Andrew Rolfe Creates a Force for Education with Ubundu

Getting to the next level in life is especially challenging in parts of the world where access to capital is limited. Many families in poverty stricken parts of the world struggle to come up with enough money to buy schoolbooks and uniforms for their children, keeping them out of school even though the parents understand that an education is the only way ahead.

When Andrew Rolfe became Chairman of the Ubundu Fund, he joined the other board members in their determination to change that for the many young yet poor children in Africa.

The Ubundu fund is an education foundation that primarily serves the needs of African schoolchildren who otherwise would not be able to get an education. One issue though, that many non-profits find is that the money they raise is so wrapped up in red tape and donor requests that it becomes harder to serve the children than it should be. So Andrew Rolfe and the other leaders of the Ubundu Education Fund demand that their donors trust them to do what’s right by those children.

One very important role that Andrew Rolfe plays for the Ubundu Fund is talking to the high profile and big money donor and foundations that contribute to their campaigns. He uses his network, developed over years in business, to meet with and explain the many benefits to the children’s world that their money can bring. Then he explains why they do not want strings attached.

Many of those reasons are very simple ones. The obstacles to education are complex, and the Ubundu fund has gone up against several during their years of service in South Africa. Everything from lack of school supplies to inadequate healthcare can set a child back and keep them from achieving the success they are capable of. One of Andrew Rolfe’s great talents is to help people understand that, and he is well respected for the work that he has done.

Andrew Rolfe holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School and an M.A from St. Edmund Hall in Oxford. He also received his B.A from Oxford University.