Helping Students With ClassDojo

ClassDojo has done something amazing. During a Series B round of funding, the startup raised $21 million. This money will help more parents connect with their children’s teachers more often. The co-founder of ClassDojo stated that the round of venture funding closed in 2015. Liam Don and Sam Chaundry also stated that they will use the money to improve the application and add new features. They will also be growing their team and researching various ways the mobile application can be more helpful to the parents, teachers, and students. They have realized that many of the parents are using the application as home as well.


ClassDojo is a mobile application that connects parents and teachers. The app is not only creating community but it is creating a positive culture between students and their classrooms. The mobile app allows parents to message teachers all school year, not just during parent-teacher conferences.


ClassDojo also allows students to interact with their teachers and parents through the app. Students have the ability to upload their work onto the application, so their parents can be aware of what they’re doing during school hours. ClassDojo gives parents the peace of mind, knowing their children are doing what they are suppose to do at school. The application is mainly geared towards creating a supportive atmosphere for the student. It helps parents be engaged with the children allowing them to enhance the development stages at home.

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