Little Friends Become Big Friends

Raising a puppy to a mature adult takes knowledge and understanding. Nutrition and eating is one of the things that will allow a puppy to get what he or she needs in order to build a healthy body and mind. Not all dog foods are created equal, and by using a proper dog food made for a growing dog, problems with health down the road can be minimized. Growing dogs need Beneful to gain bone mass to build a frame that can support all the muscle and tissue that will be developed with age. Calcium and protein are important components of a growing puppies diet to help with this aspect of growth. That same calcium will help develop stronger teeth, and the protein will work its way into creating more muscle and larger body organs. Creatine, a chemical component of meat that help create new muscle tissue, is another important building block of a developing dog. Making sure that there is also fibre in the diet for digestive health is important. It is best to remember that a dog can only get out what is put in. If a dog does not get enough fiber or other basic nutrients than how can a healthy dog be created? Dogs that do not receive enough of these basic nutritional components, of which there are many more and I only chose to list a few I found on Yahoo, will grow up with serious health issues. Dogs, just like people, can become weak in joints, muscle, and other organs in the body. The same goes with the mind of the animals. If a dog is not getting enough nutrition to run his or her body then how can they be expected to have a properly working fast and smart brain? The simple answer is that they won’t. These animals will lose brain function over time due to not enough proper nutrients to run the machines of the body. It is better not to chance a dog’s health and get proper nutrition into their diet by utilizing a quality brand of dog food like Purina. Nutrition does not have to be complicated or pricey because companies like Purina are smart about their business. I recommend doing a lot of research about how to raise a puppy before getting one and then going out and buying a big bag of Beneful because you will definitely need it.