Civil Unrest As Venezuela Implodes

News are flooding facebook, supermarkets are mobbed with hungry people in the major cities of Venezuela; but the stores themselves contain little food. Frustration rises as food subsidies of flour and rice decrease. The only food to be had appears to be pasta. This is a place primed for violence.
According to Reuters, the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence is recording ten incidents of looting per day. The Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict says there were 641 protests last month. One-quarter of these protests was because of the lack of food, and the protests have increased in intensity every month this year.

Head of state Maduro is heading for a recall election. Hugo Chavez’s social reforms have gone decidedly to the dark side since his death three years ago. Money and goods are siphoned so completely from the broken economy that the people suffer. Maduro won the last election based on Chavez’s hard-won social programs. Maduro says the opposition party is withholding food in order to provoke the citizens to violence against his government.

The poor economy of this nation reflects the world economic slowdown. However as for economist Danilo Diaz’ point of view, Venezuela has added economic problems arising from its dependence on the production of oil. Demand for oil has lessened to a considerable degree.