Director Philip Diehl Answers Your Questions about Gold and George Soros on a Recent US Money Reserve Podcast


One of the most well-respected gold market organizations in the United States would the U.S. Money Reserve. This company was founded by gold market veterans who had a vision to create a gold exchange that would eventually become renowned for its customer service and expert market knowledge. Even the most junior sales staffers at the U.S. Money Reserve are dedicated to providing investors with only the most expert guidance at diversifying their investment portfolio.

Phlip Diehl, who is the current director of the U.S. Money Reserve, is also world renowned for his expert guidance on the precious metals markets in this present day and time. During a recent podcast, he was interviewed and offered his thoughts on a number of the present issues in this market. Like billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros, he pointed out his analysis that uncertainty in the world markets could affect the world economy. He also pointed out a number of other important factors about the market and their company, including the following:

1. They have garned a great deal of respect.

Mr. Diehl’s first point was that the U.S. Money Reserve has literally traded in precious metals on every continent, including Antarctica. The reason they have been able to trade in literally every corner of the globe would be because they continue to be committed to helping all of their clients with their investments. To that end they recently unveiled their new Gold-backed I.R.A program for individuals to utilize.

2. Gold continues to be high in demand.

Diehl also commented on the 2008 crisis and on the fact that gold continues to be in demand for a number of reasons. There is a great deal of uncertainty in the Federal Reserve and there is an increased demand for gold in China and India.

3. Gold coins are better than gold bars.

Diehl also made the argument during this podcast that owning gold coins are better than owning gold bars. He said that gold bars are not considered legal tender and they are easier to counterfeit than gold coins. Diehl also stated during the podcast that dollar might be close to a peak status and so now is the prime time to invest in gold, because when the dollar goes down gold will go up.


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The George Soros Perspective


Most people do not like to meddle in other people’s affairs, but apparently George Soros is not one to let things go awry on his watch. Soros is warning the European community that there is a significant challenge posed by their Russian neighbors to the stability of the Eurozone.

George Soros is known for the simple reason that he is never wrong. For a man who puts up 10 billion against the British currency, he is one person who does his homework before he speaks. There are many examples that can be cited to support an almost psychic ability of George Soros.

As a scholar and a graduate of the London School of Economics, George Soros has a better understanding of financial matters than most of us do. As he writes in his article Wake up, Europe, Russia is hell bent on trampling on the values that have been long observed by the European Union.

Soros’ problem with the European Union is that they cannot see this coming. It takes a man with no substantial interests in the EU to tell them that Russia does not have a friendly agenda.

According to Soros in NY Books, neither the United States nor any country in Europe wants to fight the Putin administration. This is very bad for the euro zone. When a country like Russia senses reluctance or fear, they move in for the kill.

Soros advises the European Union to look at the plight of Ukraine and what happened to Crimea. According to Soros even though Putin is respecting the agreements signed for a cease-fire, he is doing so on his own volition. This means he can start another assault if he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.

The beginning of a crisis is not a matter of if but that of when. Soros says that most of these countries have become selfish. People are only looking out for their own. No one cares about refugees or whether Crimean’s want to be in Russia or Ukraine.

Soros maintains that the European Union should award each person who genuinely seeks asylum a sum of $ 16,800. This will enable the refugee cater for necessities like housing, education and the costs of health insurance.

In reality, instead of the implementation of this asylum seekers plan, those charged with keeping law and order are the ones targeting the refugees and performing atrocities upon them.

Soros adds that the asylum crisis in Syria should be the number one agenda for the European Union but this does not mean that the other refugees should not be taken into account.

Of course, the care and response to any crisis should not be left to the neighbors alone and that is why Soros is calling for a global response. According to him, the United Nations should use its powers to call for action from its member states to help end the crisis in Syria and other countries around the glove in the same predicament.