The Ingenuity of Innovation: Eric Pulier

Technology is running society at such a higher level than in the past. The 21st Century is actually known as the “Digital Age” thanks to it’s wide use of advanced technology. Whatever you do on a daily basis has some form of techno advancements implemented within. Have you ever heard of Eric Pulier. Well if you haven’t then just know this; Eric Pulier is a techno genius and he’s down some amazing things to help advance the industry. Pulier was chosen to build the “Bridge To The 21st Century” platform for Bill Clinton’s 2nd Inauguration in the late 90’s. The showcase was a huge success and it was broadcasted across many news syndicates for multiple days. Members of Congress, political insiders, and celebrities all attended to the event.

Having such natural abilities for helping other individuals, Pulier’s philanthropic side shines brightly as he has helped to introduce innovation into the healthcare field. One of his first founded companies, “People Doing Things,” used advanced technology to solve certain issues. Same goes for education as Pulier implemented the same technique to get the job done. His ingenuity also helps him stand out from the crowd. This remarkable guy can take the smallest of ideas and turn them into reality. Having such excellent business sense, pulier has been able to be a founder of at least 15 companies. These companies include:

  • Service Mesh Inc
  • FLY
  • Akana Software
  • Digital Evolution
  • Desktone Inc
  • Media Platform Inc
  • And many more

Starbright World is one of his proudest achievements as he developed a private social media network for chronically ill children. Now these special kids had a way of sharing the stories and perspectives with others who were in similar situations. In addition to (Starbright), Pulier has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable organizations across the country. You won’t find too many other individuals who are willing to go out of their way to help others before themselves, but Pulier is certainly cut from a different cloth.

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Eric Pulier Changes Technology with ServiceMesh

When it comes to the new wave of technology that is brewing it is safe to say that cloud technology is where everything seems to be going. Eric Pulier is a person that has helped change the state of technology for the cloud with on-demand cloud management. This is what he did when he started his company called ServiceMesh.

Pulier would later sell the company to CSC, but I still credit him as the person that has laid the groundwork for technology that has changed the way that we live. Everyone seems to be headed towards the cloud infrastructure. I don’t save any music to a hard drive anymore. I upload everything to the cloud, and that is the way that I listen to everything later. I also have all of my spreadsheets on presentations for work in the cloud. I think that Eric Pulier was a step ahead of the rest when he decided to do what he did with cloud technology.

What I think Eric wanted to do was connect businesses with the ability get auto deployment of cloud management across different industries. The government uses this. The auto and financial industry is using ServiceMesh. I actually think that Eric Pulier should receive more accolades than what he has received in the past. He has revolutionized cloud management, and I think that a lot of other companies are simply following the trail that he has blazed. It has been interesting to see his rise in the business world, and I am very excited to see where he will go next.

It can be difficult for people to come up with new concepts because so many people do not think outside of the box. They simply build upon some idea that someone else may have already had. I think that it is interesting to see someone like Eric Pulier at work because his time spent with US Interaction, a company he co-founded, and XPrize, the organization where he served as a board member, both show times where Pulier was showing his ability to gather innovative visionaries to change technology.

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