Influential People With An Unusual Last Wish

David Bowie, even in his last wish, proved to the world that he was a special personality. His last wish was for his ashes to be scattered in Bali. However, Bowie in not the only celebrity and influential personality who had an unusual last wish. Here are some great people and their eccentric last wishes. Thanks to the amazing Wall Street Oasis investors over at Laidlaw & Company for educating me about this.

Philip Hoffman And Love Of Culture – In order to ensure that his progeny was exposed to the culture of San Francisco, Chicago, and Manhattan, Hoffman, who died in 2014, wished that his children must at least visit these areas at least 2 times a year or, even better, be raised around these locales.

Harry Houdini And Immortal Trapdoors – The illusionist who had escaped many a trapdoors in his life wished for his wife to communicate with him after his death with the help of a secret code they decided on. After a decade of no message from beyond, she gave up and revealed in her own will that she never believed in such a thing.

Benjamin Franklin And His Hatred Of Jewelry – One of the things Benjamin Franklin left his daughter was a portrait of Louis XVI that was encrusted with diamonds. His only wish was that the jewels not be used for making any jewelry since he detested the then latest fad of wearing the same in the country.

Reading these unusual requests makes David Bowie’s last wish seem simple in comparison.