. Inputting data from the property into the tool will generate accurate information about the property. Additionally, the mobile application will provide the expected financial return in case of investment. David Osio has a broad experience in the finance division, he has interacted with investors and gained a clear picture of their end goals. With the client’s expectations in mind, he works with his team to ensure that all objectives are met. The idea behind this mobile application platform was one of David Osio that sought to provide reliable information to clients. Additionally, the tool can be used to select the desired investment and relay the information to an agent in Davos real estate firm.

David regards investing in real estate as a brilliant move. In the current world, the demand is growing, and consequently, the returns go higher each day. He said that the tool would work to the advantage of the users and he is confident it will be beneficial to all investors.

David Osio is the president of Davos Group of companies. The company started in 1993, and since then, it has committed to the provision of financial advice. Osio career began in 1981 with OPED enterprise. In this company, he managed the coffee export program. Later, he moved to LETCO and developed a new marketing structure. In 1984, he joined Caracas law firm and specialized in banking law. Two years later, he got promoted to vice president of banking commercial. In 1993, he left the banking institution to form Davos Group. Today, he serves as its chief executive officer.