Lifetime Financial Planning With Richard Blair

Richard Blair’s philosophy of recommending investments which help clients meet their objectives is prudent in today’s somewhat turbulent economic climate, as individuals having varying risk tolerances. At Wealth Solutions, a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) company, Blair is passionate about educating clients regarding their choices of financial products that will help them reach their financial goals.

Each client of the Austin, Texas-based wealth management firm receives personal attention, which is only possible with a local professional who encourages face-to-face meeting and frequent communication. As the founder and Chief Investment Officer, client’s are assured that Blair is watching over their assets at all times.

As a Certified Annuity Specialist and a Certified Fund Specialist, Blair is highly qualified to counsel clients on asset allocation, income preservation protection, retirement accounts and more. Clients always receive unbiased advice, since Blair is an independent advisor who does not promote any particular financial products.

One of Blair’s specialties is retirement planning, from assisting clients with allocating their 401(k) to building wealth with investments in mutual funds. Since he seeks to build long-term relationships with clients, Blair is also available when clients are eligible to begin taking Social Security.

Through Wealth Solutions, Blair is available for income planning, in order for clients to have the retirement they have always dreamed of, without financial worries.

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has his own process for ensuring that clients receive the best possible advice. First, he gets to know his clients, discovering their expectations, liquidity needs and concerns. Next, Blair develops a customized plan for his client, which could be a small business owner, an individual or a family. He tracks each client’s portfolio, measuring the data against the client’s goals.

Finally, Blair ensures his clients are adequately protected with insurance coverage, including long-term care insurance and life insurance. As a Certified Income Specialist, Blair is certified to advise clients on matters such as reverse mortgages and wealth distribution concerns.

Very few financial planners have as many certifications as Blair that they are able to serve clients throughout their lives, from when the client first starts working until well into retirement, even serving future generations via trusts.