EOS and their exciting suite of lip balms

Lip balms don’t feel exciting in any way. However an innovative brand like EOS can completely change the industry and create new and unimagined products that customers may one day love.

EOS started very simply with cast offs from manufacturers who were looking for opportunities to develop their own business. The lip balm industry looked ripe given the lack of innovation in the products. Products were very much the same from a hundred years prior and customer tastes were changing and not being met. EOS created an organic and natural product that had better ingredients and neat new flavors, all served in an orb applicator container that customers loved.

The flavor array that EOS created was very impressive to buyers who had for a long time been used to only the basic mint and cherry flavors, see here. EOS understood that there was an interest in flavors other than these and they include the development of an whole suite of options for differing flavors. EOS was focused on creating new and interesting flavors for customers that interested and appealed to them.

Examples of different EOS Lip Balm flavors include vanilla mint, blueberry acai, and blackberry nectar. These flavors may have floral, fruit and in notes associated with them that can meet your individual taste preferences. EOS doesn’t add in fake additives or preservatives which can create unusual flavor notes and even allergic reactions among users.

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Of the flavors noted above my favorite was vanilla mint. The vanilla was a deep and interesting flavor while the mint is the refreshing flavor that many people love to apply as a lip balm. It was more interesting than the EOS fresh mint flavor to me and had none of the medicinal flavors that their competitors had. Strongly recommend the vanilla mint lip balm from EOS.

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